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Chapter 213 A Great Stride

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During the three days, Lyu Liang not only consolidated the Virtual-Spirit Sword Essence, but also spent some time going through the Skill of Chaos Body. After all, he had to master this secret technique sooner or later!

Very soon, Lyu Liang was attracted by its profound content, as he seemed to have found another way to incarnate Dumb!

Of course, although he had a lot of time, he could not cultivate the technique, whose basic requirement was the Peak of the Devil Reshaping Technique.

Xuanli Zhen was quite considerate towards Lyu Liang. He had thoughtfully added an instruction page before the Skill of Chaos Body, showing precisely the method to reach the Peak of the Devil Reshaping Technique.

During the 50 thousand years in the illusion, Lyu Liang improved not only his cultivation, but also reached the 17th level of the Devil Reshaping Technique. But when he tried to break through to the 18th level, which was the top level of the technique, he was at a loss, as he faced a total void.

Having read Xuanli Zhen's message, Lyu Liang realized that it was not possible to reach the 18th level merely through cultivation. One rare treasure from the Devil Realm was also needed—the Ghost Brilliance Pearl. If he could infuse the pearl into his Divine Soul, he would have a chance to break through.

Lyu Liang was not troubled by this problem at all. He planned to search for this pearl when he went to the Devil Realm, after the war here was over.

There was another important reason for him to go to the Devil Realm. It was about the Anye Clan. Although Huangfu Gang had disappeared, Lyu Liang still remembered his mother's miserable situation and could not turn his back on it.

His mother reminded him of Su Qiao'er. However, this girl was much luckier. She managed to get Lyu Liang's help, and was also under the protection of a God Ancestor. Probably, when Lyu Liang chanced to meet her one day, she might be powerful enough to protect herself.

Therefore, even if Huangfu Gang was not with him, Lyu Liang felt it was his responsibility to save his mother, who also had the Spirit-empty Body!

During these days, he also spent half a day at the local market, to gather some information about the war. Of course, he went there in disguise.

However, Lyu Liang did not hear anything special about the war, but he was attracted by another piece of news.

About half a year ago, a young man of the Human Clan came to the battlefield from the Earth-Sea Territory. Although his cultivation was merely at the Late-stage of Almighty Immortal, he managed to kill three enemies at the Peak of Almighty Immortal in a war, and this brought him much fame!

When Lyu Liang heard this superstar's name, he was startled—this man held a tiger-hilt broadsword in his hand, had the Divine-Blade body, and was called 'Nie Qingyun'!

Immediately, Lyu Liang thought of his disciple. “Could it be the same person?"

The only thing that made Lyu Liang confused was how this guy, whose cultivation had been merely at the Peak of Nascent Soul, was already at the Late-stage of Almighty Immortal now!

"Could it be that he also experienced something like the 50 thousand years of illusion?" This was Lyu Liang's first response. But he shook his head and did not think about it anymore. After all, this was good news, and he would ask this guy about it, some other day.

During the three days, all the people in the Canglan Territory could feel the tension of the upcoming war, because all the forces of the Chaotic World were gathering here, including the five ace troops. Even an ignorant or dull man would know that these men were about to fight a final fight!

Lyu Liang still kept his recovery a secret. Apart from a few of his companions, only the founding father of Sword Character knew about it.

Far from being mediocre, all the members of the Immortal Allies were exceptionally intelligent. So, when the founding father of Sword Character proposed a final war, with a confident look on his face, Xuan Nyu Fairy agreed without any hesitation, and the other seven powerful figures also agreed, immediately.

Since the powerful figures of the Immortal Allies were the leaders of the war, no one doubted their decision. After all, they had gained the upper hand in the war, and would definitely not fail. If so, there was nothing for them to hesitate about!

Of course, they did not believe that they could annihilate all the enemies immediately, because they had tried to launch a final attack before, although it was not on such a huge scale, as this one.

Although the enemy did not have many Cannons, they were protected by a robust defense formation. Even though a dozen Cannons bombarded it at the same time, it remained intact after shaking for a while.

However, it was very different this time round!

That was the first impression of all the forces of the Chaotic World, after they came to the main battlefield!

That was because the nine leaders of the Immortal Allies, the five ace troops, and all the other elites, had unprecedentedly confident looks on their faces, as they stood proudly at the front line!

Very soon, these influential figures' optimism touched all the people. The war had not begun, but the people were convinced that this would undoubtedly be the final war!

After a moment, the Nether Big World, as usual, set out the last five Cannons. Except for several operators, other people were cautious about this defense. As such, they planned to fire from inside the Great Defense Formation!

Just then, a sudden incident occurred!

Above the formation of the Nether Big World, a dazzling, silver vessel appeared!

Instantly, all the five Cannons below exploded, and the five operators at the Almighty Immortal level, also turned into ashes, before they could escape!

When the people saw the vessel, they were stunned, and then, a resounding cheer burst forth from the crowd!

Then, led by the Immortal Allies, the forces of the Chaotic World went straight for the last base of Nether Big World!

Before that, Black had figured out where the Formation Keys lay!

After destroying the Cannons, Lyu Liang operated the Dreamy Crystal Vessel and fired directly at the three hidden Formation Keys.

When the formation disappeared, the allies rushed over to launch a ruinous attack!

This time, the Nether Big World did not put any resistance at all. When the Cannons were destroyed, it was only then that some of the enemies belatedly realized the existence of the vessel. But before they could put up their defenses, the bomb blast drove them into absolute despair!

The moment the Formation Keys were destroyed, nearly a hundred cultivators around them died too. As such, the Nether Big World's invasion war against the Chaotic World, ended in defeat!

