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Chapter 99: Spirit Realm Migh

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The collision between the fist and sword released one last boom, ringing everywhere in the air. Everyone who was watching felt their hearts shudder as they stood there stupidly, staring at the scene wide eyed.

Everywhere suddenly seemed to sink into a strange silence. Only the slight rustling of the cold winds could be heard.

“Clatter, clatter…..”

It was unknown how long it’s been, but suddenly, the sound of cracks broke the silence. Everyone reacted sluggishly. The faces of those from the Su Family turned pale with despair.

Everyone from the Su Family without exception fell on their knees, including Su Yunhai.

Su Yunhai’s sword broke into two halves as he fell on the ground, blood overflowing from his lips.

In front of him, Qin Yuandao sneered disdainfully as he walked over.

“This is the strength of a Spirit Realm master? So strong…..” Countless hearts shook in the crowd, unable to calm down.

Su Yunhai was finished with a single fist, just like that. Even his famed ‘Violent Sword’ had been broken. What was even more frightening was that even the people behind Su Wen had been affected and apart from the still twitching Su Wen, everyone else was motionless. A layer of frost covered their skin as they turned into stiff corpses.

Everyone felt a cold feeling arise from the bottom of their hearts as they watched Qin Yuandao walk towards Su Yunhai.

Inside the crowd, Qin Yu clenched his fists, his knuckles cracking However, right now he could only endure it and wait to grow further. He hated this feeling but now he could only wait and see while cursing his own powerlessness.

In his heart, there was some guilt and self-blame. No matter how you say it, there was no way to deny that he was related to why Qin Yuandao came to invade the Su Family.

Of course, he didn’t regret killing Qin Zhao last night. He just hated Qin Yuandao’s despicable methods and his own powerlessness.

Qin Yuandao was using Qin Zhao’s death as an excuse to take out the Su Family. He was exploiting Qin Yu and using his actions as a pretext for his actions- Qin Yu loathed this. If he could, he really wanted to dash up and crush him with a fist.

Right now, Qin Yuandao naturally wouldn’t pay any attention to the densely packed crowds. All his attention was placed on Su Yunhai.

Su Yunhai tried to get up but only managed to get partially up before collapsing back on the ground. However, he didn’t give up. Stubborn- that was precisely how stubborn his will was. He couldn’t stand up, so he just sat there. With great difficulty, he pulled himself into a meditative stance in a pool of blood. Naturally, that blood was his.

Qin Yuandao walked in front of him and crouched down, a dark sneer on his face as he watched Su Yunhai disdainfully.

“Su Yunhai, you probably never thought that you would one day die at my hands.”

Su Yunhai slowly closed his eyes and ignored Qin Yuandao, entering his own world. His voice was unhurried: “So this is spirit realm strength…… I understand.”

Qin Yuandao was startled. His face twitched, appearing stunned for an instant before an expression of understanding slowly appeared on his face. His expression changed to one of hypocritical regret: ““I didn’t expect that you’d actually be able to use my attack to finally understand the profound principles in Spirit Realm. What a pity, it’s already too late. Now there’s no other path for you but death, ahaha….”

“It really is a pity. Perhaps, it’s just the will of the heavens.” Su Yunhai sighed with frustration.

“Heaven’s will? Humpth!” Qin Yuandao snorted, “Nope, it wasn’t some ‘heavenly will’, but me wanting your life.”

“If you want my life, then just come. Don’t speak so much rubbish.” Su Yunhai closed his eyes, waiting for death.

“Hehe, I don’t need to act. You can just die there slowly. But before you die, on behalf of the friendship we’ve had for many years, I’ll tell you a secret and let you die in peace.” Qin Yuandao laughed sinisterly, “Do you know why I came here early at dawn to attack your Su Family?”

“You guys probably all believed it’s to avenge the Qin Family members who died here. Heh, idiots, didn’t you guys think about when I came? Let me tell you this: before the Qin Family members even died here, I had already set out to Bao Ding City.”

Hearing this, Su Yunhai abruptly opened his eyes and arderously forced his throat to speak: “What…… do…. you mean?”

