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Chapter 182 Danger Was Coming

Zhang Yunyan listened to the introduction of Turtle Elf and was puzzled. She couldn’t think of so many mysterious things in the Devil’s Cave. It was both terrifying and strange.

She had realized the truth of some of the previous mysteries, “So, in the Devil’s Cave, the shiny words of fate were written by the master?”

“Yes, Jiuyou Sage and the devils didn’t know any words at all. Facing the words of fate, they could only look at each other with confused faces. They didn’t know what character it was, or what it meant, so how could they engrave so many characters with different handwritings? Besides, this is a kind of work that needs effort, and you would only be paying out. There would be mainly monotonous irritability and no fun. Those devils wouldn’t kill time in other ways except hurting people for fun.”

Yunyan looked thoughtfully, and she said, “I think that those shiny words of fate were by no means written at random, and they must have certain intentions. It’s strange. Why did the master only wrote the words of fate? Why did he have to engrave so much?”

Turtle Elf shook his head and said, “I don’t know. It’s a bit strange. It’s a mystery that can’t be solved.”

Zhang Yunyan sighed. When she came here last time, she thought it was the devils who carved those words. She really overrated these devils who didn’t learn anything.

The person who left the writing was extraordinary. He was not only just a widely-read scholar, but also with profound inner strength and magical skills, which was admirable.

Yunyan couldn’t know which master left those words, and why he engraved so many words of fate with rich emotions.

She sighed with emotion, “Those words of fate are so amazing. They have a touching charm, and they are all different. It is not ordinary.”

Turtle Elf heard this and looked at Yunyan. It felt puzzled, “Is there a touching charm in those words? Why didn’t I feel it?”

Yunyan felt a bit strange, “Why, didn’t you feel it? No way, those words exuded a strong emotion, all of which were heart-touching, and you should have felt it.”

Turtle Elf shook his head. In its eyes, those words of fate were very common. They were just some words written on the rock and there was nothing special about them. It was impossible to have so-called feelings about them.

Zhang Yunyan listened to the words of Turtle Elf and was puzzled again. She felt the strangeness and extraordinariness of those words of fate. She clearly remembered that in the face of those shiny words of fate, she did not only have deep feelings, but also she saw that the words of fate were different, they were both magical and incomprehensible.

Why did those words make her so moved, while Turtle Elf felt nothing? Could they only touch the heart of humans and have no effect on elves?

It seemed that those words of fate must contain many unknown secrets which were hard to guess. These puzzles were too old, and there was really no way to solve them.

The master once lived here, but later no one knew where he went. It seemed that he was also a man who lived in the ancient past and had already passed away. Since he sealed the hole, there must be some secrets that he did not want to let people know inside.

Yunyan secretly sighed. How nice it would be if the master was still here, and he would not let Jiuyou Sage and the devils hurt people here.

Why didn’t the master return to his former residence to have a look? Did he really pass away?

Zhang Yunyan was full of doubts. She had a desire and also a prayer. She hoped that the master was still alive and right in this mysterious cave.

If he was not here, she hoped that he would come back immediately to eradicate these devils, save herself and Turtle Elf in danger, along with the poor man. They won’t be hurt by the devils anymore.

Yunyan sighed silently. It was a person from the ancient past. How could he live to the present? No one could detect the hidden secrets, and it was another mystery that cannot be solved.

Speaking of the person who left these shiny words, Turtle Elf sighed, “I don’t know who the person was, and I don’t know why he had to engrave countless words. He could leave so many mysterious things, so presumably he was a real superior. From all kinds of signs, this person was not only unbelievably powerful in martial arts, but also was a widely-read scholar.”

Zhang Yunyan nodded and agreed with it.

Turtle Elf was very emotional and sighed, “If the master was still living secretly in this hole, he would not let these devils be so arrogant and kill people everywhere. Well, he would not think that after leaving here, the cave would be occupied by a group of devils and become their den for them to hurt people. This treasured land has been defiled by the devils. It’s a pity and very sad.”

Zhang Yunyan was also very emotional. If the master still could know it after he died and see the former cave become the land of the devils, he must regret it. She hoped that his soul had been cultivated into the flesh again, and his skills were still unpredictably powerful so that he could come to the world to eradicate these devils.

She remembered the chess game that had not been finished, and understood that it was played by the reclusive masters in the leisure time. When the master was gone, he intended to fix the unfinished game with spells to prevent outsiders from moving the pieces.

In this way, the game might be intentionally set by the master. Was it that the chess pieces and the entire game also contained secrets that were unknown?

Or perhaps the whole game looked nothing special. It was a game that had not been finished, but it was still a doubt.

Thinking of this, she was more awed by the master.

Since Zhang Yunyan was adopted by her adoptive father Lin Hailong, she also learned chess. She often played with her adoptive parents and the three brothers and sisters. Her chess skills improved quickly and she was good at chess.

When she saw the game that was not finished, she was able to know about it generally even though she was very nervous at the time and couldn’t look at it clearly. At this time, she thought that the game was somewhat abstruse.

In her impression, the black and white chess pieces were tangled and very complicated. It seemed that it was one step away from the outcome, but she didn’t know where the pieces should be placed. She couldn’t see the correct chess path for a while, and it was difficult to guess the meaning of the game.