This moment had been eagerly anticipated by many people that when it finally came, no one wanted to preserve their strength, and really went all out to attack!

The color of the sky changed, and countless beams shot up in this space. Formidable magic treasures and weird moves were present everywhere.

Although the Nether Big World was defeated, some supreme figures were hiding inside a golden palace, which was protected by a gray cover. From inside, a rumble of space fluctuations could be clearly heard.

"They are escaping through the space passage!" An alert cultivator reported this incident immediately. Then, a few people immediately began bombarding the gray cover.

Facing the chaos, Lyu Liang could not use his Cannons, which might hurt more of his comrades than the enemies.

However, he did not want to let the enemies go so easily! Besides, he intended to keep the space passage, because he had to go to the Nether Big World, where his master needed his help!

Therefore, with a bright flash, Lyu Liang put away the Dreamy Crystal Vessel and went through the cover. Although the cover was very tough, it could not prevent Lyu Liang from breaking in.

When Lyu Liang rushed into the palace, he instantly felt an intense murderous intention. Stunned, he flashed away, using White's power of teleportation.

Someone uttered a slight "gee" exclamation, surprised that Lyu Liang was able to evade his sudden attack.

When Lyu Liang showed up again, he saw the assailant's face, and frowned instantly.

Showing an expressionless face, this man wore a black robe, which was embroidered with the character "Tiger." In his hand was a golden broadsword, which made a slight sound from time to time. Judging by the blood-red light on it, it was undoubtedly not an ordinary weapon.

Indeed, Lyu Liang wanted to go straight to the space passage. However, seeing this man's resolute look, he knew that this fight was unavoidable.

"Are you Tiger Wood, one of the Ghostly-Fire Twelve Lords? Even now, you are still bringing up the rear?" He thought of what Yang Ying had told him, and recognized this man at once. Meanwhile, he held the Kunwu Sword in his hand, as he could read easily from the man's eyes, the murderous message, "No matter what you say, I won't let you go easily!"

However, before Lyu Liang took action, a formidable flash of silver light directly hacked at Tiger Wood.

"Good swordsmanship!" Lyu Liang praised subconsciously.

The sword light was extremely well concealed. If it had not exuded such an intense murderous aura, it could have approached the enemy without being noticed!

It was inevitable that Tiger Wood did not notice the sword light. Anyone who fought against Lyu Liang had to have total concentration. Besides, his confidence in the Bounded Domain also caught him off guard against any threats from the outside.

Now that he had gained a place among the Ghostly-Fire Twelve Lords, he would not let himself be annihilated that easily.

The sword light came so unexpectedly that he could not escape. However, a green, round shield appeared right above him and defended against it immediately.

Then, with a muffled click, the shield cracked and fell apart immediately. But Tiger Wood seized the chance and barely escaped from the impact range of the sword light.

"Ah! How could that be!" A surprised voice, with a tinge of regret, was heard.

Lyu Liang was stunned at first, but then, he was delighted to see a white-robed young man showing up in front of him. With a tiger-hilt broadsword in his hand and a somewhat pale face, this man was undoubtedly Nie Qingyun.

The next moment, Nie Qingyun flashed to Lyu Liang's side, leaving a confused Tiger Wood behind. He knelt and began kowtowing, "Master! I knew that you would be all right..."

This man murmured as he kowtowed, and then, he began crying... This made Lyu Liang wonder—was this guy really the one who progressed significantly, and mastered the excellent swordsmanship?

"Good boy! Your cultivation has improved so fast! How did you get here?" With amazement and delight in his eyes, Lyu Liang held Nie Qingyun's arm and clapped him heartily on his shoulder.

"Ho ho, Master, my cultivation, strength, and sword, were all gained by opportunity. I will tell you the details after the war ends! Oh yes, you cannot drive me away this time! No matter where you go, I will follow you. Please don't reject my request!" Nie Qingyun seemed to be worried that Lyu Liang would leave without taking him along, and had a sincere, pathetic look on his face. Seeing that, Lyu Liang felt it would be too cruel to reject the request.

Lyu Liang nodded in resignation. Before he could say anything, Nie Qingyun cheered up and said aloud, "Master, keep moving forward! I will help you hold off this guy!"

"He is one of the Ghostly-Fire Twelve Lords and is very mighty. Can you..." Lyu Liang felt somehow worried. Although he saw Nie Qingyun's strength just now, this guy was merely at the Late-stage of Almighty Immortal, a level lower than his opponent. His opponent was one of the top forces of the Ghostly Fire Palace, and he might stimulate some formidable moves during the combat.

Nie Qingyun shrugged his shoulders and replied confidently, "If I cannot defeat him, how can I be your disciple? Trust me! I will win!"

Touched by Nie Qingyun's words, Lyu Liang decided to move forward. He asked him to be careful, and went ahead at once.

During this period, Tiger Wood had been watching the two people. His task was to buy time to let the more important figures escape. Therefore, he was glad that these two men were not moving ahead.

However, he noticed that Lyu Liang was about to move away. When he tried to prevent him, several silver flashes of sword light came at him, which forced him to divert his attention. By then, Lyu Liang totally disappeared.

With an intense aura all over him, Nie Qingyun was covered by a silver light. Above his head was a giant tiger with nine tails, the image of Luwu that Lyu Liang had once seen!

Then, a trace of amazement appeared on Tiger Wood's wooden face, "The top level of the Divine-Blade body?"

Nie Qingyun laughed and pointed at him with his sword, as he said, "Son! Let me just hack off your head, as a gift for my Master!"