“What I’m saying is that before yesterday at dusk, I got news that you’ve already touched the border of Spirit Realm and would break through into Spirit Realm in the next few days. Think about it, how could I possibly allow you to reach Spirit Realm? So the moment I heard the news, I immediately ran here at top speed, ahahaha…….” Qin Yuandao laughed proudly.

Su Yunhai’s face was deathly pale, his eyes filled with incomparable hate. His body trembled as he got up furiously, “You, how did you know my situation?”

“Obviously, people from your side told me.” Qin Yuandao was filled with pride.

“Who?” Su Yunhai’s eyes blazed with killing intent. He hadn’t thought that today’s destruction of the Su Family was actually because of a traitor in his own house. It was truly sorrowful.

“Look behind you and see who’s still alive.” Qin Yuandao smiled so much that his nose was almost crooked.

Su Yunhai also didn’t know where the sudden surge of strength came from as he twisted his head back. Behind him, there were only corpses. However, one had disappeared- Su Wen. Since Su Wen had disappeared, then the survivor must’ve been him.

When Su Wen heard Qin Yuandao mention the ‘secret’ just now, he had swiftly started to crawl inside the Su Family manor.

Of course, he was just acting. He wanted to escape, but it’d be impossible to do so without attracting too much attention. Not only was Qin Lai standing at the gates, there were also countless eyes behind him watching. The only way he’d be able to escape covertly was if he turned into a ghost.

Qin Lai only found out that Su Wen was somebody on their side when Qin Yuandao came and also discovered that yesterday, Su Wen had blocked him again and again to deliberately enrage the Qin Family in the public eye. This gave the Qin Family a legitimate reason to attack the Su Family.

Su Yunhai also realised this and a trace of sorrow emerged within his anger. His voice was even more hoarse than before: “When was he bribed by you?”

“Nope, he had never been bribed. He was somebody from my Qin Family in the beginning, his name being Qin Hui.” Perhaps it was because he already thought as Su Yunhai as a dead man that he no longer hid anything.

“Stop your bullshit, Su Wen’s grown up in my Su Family since young. How could he be from the Qin Family and be called Qin Hui?” Su Yunhai gasped angrily, using all his strength to cough out this sentence.

“Hehe,” Qin Yuandao laughed evilly, “Ten years ago, I found that Su Wen and Qin Hui looked very similar, so I grabbed Su Wen and peeled off the skin on his face while he was alive to switch it with Qin Hui. That way, he infiltrated your family disguised as Su Wen. Haha, don’t you think I’m very clever for being able to produce a scheme like this?” Qin Yuandao was immensely pleased with himself at Su Yunhai’s face that was already deformed with anger.

“You peeled the skin off Su Wen’s face alive?” Su Yunhai clenched his teeth, his lips trembling as he asked.

“That’s right. Do you want to know about that brutal scene and how it feels to have the skin peeled off alive? Let me tell you about it-”

“Go to hell!” Su Yunhai yelled furiously as he exploded forth with a palm strike. Perhaps it was anger that excited his potential or a dying spark of energy before death, but the palm strike actually held a considerable amount of force.

Qin Yuandao didn’t even try to avoid his final palm strike, allowing it to strike at his chest. After, his chest suddenly swelled up as a large gale suddenly whistled angrily. Su Yunhai was ruthlessly blown away by the winds, tumbling heavily on the ground and spitting out large mouthfuls of blood. This time, he didn’t even have the energy to crawl.

“You’re overestimating yourself. Seeking death!” Qin Yuandao stood up, a fierce expression on his grotesque face.

“Grandfather, Grandfather……” Suddenly, a girl’s weeping voice sounded from inside the Su Family. A beautiful, fairy like girl came running out of the Su Family gates.

“Miss, you can’t go outside. It’s dangerous.” Several of the Su Family’s servants tried to chase after her but failed to in the end.

“Su Yinxue.” Inside the crowd, Qin Yu trembled and was about to walk forward when he was pulled back by Qing Yun.

“Qin Yu, calm down.” Qing Yun’s steady voice reminded him.

