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Chapter 185 World-shocking Change

The silence of Shu Sanqi made other drillmasters feel confused and not know what on earth he was thinking about.

Soon Shu Sanqi said, “Decades of years ago, I once went to the Green-deer School to visit a friend, and accidentally heard my friend mention the founder of the empire actually owned a super pool of spiritual power called the Four Holy Souls, and around the pool, there existed the phantoms of four kinds of mythical creatures, namely Green-dragon, White-tiger, Rosefinch and Snake-tortoise…”

Many drillmasters failed to stay calm even before Shu Sanqi finished his words, and couldn’t help asking if it was true, because it meant in the world actually existed the super-class Pond of Spiritual Power.

“My friend has always been steady. He mentioned the stuff by accident after he was drunk. When I intended to confirm it later, my friend refused to talk about it any more, said it was just a rumor and asked me not to take it seriously,” Shu Sanqi continued.

The crowd of drillmasters all felt surprised and suspicious.

“But anyway, the Pond of Spiritual Power Bai Lingshi generated this time is definitely extraordinary, and it looks seemingly different from other first-class Pond of Spiritual Power, about which we don’t have to make too many conjectures.”

The words of Shu Sanqi couldn’t disperse the confusion of the other drillmasters.

But they were all clear they would violate the taboo if they paid too much attention to the cultivation secret of Bai Lingshi.


Suddenly, when Young Man cast a casual glance on the optical screen, her eyes got widened, and she said in a surprised tone, “How could it be?”

Shu Sanqi and other fellows got alert in the hearts, and when they looked at the screen, they found, in the Gang-producing Lake, Bai Lingshi had already gone, leaving Lin Xun meditating on his stone platform alone.

However, the water of the Gang-producing Lake was disappearing at a speed that you could notice with your eyes, and the surface of the lake thereupon was sinking continuously, which made Shu Sanqi and the others feel shocked, since what was gathered in the lake was actually the purest original Gang Qi, and it had taken years to have such a large scale.

But now the original Gang Qi was disappearing at a surprising speed!

How could it be?

All people present looked different in a flash. If the Gang-producing Lake disappeared completely this time, the Blood-thirsty Camp would have no necessity to exist anymore!

“Could it be possible that the anomalies caused by Bai Lingshi when she made a breakthrough were so amazing that it led to this?”

“No way! Have you ever witnessed the promotion of someone could lead to such a change?” somebody retorted.

“Could it be possible that it might have something to do with Lin Xun?”

When someone put forward the suspicion, many drillmasters couldn’t help looking at Lin Xun, and found Lin was cultivating alone. His breath was as calm as the peaceful ocean all over, and not a single hint of unusualness was found on Lin’s body.

But the more ordinary Lin Xun performed at the moment, the more unusual they felt. They all thought that Lin Xun shouldn’t have behaved like this, since he had cultivated for nine days and still had no sigh of making a breakthrough. Was it normal?

But it appeared to be too absurd to say Lin Xun had something to do with the abnormal change of the Gang-producing Lake, and no one dared to confirm.

Just when Shu Sanqi and other guys present felt shocked and confused, the surface of the lake sank even deeper. No one was clear about how much original Gang Qi had disappeared. If the situation went on, the consequence would be severe.

Shu Sanqi and other guys all looked solemn, and they even didn’t get time to pay attention to Lin Xun any longer.

Just at this moment, an earthshaking boom burst out suddenly from the body of Lin Xun who was cultivating, with the power to sweep the whole place.

Boom! The place where the lake was located looked as if it had been struck by a terrifying windstorm, which made everything on the spot get disordered.

With the buzz of the Spiritual Projector, the optical screen it produced began to shake violently at the moment, and the scene it displayed just became blurred and twisted, which made it impossible to discern clearly what was happening in the Gang-producing Lake.

“Let’s go and have a look!”

The figure of Shu Sanqi flashed, and disappeared in an instant.

Obviously, Shu couldn’t hold back the suspicion in the heart, or keep calm any more. He couldn’t wait to find out the truth.

Other drillmasters also realized what was happening, and followed him quickly.

Those abnormal changes happened so fast that they even had no time to react. If something irretrievable happened to the Gang-producing Lake, none of them could take the responsibility.

When Shu Sanqi and other drillmasters arrived, they got stunned by what they saw.

The Gang-producing Lake almost dried up, with only a thin layer of water there, and rocks at the bottom of the lake were mostly exposed.

It was the liquid of the original Gang Qi, instead of ordinary water. Now most of the liquid disappeared, which made Shu Sanqi and other drillmasters feel like their hearts were bleeding.

How could it be?

Most drillmasters cast their eyes on the last stone platform over the lake, on which Lin Xun was struggling to get up awkwardly. With his clothes torn into pieces and his hair disheveled, Lin Xun looked as if he had been affected by the explosion just now.

But he didn’t get hurt.

Was there any connection between the lad shabby in dress and the Gang-producing Lake nearly drying up?

No one could make sure what had happened just now, since the scene was just too unimaginably queer. It looked as if the entire Gang-producing Lake had exploded, which made people feel frightened and confused.

Such kind of thing had never happened before.

