Home Boy Game Online Game: Don't Heal the Others

Chapter 45 The Strange Muguang Forest

"Brave adventurer, can you tell me where did you get this Ring of faith?"

The high priest was also an old man. His silver-white hair was hanging behind him. He wore a white robe with the pattern that Xiaofeng couldn't understand. He held a golden scepter which was half the height of a man and asked Xiaofeng gently.

"I got this from a priest called Ange Ritualist."

Xiaofeng answered his question and looked at the main hall of the Temple of Light. The European style was more obvious at this place. The temple was tall and the ground was covered with carpets. However, there was only the high priest in the empty hall and he seemed to be waiting for someone.

"Oh, it's Ange. Brave adventurer, I believe that your devout faith has been tested by him. The Temple of Light welcomes you to join us. We are proud of having another devout ritualist in the Temple of Light."

The high priest nodded and continued to say, "We are in trouble now; are you willing to help us?"

"Of course, I'll be willing to help you." Xiaofeng nodded without any hesitation. He came here to accept the task.

"This is the case. Captain Bolton was seriously injured in the battle two days ago. He becomes better after my treatment, but he's still very weak and needs a kind of red sun fruit to restore the power of light he had lost. This fruit is produced in the forest in the west of Tianlong City. Now, we are short of man; are you willing to go and pick some for him?"

The high priest asked. And Xiaofeng also heard a system message.

"Hey! Do you accept the task: picking the red sun fruit? Introduction: go to the Muguang Forest in the west of Tianlong City, pick 50 red sun fruits and give them to the high priest to complete this task."

"I accept!"

There wasn't any prompt about this task, so it must be an easy one. Xiaofeng accepted it without any hesitation.

"High priest, please rest assured, I will bring back the red sun fruit."

"May the light always be with you!"

After leaving the Temple of Light, Xiaofeng went directly to the west gate of the Tianlong City. He only had the map of this city in his system map and the region outside of the city was still black. But he thought that the Muguang Forest wasn't far away.

After walking out of the west gate, Xiaofeng saw a beautiful landscape, which was even more attractive than the Novice Village. There were clean rivers and green grasslands. A group of neutral wild monsters called Cooing Chicken was chasing butterflies in the green grass.

But Xiaofeng didn't stop to admire this beautiful scenery. Instead, he used the Golden Bull Totem and chased the Cooing Chickens which were around him. He wanted to test his new skills.

Cooing Chicken

Level: 10

Grade: ordinary

Health Points: 200

ATN: 33

DNF: 15

Skill: Angry Chicken

Introduction: a low-level creep born naturally on the Land of God

Features: it looks weak and will not actively attack others, but it's still terrible after becoming angry

The Cooing Chickens were as big as two basketballs. They were golden yellow and looked very fat. They didn't show any hostility towards Xiaofeng who was approaching them and just looked at him with their heads tilted to one side.

But Xiaofeng was not polite or kind at all. He waved his Golden Bull Totem which looked like a mace and hit the Cooing Chickens in front of him.

"Hammer of Judgment!"

The golden light was gathered in Xiaofeng's hands and became a translucent golden giant hammer in an instant. It was more than 2 meters long. Its upper end was like a huge drum. The Golden Bull Totem in Xiaofeng's hands was like the lower end of the hammer. As he slammed down the Golden Bull Totem, the golden giant hammer also heavily knocked on the chickens in front of him.


Xiaofeng heard a muffled sound. The golden giant hammer smashed on the ground, became golden pieces, and then disappeared. A damage figure appeared above the Cooing Chickens which were hit on the head. Its HP was reduced by half.


Xiaofeng was pleasantly surprised. It was definitely a rare skill. Its attack range was wide and it could be used to kill a group of monsters. Besides, its handle was excellent. When waving it, Xiaofeng could feel that the Golden Bull Totem in his hands was really enlarged many times. It was very handy.

The cooing sound.

But the Cooing Chicken whose HP had been reduced by half by Xiaofeng became angry. Its eyes become flames. It fluttered its wings and flew to the face of Xiaofeng.

Xiaofeng stood still and didn't move. He weighed the mace in his hand and hit the Cooing Chicken which was in the air as if he was playing baseball.


The chicken was hit heavily and its HP was directly emptied. Its fat body was bounced and disappeared. This was the attack skill of the Golden Bull Totem: Power of the bull. 180 percent of damages were even higher than that of the one level skill of the Hammer of Judgment.

Xiaofeng was not interested in the drops of this little monster and continued to go west.

When he walked out of the west gate, he had seen the forest outline in the distance. It must be the Muguang Forest, but it seemed a bit far away. Xiaofeng opened the map and found that there was a courier station outside the gate. He immediately spent his only two gold coins to rent a system black horse and rushed to the Muguang Forest once again.

It seemed that players could accept tasks in the courier station. It might be related to the ranking list of the activation of the personal mount. Xiaofeng wanted to accept it after coming back.

