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Chapter 147 The Most Powerful Prodigy of the Age

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At the place where all the beasts were worshiping, a group of people were slowly moving forward above them. Along the way, there were always beasts' sights gathered on the people, and the pressure they suffered gradually increased to dozens of times.


At this time, there was still three-quarters of the distance from the peach trees, and many people were covered with small cracks. Finally, someone couldn't hold on anymore. Shangguan Yiyi and Jiang Lianyue of the Palace of Hundred Flowers successively quit the trial.

Yu Wude and Chu He also failed to insist. They supported their bodies full of cracks hardly to encourage their other brothers, and then opted out.


After moving forward a few dozen steps, Meiqing also shook her head with a soft sigh and then quit.

"Can I only get to this point?"

Under the pressure, Lyu Hao could no longer move forward. Neither could Zhao Changge who was beside him. The cracks on the bodies of the two were slowly expanding. They shook their heads with bitter smiles, quit the trial.


Feng Tianming gritted his teeth. The small cracks on his body had expanded, as if it was about to be broken at any time. If he went one step further, he must suffer a risk of life. So, he followed Lyu Hao and Zhao Changge to quit the trial helplessly.

A serious of golden lights rushed out of the picture one after one. And the cultivators all vomited a lot of blood, and then got down on one knee. Horrible scars appeared on their Shen Tang, causing it to bleed.

"Only still three-quarters of the distance is left! What a pity!"

Feng Tianming wiped the blood and sighed. The rest of the people also revealed bitter smiles. This was their limit. One more step would cause a great danger. It couldn't be changed.

"In the Age of Dharma Decline, it's already good to persist until the last three-quarters are left. It somebody can pass two third of the whole way, then he can match the before-ancient cultivators."

The demonic soul slowly said, which comforted them. However, it was indeed commendable to be able to achieve this level in the Age of Dharma Decline.

After all, the martial arts in the Age of Dharma Decline were incomplete. A before-ancient Big Capable or one in the early stage of the ancient historical times could defeat two Greater Powers of Age of Dharma Decline.

This was the gap between the ancient times and the Age of Dharma Decline. After all, the martial arts were complete in one time, and incomplete in another time. The incomplete ones were certainly worse than the complete ones. So those who could persist to such a position were valuable.

And the number of them was not very small. It was equivalent to the sum of decades of generations in the past Age of Dharma Decline. Perhaps this was really the performance of the Great Age of Dharma Decline, so the geniuses more than decades of generations were gathered in this age.

In the past, one of them could be a giant that prevailed hundreds of years, and they all had the potential to become a Greater Power.

Only because this age was too special, there were more dazzling geniuses born, and the others were destined to be overwhelmed by them. The Great Age was a gratifying one, but also one where many geniuses became dimmed.

Once such a Great Age emerged, there would inevitably be a most powerful one. He would become a star of great attention, while the others could only be his foil.

He could defeat all the strongest cultivators of an era. The winner was eye-catching, the loser was stunned, and had to look up the winner for his entire life.

Now, the sect leaders had already foreseen an extremely powerful killing catastrophe in addition to the Path to Immortality in the Great Age. The future that Wang Bugui had seen was one of the many speculations.

"Let's see if this age is the path to immortality or to death!" The demonic soul looked at the picture with a long sigh.

In the space of the picture, the rest people were less than one third of the distance from the peach tree, merely three hundred steps. The foremost four people were already covered with horrible cracks and might be unable to hold on at any time.

Because the pressure had doubled. Every step they took was ten thousand pounds heavy. No one talked, because they had no extra strength.


After a hundred steps forward, the Reverend Qing Chan stopped. His primordial spirit could no longer support him to move on. He stood in the same place, watched Ning Zhe overtaking him, and quit the trial with a smile.

The tiny cracks that covered the bodies of Ning Zhe and Leng Yueyan were spreading while they continued to move on. After they gritted their teeth and moved a hundred steps forward, they finally stopped.

Deeply gazed at Wang Bugui who was still slowly moving, the two felt ups and downs in their hearts. Then they took back their sights and chose to withdraw from the trial.

"Ah! The little Taoist nun and the fake monk are also out!"

Yu Wude shouted, and everyone's eyes were shifted to the two. The two's Shen Tang was also injured. They spat out a little bit of blood. They were injured not as badly as other people.