Young Man couldn’t help asking Lin Xun anxiously, “You little jerk, have you made the breakthrough?”

Lin Xun nodded, “Yes, I was so luck.”

Lin looked a little bit strange now. With his eyes looking vacant, Lin seemed to be thinking about something hard to resolve.

Young Man felt relieved at once, and said, “That’s great. That’s be great…”.

“Young Man, you take him out of here first. I’ve got something to ask him later,” said Shu Sanqi, in a very strict tone.

“H’m,” Young Man responded. Glaring at Lin Xun with her beautiful eyes, she said angrily, “What are you waiting for? Come with me.”

“Ah,” Lin Xun looked as if he just woke up. In an instant, he was already at the edge of the lake. And the moment he stepped on the ground, he heard a boom, then the solid ground sank and showed a clear shape of footprint, with dusts rising.

All the drillmasters got a lip tic and stared at Lin Xun as if he was a monster.

Even Lin Xun himself felt surprised, and a little embarrassed.

“You guys are just too fussy. Lin just reached Human-gang Realm, and it is normal for him to fail to control his power, isn’t it?”

Young Man rolled her eyes upwards and then dragged Lin Xun’s arm to leave.

“Normal? The ground is made of refined gold steel stones, and is rather tough. The ordinary practitioners of Human-gang Realm can hardly shake it even a tiny bit! You call this ‘normal’?” a drillmaster muttered.

“Is he really an ordinary practitioner in Human-gang Realm? Maybe it is normal for a monster like him,” another drillmaster chuckled.

“Fortunately, the foundation of the lake hasn’t been destroyed. So as time goes by, it will collect the original Gang Qi gradually. But it might take a very long time to restore to the original scale.”

By the time, Shu Sanqi had carefully checked the condition of the Gang-producing Lake. Although he didn’t know for sure what had caused the explosion, he could see the lake was not damaged.

Hearing what Shu said, other drillmasters felt relieved in the hearts, but looking at the disordered scene, they spontaneously felt a little hurt in the heart.”

It was once a God-given place, but now its quintessence had completely dried up. There was only a thin layer of Gang Qi left, and the loss was too huge!

“Chief, what on earth has happened?” someone couldn’t help asking.

After thinking for a moment, Shu Sanqi said, “I’ll go to ask Lin Xun. Maybe I can find some clues, or the answer.”

When he spoke, there was kind of strange feeling in his tone.

Other drillmasters all felt surprised. Could it be possible that all these abnormal phenomena really had something to do with Lin’s promotion?

In an inner sanctum in the camp, Lin Xun changed a new suit of clothes, and sat there, meditating. But he was in a trance, absent-minded.

How could it be?

It was the biggest question in his heart after the promotion.

Indeed, he made the breakthrough smoothly, and furthermore, he had managed to create his own Pond of Spiritual Power in the Ocean of Qi.

But his Pond of Spiritual Power was too special. It was a giant windstorm vortex!

The vortex glowed azure which was as crystal clear as the lake, and it just kept rotating, spouting wisps of refined and pure Gang Qi.

The windstorm vortex meant unsteadiness.

What was more, it was generated in the Ocean of Qi. Once it broke down, the Ocean of Qi would be torn into pieces immediately, which would bring irreparable damage to the body!

But that was not what concerned Lin Xun most, because through his careful observation, he found although the vortex-like Pond of Spiritual Power kept rotating, it was just as steady as Mount Tai.

Lin Xun got an illusion that his Ocean of Qi was like a bottomless abyss, and his Pond of Spiritual Power was just a windstorm vortex created in the bottomless abyss, with kind of imposing momentum to devour the whole universe.

What kind of Pond of Spiritual Power it was?

Lin Xun didn’t know, either.

The most unimaginable thing was that when Lin used the Nature Insight & Spirit-Devour Scripture, a shocking change would happen in his body, with the Pond of Spiritual Power serving as the core.

At this point, there was the sound of footsteps, which made Lin Xun woke up from the messy thoughts.

Shu Sanqi pushed the door open and came in. Casting a glance at Lin who was sitting up there, Shu sat directly on the opposite side of Lin, with his once sharp eyes looking rarely calm without any threatening power.

After looking at Lin Xun silently for a moment, Shu said, “You have sensed the unexpected thing too, haven’t you?”

Lin Xun nodded, “I am also surprised.”

Shu said, “Do you have anything to do with it?”

Having been in silence for a moment, Lin Xun laughed bitterly, “I’m not sure, either. I was concentrating myself on the breakthrough, and totally didn’t notice how such a severe change happened in the Gang-producing Lake.”

Shu frowned, and after thinking for a moment, he said, “If possible, can I check your Pond of Spiritual Power?’

The request had obviously violated a taboo. After all, Ocean of Qi was the most private cultivation foundation of a practitioner.

Shu Sanqi knew it clearly, so he sounded calm, and even got prepared for being rejected.

But surprisingly, Lin Xun agreed without any hesitation, and smiled, “It’s for the best. I am also wondering what’s the matter with the Pond of Spiritual Power I have just generated.”

Shu got surprised, and after looking at Lin Xun meaningfully, He said, “Trust me! Whatever the result is, I’ll keep it a secret for you.”