"Hey! You've found the map of the Muguang Forest!"

Riding the black horse, Xiaofeng was a lot faster. Within half an hour, he arrived at the Muguang Forest. At the same time, creeps that could actively attack also appeared. Xiaofeng immediately put aside the black horse which was very expensive.

Muguang Goblin

Level: 12

Grade: ordinary

Health Points: 230

INT: 40

Defense: 18

Skill: Expulsion Light

Introduction: the guardian of the Muguang Forest and they repelled all creatures close to the Muguang Forest

Features: it has high INT. Be careful and not attract too many of them, otherwise, you will be in danger.

Goblin was a cute creature which was half the height of a man and had wings. But actually, they were dangerous and their attack type was the magic attack. Creep with the magic attack was the most dangerous enemy of the players. On the one hand, the DNF of most players was better than their MGD. On the other hand, magic attacks were generally long-range attacks which were difficult to avoid.

"Weapon blessing"

"Hey! You're using the Weapon blessing. Your ATN will be increased by 96 points and it will last for 60 seconds."

But Xiaofeng was not an ordinary player. He waved the Golden Bull Totem and used the Weapon blessing on himself. In an instant, his ATN was over 200 points.



"-370! Crit!"

"Hey! You've killed the 12-level Muguang Goblin and got 120 points of experience."

"Hey! You've killed the 12-level Muguang Goblin and got 120 points of experience."

With the aid of the Weapon blessing, Xiaofeng had a horrible attack power. He rushed at the three goblins and escaped the swaying light balls thrown by them. He used the Power of the bull and seckilled one of them. Then he used the Hammer of Judgement to hit the other two goblins that were close to each other. One of them, unfortunately, triggered a crit and was also seckilled.

"Hey! You've killed the 12-level Muguang Goblin and got 120 points of experience."


The last goblin only had few health points. Xiaofeng knocked on it and killed it easily. After killing these three goblins, Xiaofeng realized that the priest was an excellent profession for him. A priest could heal others, but more importantly, he could add all kinds of states to himself!

He walked straight into the Muguang Forest and these goblins didn't pose any threat to him. Their attack was the kind of swaying, small fireballs like fireflies. The fireball moved too slowly and it couldn't even touch his clothes.

"Where is the red sun fruit?"

Xiaofeng had been walking in the forest for half an hour and had killed many goblins. But he still didn't find any red sun fruit.


Suddenly, Xiaofeng felt dangerous and took a step back. As he stepped back, a white bone arm broke through the soil and emerged in the place where he had been standing seconds before. The arm tried to grab him but failed.

"The skeleton?"

Xiaofeng felt strange and looked at the ground in front of him. First, an arm was stretched out, and then the whole skeleton crawled out of the ground.

Skeleton Soldier

Level: 20

Attribute: dark

Grade: ordinary

Health Points: 620

ATN: 65

DNF: 38

MGD: 28

Skills: Violent Blows, Fanaticism

Introduction: low-level undead and appears in the Muguang Forest for mysterious reasons

Features: have high Health Points, ATN, and defense. Its MGD is low. It's afraid of the fire attribute and light attribute.

After reading the introduction of this Skeleton Soldier, Xiaofeng felt stranger. The Muguang Forest was not far from the Tianlong City. Why did the undead monsters like Skeleton Soldier show up in this place?


Before Xiaofeng could figure out the answer, the Skeleton Soldier moved its body, screamed and then flew at Xiaofeng with the decayed long knife.

The Skeleton Soldier was at level 20, but Xiaofeng's attack power was horrible and he could cause over 100 points of damages in each shot. So the Skeleton Soldier became pieces of bones, fell on the ground and then turned into points of experience after a while.

"Hey! You've killed the 20th-level Skeleton Soldier and got 120 points of experience."

Xiaofeng picked up two gold coins dropped by the Skeleton Soldier and continued to move forward. As he went deeper into the Muguang Forest, he looked stranger.

Because there wasn't any Muguang Goblin while more and more Skeleton Soldiers crawled out of the ground. He could even occasionally come across the 20th-level elite monster which was called the Skeleton Picked Troops.

Skeleton Picked Troops

Level: 20

Attribute: dark

Grade: elite

Health Points: 980

ATN: 85

DNF: 58

MGD: 48

Skills: Violent Blows, Fanaticism, Whirlwind, and Spur

Introduction: low-level undead and appears in the Muguang Forest for mysterious reasons

Features: have high Health Points, ATN, and defense. Its MGD is low. It's afraid of the fire attribute and light attribute.

The Skeleton Picked Troops also couldn't pose a great threat to Xiaofeng, but Xiaofeng became graver. The forest in the Novice Village was dark but the Muguang Forest was different and it was filled with bright light. So it was rare that there were so many skeleton monsters. This was obviously an abnormal phenomenon.