It wasn’t just Qin Yu who was surprised. When Su Yinuxue appeared, everyone watching had different reactions. This was the first time most of them had seen Su Yinxue’s true face without her veil. Her appearance really didn’t disappoint- her beauty was peerless, surpassing even the heavenly fairies.

The one who really deserved the title of ‘number one beauty’ of Bao Ding City was her, not Liu Yuru of the Zhu Family.

Su Yinxue rushed directly to Su Yunhai’s fallen body, sobbing as she cried out, “Grandfather, Grandfather…….”

“Yinxue, why did you come out! Run…… quickly, run….” Su Yunhai struggled to raise his head, speaking arduously.

“Shi Lan!” Qin Yuandao suddenly shouted, dashing forward as if he went mad. His hand grabbed Su Yinxue’s delicate shoulder, his voice filled with delight: “Shi Lan, I finally found you, hahaha……. I’ve waited too long for this day. You’ve finally agreed to see me.”

“Who are you, let go of me! Get off!” Su Yinxue’s face turned ashen from fear, screaming as she struggled to get away. However, there was no way her struggles could compare to Qin Yuandao’s strength. She was powerless. The grab was very, very painful and her delicate shoulder had already almost been dislocated by Qin Yuandao’s hand.

“Qin Yuandao, you bastard. Release her, she isn’t Shi Lan. Shi Lan already died several decades ago.” Su Yunhai tried his hardest to raise his head. Although blood leaked from his lips, he was still able to produce a raspy shout.

“What’d you say, Shi Lan died? No, Shi Lan’s right here.” Qin Yuandao roared crazily.

“She’s the great-granddaughter of Shi Lan and I, called Su Yinxue, not Shi Lan. r-Release her, cough, cough…” Su Yunhai coughed up several large mouthfuls of blood, enduring it to plea for Su Yinxue.

“Grandfather, Grandfather……” The girl weeped powerlessly. The scene made many of the onlookers feel saddened, but nobody dared to save the beauty with Qin Yuandao there.

“I’m begging you, let my Grandfather go. If you release my Grandfather, I’ll do anything, I’m begging you, begging you ah……” Su Yinxue continued to weep and began to plead to Qin Yuandao.

“I can’t stand it.” One of the onlookers finally couldn’t take anymore and shouted, “You’re a powerful senior bullying a younger, frail girl. Aren’t you going too far?”

“Go to hell.” Qin Yuandao turned around and sent the other flying dead with a single palm. Waves of qi roared as they filled the skies, shooting at the dense crowds and sending them flying, including the one who had shouted just now.

“Ahh!” For a while, screams resounded everywhere as countless fell on the ground, bloodied and dead. A huge hole appeared in the crowd of onlookers.

The crowd frantically retreated in fear, screams arising everywhere.

They were so far yet had still been attacked. It was terrifying.

“Old bastard.” Qin Yu watched his strikes and couldn’t help it anymore, taking a step out.

“Qin Yu, calm down……. You can’t go out, he’s too strong.” Qing Yun grabbed Qin Yu’s hand firmly and shook her head incessantly, her beautiful eyes pleading.

Qin Yu stared at her, his face revealing a trace of a faint smile: “Miss Qing, thank you. I know he is very strong, but I have to go. Only by taking risks can I succeed. At the very least, I have to go try. If I don’t even have the guts to try, then how could I continue cultivating? If I die, then I’ll have to trouble you with taking care of my corpse.” After saying this, he extended his left hand and forcefully pried off her hands.

“No, No, Qin Yu, you can’t.” Qing Yun didn’t want to let go, tears already pooling in her eyes. However, Qin Yu still ended up breaking free of her grasp and walked out from everyone’s shocked and pitying eyes. The sight of his rear figure brought a moving and tragic feeling to it.

“Huh, there’s still more people seeking death?”

Qin Yuandao released Su Yinxue and stared at Qin Yu angrily. He was just about to act when Qin Lai suddenly shouted from beside him.

“Esteemed Father, that’s Qin Yu. He’s Qin Yu.”

