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Chapter 184 Rare Anomalies

As the trainees made breakthroughs one after another, they were taken away from the Gang-producing Lake successively.

Up to now, only five trainees including Lun Xun, Bai Lingshi and Lee Duxing were still in cultivation.

This was the seventh day after they entered the Gang-producing Lake!

Over the past seven days, Lin Xun could not remember how much original Gang Qi he had absorbed. He was completely immersed in his cultivation.

Nature Insight & Spirit-Devour Scripture showed its unparalleled power. No matter how much original Gang Qi Lin absorbed, it would all be constantly refined into Lin’s spiritual power. The more, the better.

When time was nearly forgotten, Lin Xun felt that a burst of stabbing pain spread out from his chest, which even made his soul shiver.

Only then did he notice that the four acupoints of his cardiac vessel were mutating!

The four acupoints were Xuanji, Huagai, Zigong and Yutang, which were located in the center of the thoracic cavity. The four spiritual vortexes produced by Lin Xun in his practice were generated from these four acupoints.

These four acupoints protected Lin’s heart, forming a straight passage from top to bottom at the heart.

For ordinary practitioners, those four acupoints were not important at all, but for Lin Xun, his innate spiritual vein was hidden in the passage. So the four acupoints of cardiac vessel were special to him.

Thanks to the Gate to Heaven, Lin Xun had already succeeded in “changing his destiny” though his spiritual vein was dug away long ago, and the four spiritual vortexes gave Lin Xun extraordinary advantages in his cultivation.

But now the four acupoints were mutating!

The four spiritual vortexes became much more agitated, and revolved at an unprecedented speed.

The stabbing pain was caused by the change.

Lin couldn't tell whether it was good or bad, and he couldn't even control them. He was afraid that once he stopped cultivating, the four spiritual vortexes would collapse in an instant!

He could only try to keep himself calm and control the cultivating speed of Nature Insight & Spirit-Devour Scripture to make sure he wouldn’t get possessed.

But as time went on, the pain became stronger and stronger, and there was a feeling that his heart would be torn apart.


When Lin Xun could hardly bear the severe pain, a kind of terribly strong force suddenly spread out of the four acupoints.

In an instant, the four spiritual vortexes intermingled with each other, forming a new vortex over the cardiac vessel!

This vortex covered Xuanji, Huagai, Zigong and Yutang, as if it were born there like a giant abyss.

It didn’t rotate fast but steadily, generating a kind of terrible devouring power. And the original Gang Qi constantly absorbed in was like paper being crushed into powders and totally refined!

Compared with that of the new one, the refining ability of the four spiritual vortexes was nothing.

In just a moment, the splitting pain disappeared. A kind of soothing and comfortable feeling permeated his whole body instead.

Till now Lin Xun started to believe that the four spiritual vortexes had advanced to a new level after the mutation!

A new spiritual vortex that could devour all spiritual power was perfectly united with his four acupoints!

What was most unexpected was that this change triggered a series of changes in Lun Xun’s body.

Lin Xun's strength grew constantly; the original Gang Qi he absorbed kept being refined, and perfectly integrated with his spiritual power.

Meanwhile, his muscles, bones, skin, and blood kept absorbing and refining the original Gang Qi.

In the sea of his consciousness, the blurred spiritual stars in the gloomy sky were being lighted up!

Spiritual star represented the power of the soul.

In the past, it would cost Lin Xun a lot of effort and time to light up a spiritual star. It had been more than a year since he began to practice Meditating Magic, but he only lighted up eight of them.

And now the spiritual stars in the sea of his consciousness were being lighted up at an amazing speed. 9, 10, 11, 12…

And in Lin’s abdominal Ocean of Qi, something kept making a noise with a heartbeat-like rhythm. Pit-a-pat, pit-a-pat… It was like something was going to be born.

These signs showed that Lin Xu was going to advance to a new level soon enough.


Light shimmered on optical screen in the camp.

“Lee Duxing is making a breakthrough!” said Shu Sanqi in a deep voice, with his eyes twinkling, but did not even blink.

All the other drillmasters were wearing the same face.

As they could see, over Lee’s head rose dreamlike mists, which seemed gentle but actually sharp and dazzling.

Gradually, the mists gathered and turned into a golden light like a black sword with sharp edges, and its momentum was about to break the sky!

Shu Sanqi was stunned and his heart began to beat much faster.

Other drillmasters were also shocked and couldn’t remain calm anymore.

