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Chapter 109 - Opening of the Formation

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This sudden arrow not only made the people of Heaven-Shaken Sect feel excited, even the disciples of Tan Xi Sect thought that the Heaven-Shaken Sect had come to their rescue, and their offense immediately eased down.

Xu Jing also did not care about the matter of Xue Ziqi killing the person who ambushed Zhang Yueming, and hurriedly brought the other disciples of the Heaven-Shaken Sect over to receive him. Xue Ziqi also walked over with a face full of shame, and said without waiting for Xu Jing's reprimand: "Junior Masters, I am truly sorry.

Xu Jing glanced at him, and said: "Didn't you use a bit too much strength, and didn't even think about the severity!"

Xue Ziqi said angrily, "This is also because I am too angry. I only think that if Martial Uncle Zhang dared to make a move, he should be killed!"

Xu Jing was about to say something, when she saw Zhang Yueming turn to look behind him, in the direction where the arrow that saved Zhang Yueming's life was flying towards. However, the person standing there looked to be in a sorry state, as he was covered in mud, witair of eyes shining with light.

Zhang Yueming did not say a word of thanks, and the person who stood there also did not say a word. At this time, Xue Ziqi suddenly shouted at the person: "Who are you!"

Xu Jing reacted immediately, but it was already too late. Senior brother Fang who had restrained the Tan Xi Sect cultivators from attacking just now laughed out loud, and said to the person behind the huge boulder: "So you are not a Heaven-Shaken Sect cultivator, you just happened to meet at the right time, this is a matter between my Tan Xi Sect and my Heaven-Shaken Sect, since you are not a disciple of my Heaven-Shaken Sect, then it would be best for you not to interfere in this matter!"

The clay figure stood aigh place, not saying anything. It only slightly lowered its bow, ready to attack at any moment. Its face was covered in thick mud, and other than its eyes and nostrils, no one could read any expression from its face.

Shixiong Fang's face sank when he saw the clay figure. "Are you really going to intervene in the matters of our two sects?" he asked.

At this time, Zhang Yueming no longer had the possibility to hide anything, so he said: "Thank you for saving my life, I am Heaven-Shaken Sect Zhang Yueming, I hope that you can continue to help me, Yue Ming will definitely repay this debt in the future!"

The moment Zhang Yueming finished speaking, the mudman actually nodded towards him slightly.

Senior brother Fang's expression changed as he said to the other disciples of Tan Xi Sect: "This matter cannot be stopped just like this. Senior brother Zhu, I'll trouble you to bring two people to surround and monitor this person. If this person were to make a move again, I'll have to trouble you to finish him off, senior brother!"

The fat Senior Brother Zhu said solemnly, "Don't worry, as long as he dares to make a move, we, Old Zhu, will not hold back!"

Shixiong Fang nodded at the girl and shouted, "Everyone else, follow me!"

Yang Junshan stood by the side of the huge boulder and looked down at everything below. He saw a plump cultivator bringing along his two subordinates, and at the same time, the other dozen or so Tan Xi Sect disciples rushed towards the Heaven-Shaken Sect cultivators once again.

Yang Junshan raised his bow and arrow. Under the huge force of the seven stone bow, the arrow was extremely fast, and just as it let out a sharp whistle that cut through the air, the arrow had already arrived in front of Senior Zhu.

Senior Zhu shouted, "Vajra Barrier!"

A ball of golden light suddenly expanded from his body, colliding with the arrows flying at him. With a "bo" sound, the iron arrow shattered, and a crack about three inches long appeared on the diamond shield that had been hit by the arrow. Following which, Senior Zhu's spirit energy began to circulate, and the spell was completely repaired.

"Everyone attack together!"

Senior Zhu called out to the two cultivators at the side, and two consecutive shouts rang out. Another two golden barriers appeared on the two cultivators, and the three of them zigzagged towards the gentle slope.

Yang Junshan once again shot out an arrow at an extremely fast speed. However, Senior Brother Zhu's eyes were sharp, and the moment the arrow was released, he loudly warned: "Be careful, it's a symbol arrow!"

The three Vajra Barriers flickered with even more light, but Yang Junshan's arrow was not aimed at the three of them. A miserable scream came from afar, and it was actually a Tan Xi Sect cultivator who took advantage of the fact that Xu Jing was fighting against two Tan Xi Sect cultivators to suddenly launch a sneak attack from behind, but Xu Jing did not notice, just at this moment, Yang Junshan's arrow pierced into the man's shoulder, half of his body was destroyed by the runes engraved on the arrow.