"Now, only Wang Bugui, Sect Leader Leng, and Greater Power Yun are insisting!" Gu Xiaoyao lightly waved his folding fan.

"Amazing!" Lin Yang marveled.

Although everyone already knew that Wang Bugui was the strongest among the geniuses, they didn't expect he could achieve this level. He was able to match the two Greater Powers of the age, but nobody knew how long he could hold on.

At the moment, the last three people were ninety steps away from the peach tree. However, the pressure now had made them tremble. To simply lift their feet required almost full of their effort.

The three looked at each other and then slowly nodded, resolutely moving forward. It took them about a few minutes to move ten steps. And now the cracks on their primordial spirit had begun to expand.

After they took ten more steps, the four-direction divine beast behind them opened its eyes. Then, four beams of strong pressure came, staggering the three. After ten more steps with their teeth clenched, the qilin also opened its eyes, staring at the three coldly.

After ten more difficult steps, a roc opened its eyes. At this moment, their cracks on their bodies had been expanded a time more. They were already exhausted but still chose to continue.

Intermittently, the three finally took another ten steps, and there were still fifty steps away from the peach tree. Seeming at their fingertips, it was as far away as a hundred thousand miles in their eyes.

At this time, a real dragon and an immortal phoenix also opened their eyes.


The three were almost forced to kneel down. The cracks on them were enlarged another time more, and they were all gasping.

It seemed that these horrible scars would break their primordial spirit at any time. Leng Shuangrong and Yun Jinghong looked at each other. They knew it was their limit.

If they went one step further, they would be in danger, unless they activated the forbidden arts, but it was unworthy and would hurt them even more. Then they cast their eyes on Wang Bugui who seemed to want to be a little bit closer.

"Bugui, do you want to continue?" Yun Jinghong asked hardly.

"Master, if you can't hold on, just go out and wait for me. The pressure is determined according to the cultivation base, so the pressure you bear is much greater than me. Don't be stubborn." Wang Bugui frowned.

"But..." Yun Jinghong still wanted to say something but was stopped by Leng Shuangrong.

She shook her head gently and said, "Your disciple is not ordinary. Believe him! We can't move forward unless we use some forbidden arts. Don't lose more than gain!"

Wang Bugui also nodded. Seeing his firm eyes, Yun Jinghong didn't give more advice, just saying, "Don't take on more than you can cope with, and immediately withdraw if you are in danger!"

"Yes, Master!" Wang Bugui slightly smiled.

Then, Yun Jinghong and Leng Shuangrong withdrew from the trial together. People outside paid close attention. They saw two rays of golden lights flying out and piercing into the Shen Tang of the two Big Capables. They two snorted and then retreated two steps.

But the scars on their Shen Tang were not serious, and only a few drops of blood flew out. They were indeed Big Capables.

"Ah?! Wang Bugui is still holding on!"

Suddenly, Jin Zhan shouted, and everyone got to know that there was still a person didn't get out. They took a few steps back out of surprise, and their fine hair was erecting like needles.

"Wang Bugui is still insisting on the trial. He is too strong!" The Sect Leader of Zhenyang Sect cried.

"Is he a demon?!" Mu Wujian sighed to the sky.

"Our boss is indeed strong. Even the last two Big Capables are out, but he can still stick to it!" Zhao Changge was very excited.

"Or how can he becomes our boss?" Chu He also smiled. He was happy and proud to see his boss was so powerful.

His words had pleased all the members of the Blood Moon Hunters. They all cheered with jumps.

"Where did you stop?"

At this time, the demonic soul went to Yun Jinghong and Leng Shuangrong and asked.

"Where there are still fifty steps away from the peach tree!" Yun Jinghong frowned.

"Fifty steps? That is to say, Wang Bugui can get closer?!" Even the demonic soul was shocked. He didn't expect someone could reach so far in the Age of Dharma Decline.

Moreover, the one was just a sage! The demonic soul couldn't help but ask himself, "Is this still the Age of Dharma Decline?"

"There's such a person in the Age of Dharma Decline! Haha!"

The demonic soul thought for a while, and then laughed out loud. The people around him were puzzled what made him so happy.

Then the demonic soul looked at the picture again and seriously said, "If he can see the Queen Mother of the West, I, the Blood Demon King, is willing to honor him as the strongest prodigy in the age!"