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Chapter 186 Eye of the Windstorm

Eye of the Windstorm!

This name lingered in Lin’s mind as he found his way out of the inner sanctum.

This was Shu Sanqi’s final answer after a careful investigation of more than an hour.

Lin still remembered the undisguised perplexity in Shu’s eyes when he said the name just now. Apparently, Shu Sanqi was not sure of it, either.

In fact, Lin had already had his own answer in his mind. He was certain that though the Pond of Spiritual Power he generated was similar to the legendary first-class Pond of Spiritual Power, Eye of the Windstorm, there were some fundamental differences!

It was because when he ran Nature Insight & Spirit-Devour Scripture in cultivation, not only his Pond of Spiritual Power but also the brand-new spiritual vortex covering the four acupoints of his cardiac vessel would produce a kind of horrible whirling force.

The two completely different vortexes, with one above the other and one whirling clockwise while the other whirling anticlockwise, created a unique and wonderful change.

Spiritual Gang Power all around his body would be refined again and again between the two vortexes like two millstones, one above another, were crushing grains. The refining power just couldn’t be more appalling!

And this not only allowed Lin to absorb greater power but also helped refine the purest quality of Gang Qi in cultivation!

This was the biggest change that reaching Human-gang Realm and generating the Pond of Spiritual Power had brought to him!

But Lin didn’t mention this when Shu Sanqi investigated Lin’s Ocean of Qi just now, because it was related to the secret of the spiritual vein taken away from him, which couldn’t be known by others.

It was at dusk, with a spectacular sunset.

After getting out of the sanctum, Lin went straight to Camp 39.

Lin had just reached Human-gang Realm and the strength all over his body had undergone an earthshaking transformation. He must try to adapt to the brand-new power as soon as possible.

The Human-gang Realm was the first level of Gang Spirit Realm. Reaching this level meant the true beginning of the road of being a real practitioner and he had become totally different from practitioners of the Martial Realm.

If the brand-new realm and power were not familiarized and controlled at early time, the future cultivation would be affected.


After Lin left, Shu Sanqi sat alone in the sanctum for a long time.

At last, he took out a jade scroll made from special spiritual materials and turned directly to the last blank page.


He used his fingertip like a sharp knife to carve a line on it, “Lin Xun, 14 years old, owns first-class Pond of Spiritual Power, Eye of the Windstorm.”

After writing it, Shu Sanqi frowned, looking a little bit dissatisfied, and couldn’t help heaving a light sigh. He inexplicably remembered the scene when he investigated Lin’s Ocean of Qi just now.

At that time, he carefully explored with perception power, only to find a unique windstorm vortex-like Pond of Spiritual Power in Lin’s Ocean of Qi.

But as he intended to go deeper in the Pond of Spiritual Power, an indescribable throb struck him, as if in the depths of that Pond of Spiritual Power was a kind of mysterious power which was strong enough to even make him dread.

This surprised Shu Sanqi. After thinking over and over again, he gave up the intention of further investigation.

He was clear that this was Lin’s own secret. Even if it might have a connection with the upheaval of the Gang-producing Lake, there was no need to continue to investigate.

The upheaval had happened and could not be retrieved. Even if he proved that Lin was related to it, what could be done?

Lin knew that his Pond of Spiritual Power was not Eye of the Windstorm. So how could Shu Sanqi not know it?


Shu Sanqi did not intend to leak it out. There were already too many special things about Lin Xun. His achievement on spiritual tattoos would solely shock the world. If people got to know that Lin had an enigmatic Pond of Spiritual Power when breaking through the Martial Realm, it would be a disaster for Lin.

Shu Sanqi was very clear that once this was noticed by those big shots of the empire, Lin’s future would probably be not under his own control.

What gave Shu a headache was that even if Lin’s Pond of Spiritual Power was recorded as Eye of the Windstorm, it would still attract many eyes.

It was because Eye of the Windstorm was also a first-class Pond of Spiritual Power; it was quite rare and hadn’t showed up for hundreds of years.

“This brat is really a freak. Other people would damn like to own a top advantage in order to stand out. Well, look at him. He’s full of top advantages but needs me to do everything to help keep them from others. Who has ever seen such a man?”

In the end, Shu Sanqi had a bitter smile, shaking his head, and refused to think any more. After putting away the jade scroll, he got up and left the sanctum.

The jade scroll was very important. On it were recorded the last thirty trainees’ final grades of the assessment. It wouldn’t take long before it appeared in the hands of those real top big shots of the Forbidden City.

No matter how reluctant he was, Shu Sanqi must handle things fairly as it was the irresistible will of the empire and the Bloodthirsty Camp!

As for the evaluation of Lin, Shu Sanqi described concisely. There was nothing more than the four words - “Eye of the Windstorm”.

