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Chapter 98 - Siege

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Just as Yang Tiangang broke through the defense of the top of the mountain, An Xia had already rode the fierce wind and rushed in. The top of the mountain immediately produced a series of rumbling sounds, and two groups of people started spiralling towards the top of the mountain.

A fat and big cultivator in his forties, witound head and green mackintosh on his body, his entire body flickered with a golden light, blocking all of the aftershocks of An Xia's technique.

"I have Buddhist light protecting my body, what can you do to me?"

The fat cultivator Yuan Kun held a bronze alms bowl in his hand, it was actually a low grade magic tool, and his cultivation was even higher than An Xia's. Although the alms bowl had been broken through by Yang Tiangang in one strike, but now, with a 'buzz buzz', it revolved, and a circle of golden light appeared, dispersing and eliminating all of An Xia's techniques. At the same time, he was trying to capture An Xia's traces in the air.

An Xia instinctively felt that the golden halos were different, using her dantian's turbid Qi to fly up, at the same time dodging the halos' attacks, she continuously used the tools in her hands to attack.

Just then, Yuan Kun suddenly chanted something, An Xia thought that he was going to use some kind of strange technique, thus he concentrated his mind and prepared to respond, but unexpectedly, a low humming sound that sounded like the maggots on bones sounded out in An Xia's ears, causing him to suddenly become impatient, the Spirit Qi in his body started to circulate unsmoothly, the Spirit Qi in his dantian started to sink, and the body in the air also started to lose control, quickly caught up to the golden halos of light that were being released from the alms.

Although An Xia had never seen the weird methods of her opponent, speaking a few incantations not only disturbed her mind, but also affected the circulation of the spirit energy in her body. Just as she was about to be affected by the golden light rings, she saw a dry smoke stick appearing in front of him, and instantly dispersing the circular golden pattern.

"This person's cultivation base is similar to mine. Let's work together and don't let him escape. Otherwise, we'll definitely get our revenge in the future!"

Yang Tiangang stayed in the air and did not move forward. He pointed the High quality magical equipment in his hand at Yuan Kun and suddenly shouted, "Break!"

The golden halo around Yang Tiangang instantly disintegrated layer by layer, and its disintegration force did not stop until it reached the center of the halo that was emitting out, breaking layer after layer of obstructing lines of light, until it finally made contact with the alms bowl tool's body with a "dang" sound, causing it to explode with a deafening metallic clang in midair.

The power of Yang Tiangang's Crushing Stone Technique was truly incomparable to the power of the Crushing Stone Technique that Yang Junshan had executed with the help of the Rune.

Yuan Kun apparently did not expect Yang Tiangang to reach such a state just by casting a spell. Previously, although he had suffered a loss due to Yang Tiangang's sneak attack, he did not know that Yang Tiangang was actually training in an earth attribute spell, and was not really compatible with the fire attribute High quality magical equipment in his hands. The power of the fire attribute spell was not even close to the power of his innate technique.

Yuan Kun could only use one attack to know how powerful Yang Tiangang was. Seeing that his chances of winning against the two martial arts realm was not high, he hung the alms bowl on his head, and the circular golden light patterns drooped down to protect it. He pushed his palms towards the two of them, and a "swastika" character appeared on each of his palms.

At the same time, the well-rounded man shouted towards the mountain top, "Today's matter is not harmonious. Disciples, please leave. We will use the buddhist shrine's divine smoke to communicate in the future!"

"Not good! That baldy wants to escape!"

An Xia let out a strange cry as a fierce wind swirled around him. He felt the power of the "Swastika" talisman and did not dare to take it head-on. Using the Wind Riding Technique to dodge it, although her body was fast, she lost the opportunity to directly chase after Yuan Kun.

Yang Tiangang's entire body was filled with an earthy yellow aura, but he did not dodge the "swan" character, and directly used the dry smoke stick in his hand to hit it head-on.


Before the "swan" symbol could reach Yang Tiangang's body, it suddenly split into pieces, and Yang Tiangang directly broke through the obstruction without stopping, and struck towards the escaping Yuan Kun Vest.

"Divine abilities!"

The alms bowl was directly smashed apart by Yang Tiangang's "clematis", and directly fell to the ground. However, Yuan Kun opened his mouth and spat out a mouthful of blood, his figure did not dare to slow down in the slightest as he desperately rushed out of Ox-Head Mountain. Even Yang Tiangang was unable to catch up in time.

"Where do you think you're going?!"

Right at this moment, a loud shout suddenly came from the direction of Yuan Kun's escape. Yuan Kun's heart was panicking, but he saw the sky suddenly rise up from the bottom of the mountain, blocking the direction of Yuan Kun's escape.

However, Yang Tiangang and An Xia who were at the left and right of him had already pounced over, and without the slightest bit of hesitation, even if he knew that there was a sea of flames and blades inside, he could only rush over.

