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Chapter 141 Please Attend Xia Xiaoluo’s Funeral

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Xia Xiaoluo and Ling Tianyi went to the market, enjoying themselves. They watched many Mongolian performances and competitions, eating various snacks.

The market was very busy where there were many peddlers. Xia Xiaoluo bought a lot of things, including the gifts for Ling Tianyi’s parents, Dou Ya and Luo Xixi. Although she wanted to buy a gift for Ouyang Ziqian, she did not dare to because she was afraid that Ling Tianyi would be angry.

Of course, Xia Xiaoluo also bought many gadgets she liked and selected a Morin khuur carefully. Although she couldn’t play, she liked it very much.

Ling Tianyi kept his promise. He paid the bills and carried things for Xia Xiaoluo.

“Darling, I like this Morin khuur best!” Xia Xiaoluo sat on the car to the airport, playing with the Morin khuur all the time.

“What? You like the Morin khuur best? Don’t you like me best? You said it that day.” Ling Tianyi became jealous immediately.

“I like you more than the Morin khuur.” Xia Xiaoluo said with a smile, the dimples being very cute.

Ling Tianyi pretended to cough, then he embraced Xia Xiaoluo and kissed her gently. He was very satisfied with her answer just now. Although he didn’t know whether her words were true, he still chose to believe.

Xia Xiaoluo pushed Ling Tianyi away with a red face. She pointed at the driver and the manager of Huasheng Group Mongolia Branch at the front.

Ling Tianyi knew that Xia Xiaoluo was shy again, so he did not embarrass her. After all, the driver was not the exclusive driver in A City and the subordinate was here too. He could not do too much. Or if she expressed her love like that, according to Ling Tianyi’s character, he must put her down immediately and make love to her.

When Ling Tianyi and Xia Xiaoluo returned to A City, it was already over seven o’clock in the evening. Thinking that Xia Xiaoluo only ate some snacks on the plane, Ling Tianyi was afraid that she was hungry. Thus he suggested they eat something first. But Xia Xiaoluo wanted to go home, so they took something back to eat.

“Wow! How comfortable the sofa is!” Xia Xiaoluo jumped on the sofa directly without changing her shoes.

“Well, now we’re home and your wound is almost recovered. After eating, we can take a bath together, and then enjoy our big bed comfortably.” Ling Tianyi left the luggage at the entrance and put the take-out food on the table directly.

Ling Tianyi said to Xia Xiaoluo when she was eating: “Darling, remember to wear the sexy underwear I bought for you at night! You can wear the red one today. It will make you more enthusiastic and beautiful, which I like very much.”

Xia Xiaoluo rolled her eyes, without answering him. Ling Tianyi didn’t care. He knew that she was shy. If she didn’t say no, it meant that she accepted it.

After dinner, the first thing was to put the water in the bathtub.

“Darling, I’ll take you to the bathroom!” Ling Tianyi embraced Xia Xiaoluo who was playing the iPad game.

“Darling, I’ll do it later! I haven’t finished this game yet!” Xia Xiaoluo was carried by Ling Tianyi, but she was still playing the game of ‘Where’s My Water’.

“Well, stop playing. The little crocodile has been washed clean. Now it’s Xiaoluo’s turn.” Ling Tianyi held Xia Xiaoluo with one hand, then he grabbed the iPad with the other and threw it on the tea table.

“Darling, you are smelly after going to the grassland!” Ling Tianyi helped her to put off her clothes and smelt her body.

“You are smelly! I took a bath on the grassland for two times, and you for only one time! You are more smelly! Oh no, I’m not smelly. You are smelly!” Xia Xiaoluo muttered while Ling Tianyi was taking off her clothes.

“Well, you’re not smelly, but you’re dirty! It doesn’t matter. I’ll wash you clean. Then let’s play on the bed, trying to have a baby.” Ling Tianyi said intimately, then he put Xia Xiaoluo in the bathtub.

Ling Tianyi took off his clothes quickly, holding her tender body in the bathtub.

“Rub your back, arms, legs, and most importantly, rub the breasts!” Ling Tianyi took a bath sponge and touched her body vaguely.

“Darling, you are so cute! I love it.” Ling Tianyi threw the bath sponge aside and touched her delicate skin directly with his hands.

“Do you love me too when I’m smelly and dirty.?” Xia Xiaoluo picked up the bath sponge and helped Ling Tianyi to rub his chest.

“Of course! But darling, even if I don’t mind you are smelly and dirty, you can’t fall into the dunghill deliberately.” Ling Tianyi said jokingly. He was in a good mood when he thought about what would happen tonight.

“Darling!” Xia Xiaoluo threw the bath sponge on Ling Tianyi’s shoulders, “You fall into the dunghill!”

“Well, I’m kidding you!” Ling Tianyi took the bath sponge off his shoulders and handed it to Xia Xiaoluo, “Darling, help me!”