Sword of Dark Night!

This was a rare first-class Pond of Spiritual Power, a gift that had been extinct for thousands of years in the history of the empire!

Until anomalies disappeared, they began to come to their sense. Looking at each other, they could notice the shock deep in their eyes.

“Thousands of years ago, the legendary Swords’ Servant in Heiyao Shrine generated the Sword of Dark Night when he broke through into Gang Spirit Realm, right?” a drillmaster whispered with complicated emotions.

Heiyao Shrine!

Swords’ Servant thousands of years ago!

A legend that had spread for thousands of years struck everyone’s mind. A mysterious man helped the founder of the empire expand territories with his sword.

This mysterious man named himself Swords’ Servant, and he committed himself to Sword Art all his life. The legend about him circulated in the world, but nobody knew his background was Heiyao Shrine.

“I have a feeling that Lee will be spotted by Heiyao Shrine when he leaves the camp,” somebody sighed.

“That's a sure thing, but...”

Shu Sanqi frowned. He was a little afraid of Heiyao Shrine, because it was a giant in the dark world of the empire, mysterious, bloodthirsty and cruel.

Shu Sanqi did not want Lee to get involved with Heiyao Shrine, but he also knew that was unrealistic. When Lee left the Bloodthirsty Camp, he would be the first one to be noticed by Heiyao Shrine.

Lee’s Pond of Spiritual Power was too special!

At this time, another trainee made a breakthrough, drawing everyone's attention. It was neither Lin Xun nor Bai Lingshi, but someone called Huang Feijia.

After Huang Feijia, two other trainees also made breakthroughs. It was a pity that the three of them all generated the second-class Pond of Spiritual Power, which a little bit disappointed Shu Sanqi and other drillmasters.

Originally, the longer time the trainees held on in Gang-producing Lake, the more possible they could generate the first-class Pond of Spiritual Power. But it turned out to be wrong.

Now only Lin Xun and Bai Lingshi were still in the Gang-producing Lake.

They were the most promising trainees in all the drillmasters’ hearts. But in comparison, they preferred Bai Lingshi.

At this moment, Young Man was quite nervous. She totally focused her gaze on Lin Xun and was in no mood to argue with other drillmasters.

Young Ke's beautiful white face was still as calm as ever, but she obviously paid more attention to Lin Xun at this time.

After all, Lin Xun was trained by her. After a year's companionship, they had been friends. Of course, she’d care about Lin Xun more.

As for Bai Lingshi, Young Ke knew this girl with talent property of Starshine Eternal was destined to generate the first-class Pond of Spiritual Power. What was unknown was just what kind of Pond of Spiritual Power she would generate.

To everyone's surprise, two days had passed, But neither Lin Xun nor Bai Lingshi showed a sigh of making a breakthrough.

When everyone was getting a little impatient, suddenly Bai Lingshi’s body shook! They all cheered up immediately and cast their eyes onto her.


Over Gang-producing Lake, there came a terrible shake as if the heavens were about to collapse, and its momentum was terrible.

Only a moment later, Shu Sanqi and the other drillmasters felt kind of stabbing pains in their eyes and then couldn’t see anything. And when they regained their eyesight, they saw thousands of bright stars appeared in the sky, just like a universe suddenly showed up!

Stars appeared in the daytime, illuminating the whole universe! All people present were aghast on seeing such a scene.

No one had ever heard of such kind of anomalies when someone made a breakthrough!

This also made Shu Sanqi unable to distinguish what Pond of Spiritual Power Bai Lingshi had generated, but there was no doubt that it must be the first-class Pond of Spiritual Power.

Shu Sanqi had a feeling that the Pond of Spiritual Power Bai Lingshi generated seemed to be more powerful than all the others’ first-class Pond of Spiritual Power.

“Chief, should it be... Super Pond of Spiritual Power?” stammered a drillmaster.

His words pierced everyone’s heart like a sword.

In legend, beyond the first-class Pond of Spiritual Power was the Super Pond of Spiritual Power, which was the perfect pond of spiritual power in the world. Only those god’s favored talents had a chance to own it.

But that was only a legend. No one had ever proved it till now.

“It’s impossible! How can you take such bullshit seriously?” many drillmasters refuted.

“What do you think, Chief?” someone asked Shu Sanqi.

Everyone turned to him, waiting for his answer.

But Shu Sanqi seemed to think of something at this moment, frowning and falling into silence.