It seemed as if the fly was bluffing. Yuan Kun felt relieved in his heart, but when he saw that the fly was about to hit his body, his heart skipped a beat. The Spirit Yuan in his body secretly vibrated, causing the flying cotton to fly away.

Unexpectedly, it was a blow to the hornet's nest. The moment the spirit energy inside Yuan Kun's body spilled out of his body, the flying catkins that filled the sky swarmed towards Yuan Kun like locusts that had seen blood.

Yuan Kun was shocked. He gathered the Spiritual Yuan in his body and shook it again, causing the debris that had gathered over to turn into dust again. However, the flying fibers that filled the sky started to become even more violent, and Yuan Kun also felt that the Spiritual Yuan inside his body was quickly disappearing after he shattered the flying threads that wrapped around his body.

"It's those flying fibers, they're actually absorbing the spirit essence in my body!"

Yuan Kun immediately understood what was going on, but it was already too late. Because he was severely injured by Yang Tiangang, Yuan Kun already could not completely control the vitality in his body, and after this shock wave, the spirit essence that leaked out could no longer be bound, and his body felt a wave of emptiness, causing him to no longer be able to maintain his speed of flight.

An Xia rode on the wind and chased after him. Witwist of the magic tool in her hand, Yuan Kun's big head flew up into the sky.

At the same time, the sounds of fighting on the other streets of Ox-Head Mountain slowly calmed down as well. Yang Junshan and Han Xiusheng had joined forces and killed two cultivators of the fifth level of the Mortal Realm in succession.

Han Xiusheng and Han Xiumei usually trained in the same wood type arts, and with the two of them working together, Han Xiusheng was in charge of using wood type techniques to trouble the opponent, while Yang Junshan took the chance to use his Shattered Rock Art to kill.

Now that Yang Junshan had started to practice the Crushing Stone Technique, it was no longer the same as when he defeated Yang Junxian in front of the Compendium Pavilion. With just a finger, he blew up the opponent's organs, and there was no chance of survival; even with the talisman as a guide to cast the technique, the strength of the Crushing Stone Technique was almost comparable to that of cultivators with the fifth stage of the Mortal Realm.

With the help of Yang Junshan, who had personally killed an opponent who was on par with him, the aura around Han Xiusheng's body became increasingly stable and stable, the cowardly temperament gradually disappeared, and when he attacked, he also carried a sharp imposing manner that was on par with Chu Chuang and the others.

On the top of the mountain, An Xia looked at Han Xiumei in shock and asked in disbelief: "Sister-in-law, what you used just now was a spirit technique?"

Han Xiumei chuckled, and said: "It's precisely spirit arts, it'ity that my cultivation technique is too poor, and I am unable to support the spirit essence in my body in using it multiple times. Forget about the time it takes to prepare a technique, if not, I wouldn't have let this bald cultivator escape."

An Xia shook her head and sighed: "Spirit techniques are more important than magic tools. Since Sister-in-law has mastered spirit techniques, her own strength is not weaker than cultivators of the same level who have mastered medium-grade spirit tools. Third brother not only has the High quality magical equipment, but also his family's inherited spirit technique, the Earth Splitting Spiritual Art.

Han Xiumei said: "How can he be that powerful, my spirit arts are more of a support, just now it was also because the bald cultivator was ambushed by me after being injured by you guys, if not I would have been no match for him."

As the three talked, eight or nine cultivators rushed out from the west side of Ox-Head Mountain, led by the old man Yang Zhenbiao of the Yang family who led the way to Tuqiu Village last year. Even Yang Qingniu and Yang Tieniu followed behind him.

"Uncle Biao, the people from the west have all been taken care of?" Seeing that the old man was the first to reach the summit, Yang Tiangang smiled and asked.

Yang Zhenbiao laughed "haha", and said: "Don't worry San Ye, not a single net escaped. It's all up to the people to the east!"

"We killed 16 people here, 12 of them were cultivators, six of them were high level Mortal Realm, and each one of them was able to escape!"

Just as Yang Zhenbiao and the rest were about to rush up, Chu Chuang and his men ran up as well. He did not show any signs of weakness as he followed Han Xiusheng and the rest up the mountain.

When Chu Chuang reached the top of the mountain, he first swept a glance over Han Xiumei and An Xia, and then placed his gaze on Yang Tiangang, and took two steps forward and bowed: "Chu Chuang greets the Third Master of the Yang family.

Yang Tiangang laughed: Brother Chu is too polite, today's matter is a sign of Brother Chu's loyalty, these Evil Disciples have collected a lot of cultivation resources, I think we should quickly count and leave this place, just now when my movements were too big, I'm afraid that it has already attracted the attention of some people!

The reason why everyone came here today was for the cultivation resources collected by the cultivators of Shi nationality. Upon hearing Yang Tiangang's words, they were all overjoyed, and all said: "This is exactly what we should do!"