“Wash it. Rub it...” Xia Xiaoluo was rubbing and singing.

Ling Tianyi enjoyed her song out of tune. He was intoxicated with it.

After taking a bath, Ling Tianyi could not suppress his desire. He forgot to make Xia Xiaoluo wear the sexy red lace underwear. He wrapped her directly with a bath towel, took her to the bed where he longed for, and then began to make love to her.

On the grassland, Ling Tianyi planned to make love to Xia Xiaoluo, but she was injured on her heart. It was not a joke. He was always afraid that he couldn’t control himself. If he touched her injury, he would surely regret it.

Therefore, the seven-day plan for having a baby during National Day holidays was put on ice.

Xia Xiaoluo was better these days so he dared to make love to her to make up for himself.

Ling Tianyi was going mad in bed. Without its high quality, the bed would have been broken.

When Ling Tianyi and Xia Xiaoluo were in endless entanglement, the students of Dwichen’s College returned to school.

Ouyang Ziqian came back from Austria and talked about music with FLY members. When he thought that he would see Xia Xiaoluo soon, he was happy.

“Ouyang Ziqian!” Fang Ruichen shouted from behind.

“Fang Ruichen? Are you looking for me?” Ouyang Ziqian knew Fang Ruichen through Xia Xiaoluo, but he did not think that Fang Ruichen would look for him for something.

“Yes! Here you are!” Fang Ruichen gave him an invitation. “Please come to Baifang Cemetery at 10 a.m. on October 10th, attending Xia Xiaoluo’s funeral.”

“What? Xia XIaoluo’s funeral? It’s impossible! I don’t believe it! What the hell is going on?” Ouyang Ziqian suddenly got angry. He pulled Fang Ruichen’s collar and asked him to explain it clearly.

“I hope it is not true either, but I buried Xiaoluo’s body! Ling Tianyi took Xiaoluo to the grassland to ride a horse. She was kicked to death by a horse. Ling Tianyi left her body in the funeral parlor. I bought a cemetery for her. I notified many schoolmates to say farewell to her. Come and join us if you can.” When Fang Ruichen finished, he went to find other people.

Fang Ruichen had sent invitations to Luo Xixi, Dou Ya, Xiao Man and Ouyang Ziqian. There was still a stack of invitations in his hands.

Now the whole Dwichen’s College was talking about Xia Xiaoluo’s death.

When Xia Jingru returned school, she was very glad to hear that Xia Xiaoluo was dead because then her wish would come true. It was said that Ling Tianyi didn’t care about Xia Xiaoluo’s death. Therefore, Xia Jingru thought that Ling Tianyi would not trouble her again. She tidied up her hair in order to comfort Fang Ruichen tomorrow, then she could win his heart.

Xiao Man was also very excited about Xia Xiaoluo’s death, because Ouyang Ziqian always cared about that damn girl. Xiao Man thought that Ouyang Ziqian should be her boyfriend, and they were the right couple.

Of course, for the news of Xia Xaioluo’s death, Dou Ya cried all night and Luo Xixi was silent. Luo Xixi silently changed her black clothes with the colour of the computer monitor desktop changed into dark grey. She went to the flower shop at the school gate and bought a bunch of white lilies. She placed them on the bed of Xia Xiaoluo in order to memorize her.

In the early morning, Xia Xiaoluo was unable to get up after making love to Ling Tianyi. Thus she didn’t go to school and rested at home.

Ling Tianyi didn’t really care about whether Xia Xiaoluo went to school or not. Whether she could learn knowledge was also the second. Her first task was to have a baby and enjoy the process of having a baby.

“Darling, don’t forget to ask for leave for me!” Xia Xiaoluo said.

During the seven-day holidays, there were a lot of business affairs in Huasheng Group. Ling Tianyi, the company’s boss, was also busy so he forgot to ask for leave for her.

Xia Xiaoluo did not go to school, which made many students who were doubtful about her death believed the news.

Xia Jingru pestered Fang Ruichen all the time, and finally she was scolded by him. She was not allowed to attend Xia Xiaoluo’s funeral.

Xia Jingru had no choice but to return home in dejection. She told her parents the news of Xia Xiaoluo’s death.

Zhu Yufen was very happy. She had the same idea with Xia Jingru. Xia Xiaoluo was dead, so Ling Tianyi would not trouble Xia Jingru anymore.

But Xia Youfeng was silent for a long time. He smoked in the study, not having dinner.

“Dad is still sad! He didn’t even have dinner.” Xia Jingru complained while having dinner.

“Your father is not worried about the wicked girl Xia Xiaoluo! He is worried about the company in the future, because Ling Tianyi is not his son-in-law anymore.” Zhu Yufen said sadly.

“Forget it! Things will eventually sort themselves out. Anyway, even if the company is bankrupt, I have enough private money for us two to live.” Zhu Yufen shook her head and asked her daughter to eat.