“Qin Yu?” Qin Yuandao’s gaze sharpened as he stared rigidly at Qin Yu who was slowly walking forward. His features were both somewhat familiar and unfamiliar.

He was normally always in closed door cultivation and the only time he had seen Qin Yu was five years ago. After five years, his face naturally would’ve changed a lot so he was not very familiar with it.

Under a thousand eyes in addition to Qin Yuandao and Qin Lai’s gaze, Qin Yu walked forward and stood in front of the two.

Qin Yuandao narrowed his eyes as he looked at Qin Yu strangely: “Are you Qin Yu?”

“I am.” Qin Yu’s reply was calm. He wasn’t the slightest bit afraid or panicked at Qin Yuandao’s strength. The courage he displayed gained him the admiration of all the onlookers. If any of them had been exchanged with Qin Yu and had to stand in front of such a terrifying monster like Qin Yuandao, their legs probably never would’ve stopped shaking, nevermind speak.

“A mere late stage Immersion Realm cultivator like you actually managed to kill my Qin Zhao. It’s really unexpected.”

Although Qin Yu had deliberately concealed his aura, it was still useless under Qin Yuandao’s eyes who discovered Qin Yu’s realm in a glance.

Beside him, Qin Lai was startled. Late stage Immersion Realm? Last night, Qin Yu obviously only showed strength at the middle of Immersion Realm. Could it be that he didn’t use his full strength last night?

He didn’t know at all that Qin Yu had only just broken through to late stage Immersion Realm last night.

“How about you and I make a deal?” Qin Yu didn’t want to talk more about his killing of Qin Zhao and went straight to the point.

“Humpth.” Qin Yuandao snorted disdainfully, “How is a discarded son of the Qin Family like you worthy to make a deal with me?”

Qin Yu ignored Qin Yuandao’s disdain and continued to speak: “Didn’t’t you want to avenge Qin Zhao? If you leave the Su Family alone, I’ll kill myself right in front of you.”

“Hahaha……” Qin Yuandao released a loud, satirizing laugh: “You really like to dream. I want you dead, so why would I bother trying to talk things out? Die!” As he shouted, he slapped forward with his palm as if he was just swatting a housefly. For a mere Immersion Realm cultivator, he didn’t even feel like using any techniques and just swatted out.

“Winds, retreat.”

“Cloudtrack Phantom, dodge!”

With two movement techniques layered on top of each other, Qin Yu’s speed was like a ghost as he disappeared from his original spot.

The windy currents from Qin Yuandao’s palm strike formed a small hurricane, whistling through the air towards Qin Yu’s remnant image.

“Huh?” Qin Yuandao was somewhat surprised. A mere Immersion Realm cultivator had actually managed to dodge his blow, causing him to feel a bit of disbelief. Was this speed something an Immersion Realm cultivator could reach?

Although Qin Yu dodged this palm, he was still hit far away by the berserk winds it had caused. There were two entire realms between Immersion Realm and Spirit Realm. Even if Qin Yu was stronger, it would be impossible to contend against a Spirit Realm cultivator.

Qin Yu tried his best to stablize his body after being blasted away by the winds in the air. However, his feet still hadn’t touched the floor when he heard the angry whistle of the winds above his head. An enlarged palm was crushing down from the sky, aiming at his skull. The strength of this palm strike was several times stronger than the previous one.

“No——!” In the crowd, Qing Yun released a lung splitting scream.

“No!” Qin Yu also shouted.

However, nothing could stop the overwhelming momentum in the palm strike.


The earth trembled as sand and dust filled the air. Qin Yu’s body was swatted ruthlessly into the earth, instantly submerged in the gravel and dirt.

“Humpth, you bastard of the Qin Family. Such a death is too easy.” Qin Yuandao dropped down from the sky and swung his sleeve, a disdain snort sounding from his throat.

Everybody only saw what happened after the clouds of dust dispersed. In the area Qin Yu had just stood was an enormous palm imprint, with Qin Yu right in the middle of that. His body was splayed out and sunken in the dirt. He was motionless, life and death unknown.