Yunyan no longer thought about those useless things. Looking at the sealed entrance, she suddenly thought of something and said, “Turtle Elf, since this sealed hole is so mysterious, will there be an exit to the outside?”

Turtle Elf was reminded, “Well, it is very possible. Perhaps there was a secret passage for the master to enter and exit the cave, so he closed it up. Yun Feiyan, your guess is reasonable. It’s very unusual. How did you come up with it?”

“I... I was also guessing randomly. I don’t know if there is a way out.”

Turtle Elf smiled bitterly, “If there is a way out, so what? There is still no way to go.”

Yunyan sighed, “Yes, even if there is a passage into and out of the cave, the passage is impossible to reach to!”

She was a little depressed and sighed secretly. The hole was near at hand, but it was as far away as the horizon. What she could only do was to dream.

The reason why Yunyan had such an idea was also because she was prompted by the desire to escape. She imagined that there was another way out the cave.

However, an idea and the fact were not the same. Let’s not say that they knew nothing about this mysterious hole, even if there was a secret passage, the hole had been sealed, and there was no way to enter it. It was indeed desirable and yet unreachable.

In the Devil’s Cave, the roar of the devils and the whistling sound of the evil wind were getting bigger and bigger, and the stinky smell was getting stronger and stronger. It seemed that those devils were coming to search here.

Danger was approaching, and the disaster was coming. Zhang Yunyan and Turtle Elf immediately became nervous, and their hearts were about to jump out of their mouths.

In this special period, this relatively safe place was no longer safe...

The shouting was getting closer and closer, and the screaming whistling sounds were thrilling. Evil wind continued to blow, making them all cold and chilled. The stinky smell came in with the wind, making them disgusted but failed to avoid.

Jiuyou Sage and the devils would be here. Judging from the voice, there were more than one of them, and they had come from around.

Turtle Elf was very nervous. It had no time to wipe its sweat away. It was eager to think about countermeasures.

At this moment, where could they hide?

Turtle Elf thought hard but still couldn’t figure it out. Relatively speaking, this was the safest place in the Devil’s Cave, and there was nowhere to go.

What to do? What should they do? Still circling around with the devils like they did just now?

Turtle Elf felt that it was impossible. Judging from the voice, the devils had a clear goal, and they were rushing in from all directions. There was no way to escape since they had been surrounded.

What to do? What should they do? Could it be said that they could only wait and die here?

There was no way to escape. They could only wait for death and wait for the devils to arrive, waiting for the miserable tragedy to happen. They could only wait for Zhang Yunyan to die and for the vulgar man to die. Perhaps Turtle Elf would also be involved and die...

Zhang Yunyan was extremely nervous and unable to control herself. Her body was shaking out of her control. The Magical Dragon Sword was also shaking in her hand.

The devils were approaching, and death came with it. She had nowhere to escape and was unable to resist. Struggling, tragic death, eating... The tragic scenes would happen in succession and would soon end.

Yunyan had no ability to be the master of herself, and she had no ability to control reality. She could only wait for the devils to come, waiting for the moment of death, and waiting for the tragedy to end...

The man was still unconscious and didn’t know what had happened and was about to happen. He didn’t know that danger was approaching. He would be killed by the devils and ruthlessly swallowed, and finally he would be left some clothes with only a pair of skeleton in it...

Could the poor man still feel pain and fear?

It was not clear. If he was awakened by the dispelling of magic, the tragedy of one scene and another would be staged in pain and fear until he died tragically...

Black Tiger had no idea what was going to happen, and the blood of its whole body might prevent the devils from further infringing...

There was also another poor creature, Turtle Elf, who betrayed Sage and helped the people who broke into the cave, and she was afraid that it was difficult for it to escape from severe punishment.

It was very lucky that last time it could escape, and it was also because that Zhang Yunyan had escaped without evidence. It’s different now. Turtle Elf and Zhang Yunyan were together. If they were caught by the devils, neither of them could live.

Zhang Yunyan remembered Red Hair King Ghost. The ferocious face flashed out, and the savage expression revealed a greedy desire. Its dirty heart seemed to be ready to do something.

She was even more fearful. If she was caught by the devils, there would be no good thing for her. Not only would she be bitten and eaten, but also she would be tortured for endless time...

It’s too terrible. Yunyan couldn’t escape from death, but she must not be ruined. Once in danger she would commit suicide in case her body and mind would suffer terrible damage.

The roar of the devils was close to here, and the screaming wind was especially astonishing. In the cave, the atmosphere was extremely horrible, and the danger was terrifying. Miserable tragedy was about to happen...

Turtle Elf looked at Zhang Yunyan and sighed. Its tears shed down, “No, the devils have blocked the way, and they are coming here. I really can’t save you. What should we do? They will... Oh, I am so incompetent, I truly am...”

Yunyan was extremely nervous and fearful. Her life had come to an end, and her emotions were out of control.

The death was coming, and it couldn’t be reversed. Zhang Yunyan made up her mind and gritted her teeth. She calmed her trembling body and mind and eased the fear, and prepared to fight against the devils to write the story of her life in the last minutes.