Shu Sanqi only hoped Lin could understand him when Lin truly grew up. By doing so, Shu just wanted to cultivate real talents for the empire!

Outside Camp 39.

When Lin returned, he was surprised to find that a graceful figure had already been waiting there.

Bai Lingshi!

This beautiful girl, with an ethereal air, was only at the age of thirteen or fourteen. But she already showed elegance and talent which topped the whole empire.

Such a person was destined to be a pillar of the empire in the future and would be dazzling as sunlight, attracting countless eyes.

Although she was now only a trainee of the Bloodthirsty Camp, her wisdom, beauty, strength and gift had made her exceed other trainees long ago and had made them completely convinced.

The setting sun, like fire, glowed glittering gold, plating a layer of holy and ethereal lustre all over Bai Lingshi’s body.

Her black hair was gently swaying in the breeze. On her beautiful fair face were the same delicate beauty and tranquility as often. She got bright eyes, as if a faery walking out of the paintings; she didn’t seem to exist in the real world.

The setting sun in the colour of blood, the girl dressed in white, and the golden dessert in the distance together formed a quiet and amazingly fantastic scene.

Shortly stunned, Lin suddenly remembered he had promised Bai Lingshi a challenge before entering the Gang-producing Lake.

“Which class?”

Bai Lingshi turned around and asked Lin concisely, staring at him. She waited here just to ascertain the result.

“First class.”

After a little thought, Lin answered.

Bai Lingshi was silent for a moment and then said, “You win me on the time of cultivation. But I win you on the class of Pond of Spiritual Power.”

Lin was instantly rendered shocked. Was there really the Pond of Spiritual Power which was more powerful than first-class Pond of Spiritual Power?

“We are neck and neck this time. But I hope that next time we see each other, it can be set who is more powerful.”

Bai Lingshi said seriously, and then turned and walked away.

With sleeves fluttering, she walked under the spectacular sunset and was bathed in the dreamlike lustre.

“Don’t tell others about my Pond of Spiritual Power.”

It was the last time Lin saw Bai Lingshi in the Bloodthirsty Camp. This girl with an elusive character left the Bloodthirsty Camp that night.

What confused Lin was that he still didn’t understand why Bai Lingshi treated him in such a strange way.

Yet, Lin was surprised at the high class of Pond of Spiritual Power Bai Lingshi had generated.

“Well, I’ll take it that you win,” Lin smiled and then, he turned and walked into the camp.

Were they really neck and neck in this challenge?

At least Lin thought the Pond of Spiritual Power he generated should not be inferior to Bai Lingshi’s!

The only reason why he was surprised was that he was finally sure of one thing, and that was that the Pond of Spiritual Power more special than the first-class indeed existed in the world!

As for the challenge, Lin actually didn’t care. Bai Lingshi had her own road of cultivation and Lin Xun also had his own. It was obviously too early to decide a winner in them on cultivation now.


Lin froze the instant he entered the camp.

There was a large table, with dishes and fruits on it, in the middle of the camp, and more than ten jars of wine on the ground.

The dinner was rich and delicious.

The wine was obviously ripe, and tasted fragrant.

Shi Yu, Ning Meng and Gong Ming were sitting around the table right now.

At the sight of Lin Xun, Ning Meng stood up immediately and yelled, “Good boy, you made us wait for you for so long. Well, you need to drink three bowls of wine as punishment at first!”

While speaking, Ning held up the jar and poured three bowls of wine.

Lin was at a loss, “What do you want?”

“Drink your wine first,” Shi Yu said smilingly.

“Ha ha, drink, drink,” Gong Ming also laughed.

Before Lin figured it out, Ning directly slipped him a bowl of wine and cried, “Cut the crap. Drink! Let’s get hammered!”

Seeing what was going on, Lin knew he had to drink. He, however, directly drank three bowls of wine. Without asking them more questions, he slumped down in the chair before the table and laughed, “Drinking, huh? Come on. I’ll keep you guys company to the end. Whoever uses the spiritual energy is son of a bitch!”

Seeing Lin turn from a guest into a host, they were all not convinced, and clamored.

Then they started drinking.

When drinking with a bosom friend, a thousand cups would still be too little. The four lads, throwing off care, began a drinking spree against the setting sun.

One bowl after another, one jar after another.

Lin had never drunk like this before. Later he only felt a sense of swelling and dizziness.

But he felt ineffable happiness in his heart.

In the end, he found in a daze that Lee Duxing was dragged over from somewhere by Ning. Lee was very reluctant but Ning was already heavily drunk and didn’t pay attention to it at all. Ning Meng managed to keep Lee stay in a deceitful and forceful way and drank with Lee again and again.

It wasn’t long before Lin saw Lee’s body swayed, then his head flopped onto the table and he fell asleep, which aroused a burst of laughter.

Their drunken laughter spread in the dark of the night, sounding noisy but so cosy and wonderful.