Xu Jing was shocked, she turned and ran frantically towards the direction of the battle, her eyes flickered with an unknown meaning, and then she re-entered the battle.

Just at this time, another arrow flew across the sky. A Tan Xi Sect disciple had just chopped down a young Heaven-Shaken Sect disciple, and that arrow had passed through the ground where the Heaven-Shaken Sect disciple was standing earlier and pierced through the chest of that Tan Xi Sect disciple.

In other words, in the instant that Yang Junshan released the arrow, the cultivator from Heaven-Shaken Sect had not been slashed yet, but Yang Junshan had already determined beforehand.

"Pig, what the fuck are you doing?"

Senior Brother Zheng did not expect that under the pressure of Senior Zhu and the other two, the clay figure could actually shoot out arrows, and could not help but curse out again.

However, this time Senior Zhu did not refute them. This person was about to get close to the three of them, yet he still dared to shoot arrows to save others. He clearly did not put them in his eyes.

However, at this time, the three of them had already jumped within thirty meters of Yang Junshan, and as they surrounded Yang Junshan from different directions, they simultaneously attacked him.

This person still dared to draw his bow and shoot when the three of them were approaching him. If he was not anxious to save others, then it was because he had absolute confidence in his own strength and did not put them in his eyes at all.

In fact, Senior Brother Zhu's guess was indeed correct. Yang Junshan did not put the three of them in his eyes, and just as the three of them were about to pounce at him, the iron tube in Yang Junshan's hand had already dropped to the ground.

Among all the cultivators who could create this kind of heart technique and Mortal Realm, only life techniques would be able to do it so quickly.

However, the teenager who was rushing over was obviously extremely confident in his own life technique, for he did not dodge nor dodge when faced with Yang Junshan's Shattered Rock Art, attempting to take the opportunity to take Yang Junshan down by taking the hit.

However, they could not fathom Yang Junshan's strength. With a "kacha" sound, the young cultivator could not believe what he had just heard. The King Kong Barrier, which was also a spell of his life, had been smashed into pieces by Yang Junshan's Crushing Stone Technique.

Before the youth could recover from his shock, a black arm suddenly appeared in front of him. No matter how the youth dodged, he was unable to dodge the hand. With his throat tightened, the youth opened his mouth wide in an attempt to breathe.

"How dare you!"

Even though his body was fat, the speed at which he charged towards Yang Junshan seemed extremely nimble.

Senior Zhu continued to change forms, a spell in his hand transformed into a golden sword that flew towards Yang Junshan.

Yang Junshan snorted, when the gold light reached his body, he suddenly flicked his finger at the sword blade that was formed from the gold light, and instantly shattered it.

Yang Junshan let out a cold laugh and was about to rush forward to attack, but another young cultivator had already rushed over. As he extended his hands out from within the diamond barrier, that golden light also adhered to his palms, and pierced towards Yang Junshan's descendants likair of large golden hands.

The sand beneath Yang Junshan's feet flowed as he moved horizontally three feet to the right. The instant the youth's attack missed, he suddenly extended his foot and stepped on the ground, causing the ground to suddenly shake heavily.

Although Yang Junshan had not completely mastered the Earth Shock Technique, the youth that pounced in front of him was not even three feet away from him, so there was no reason for Yang Junshan to miss.

The youth felt the ground shake, almost accompanied by his own heartbeat. It was as though his heart had fallen into a bottomless abyss along with it, causing him to fall intrance.

Just as the youth realized that he had awoken, Yang Junshan's finger had already pointed at his back. The beating heart in his chest suddenly exploded and countless blood gushed out of the youth's mouth, like a fountain.

In the blink of an eye, Yang Junshan had shot two people dead, and under the close encirclement of three people, he killed two more people. His ferocity and bravery was even greater than Zhang Yueming's.

Witook under Yang Junshan's feet, the seven stone bow had already been in his hands. A stone arrow smashed onto the bowstring and flew towards Senior Zhu's back.

Senior Brother Zhu roared out and rolled down the slope into the swamp without caring about his sorry state. The arrow talisman did not hit anything and directly exploded on a huge rock, the power of the Crushing Stone Technique erupted and a ball of Spiritual Light suddenly bloomed. Yang Junshan's talisman arrow had no effect on the huge rock at all, all of his magic power was blocked outside of a layer of light yellow light barrier.

"Ah, Great Guardian Formation! This place originally had a cave, no wonder your Heaven-Shaken Sect s were all gathered here! This time, even though you all were ambushed and ambushed by us, you guys did not return to Stone Town.