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Chapter 155 Amrita Saint Pearl

After three minutes, the battle ended.

Lin Xun suffered a few more wounds. The one on his shoulder was the most serious. However, since Lin had finished nearly half a year's training in the Bloodthirsty Camp, such injuries were nothing to him.

His clothes were stained with blood, most of which was enemies’. The bloodstains on his clothes and his cold handsome face gave him a kind of formidable momentum.

The blood was dripping down the blade, and dead bodies of the enemies were scattered everywhere in blood.

However, Lin Xun's hatred and anger hadn’t cooled therefore.

They ate people!

They were no different from beasts!

When he saw the cruelties of these barbarians to the imperial soldiers, Lin Xun had treated the barbarians as beasts.

Suddenly, a great cheer broke the silence.

The imprisoned imperial soldiers were all awoke from the shock, and they could not help but cheer with excitement for their survival.

Everyone's face was full of excitement, gratitude or some other feelings.

They knew that they were finally saved after a nightmare!

Seeing this scene, Lin Xun was not happy at all.

How large the Demon-cloud Ridge was and how many years had the battle between the empire and the Voodoo-barbarian Tribe lasted? How many similar things had happened in these years? How could it be an event with low probability?

Even, at this moment, the similar thing might be happening in every other place where the barbarians existed!

Lin Xun also knew that this was war, which was destined to be cruel. What he needed to do was to adapt to the environment and fight against the enemies.


A moment later, under Lin Xun's arrangement, more than twenty trapped imperial soldiers helped each other and left the camp.

But Lin remained here.

This temporary camp, which was built by the voodoo-barbarians, contained a lot of minerals and spiritual materials, as well as some bows, swords and other weapons.

Lin Xun began to wipe out the camp. First, he cut off the “Totem Barbarian Tattoos” from the 23 barbarians he killed. Then he began to pick out the weapons that could be used, as well as the spiritual fruits and medicines that could supply spiritual power.

At last, Lin Xun hung the bodies of barbarians up on sharp wooden stakes like scarecrows exposed to the wind.

It was cruel, but it was a silent deterrent and warning.

What was it?

When Lin Xun hung the body of the last ninth-level barbarian slave up on a sharp stake, a bead suddenly fell out of the body's mouth.

The bead was pigeon-egg-sized, glittering and translucent, with a touch of magical blue. Inside the bead, a kind of tremendous energy rolled like tides, sending out mysterious momentum.

Lin Xun picked it up and put it in his hand. Suddenly, he felt a kind of cold energy was penetrating into his body. He couldn't help shivering for a moment. Even the internal power of his body seemed to be frozen and there was a hint of stagnation.

What a fantastic bead!

Lin Xun narrowed his eyes. This bead should be a treasure, but what was the use of it? Lin Xun could not find it out for a while.

Looking at the corpse of that ninth-level barbarian slave, Lin vaguely remembered that he seemed a leader of the camp.

The treasure owned by such barbarians should not be ordinary.

Lin Xun put this mysterious blue bead into the storage ring after thinking, intending to study it carefully in the future.

All this was done, Lin Xun packed the trophies up, and left the camp quietly.

Less than a quarter of an hour after Lin Xun's departure, the seven ninth-level barbarian slaves who had left the camp returned, and they were accompanied by an old barbarian dressed in outlandish clothes.

The old barbarian was swarthy and thin as a rake, holding a bone cane made of the tusk of a fierce beast. If someone who knew voodoo-barbarians well saw the old barbarian, he would recognize that the old guy was wearing the unique costume of “Totem Flamen”, which represented a transcendent status and unusual identity.

When they returned to the camp and saw the corpses hung up on the stakes, they were instantly filled with anger and burst out curses.

“Quill Flamen, they all dead... It should be done by the overmatches of mankind,” a barbarian explored the camp and said with a furious expression.

“Good-for-nothings!” the old barbarian called Quill Flamen, scolded the other barbarians, “What are you waiting for? Go and find the Braton!”


Those barbarians were in a daze, and then their expressions altered drastically after they realized something. They acted together and soon found a corpse, the middle-aged leader of the camp.

“No! Amrita Saint Pearl of our branch disappeared!” a barbarian cried out after he pried the mouth of Braton open and examined it carefully.

Quill Flamen was shocked, and his eyes burst with terrifying blue luster. He strode toward the corpse, inserting the bone cane into the heart of the corpse.


Circles of blue light went along the bone cane into the corpse, and it seemed to explore something.

After a long time, Quill Flamen took back his cane, with his forehead covered with sweat and his face a little pale.

“Trash! You’re all trash!”

Quill Flamen roared, “Do you know how much we Water Barbarians have paid for this treasure! We finally succeeded in recapturing it from the human race, but now the thing is screwed up by you idiots. Your sin... is absolutely unforgivable!”

Seven barbarian slaves looked panic-stricken and prostrated themselves before Quill Flamen, kowtowing constantly.

They didn’t expect that such an accident would happen because everything was so secret. In order to safely transport the treasure back, they chose the Demon-cloud Ridge’s with complicated terrain as the transportation route. And they dared not let powerful barbarians escort the treasure, because it might attract the attention of human overmatches.

Who ever thought that the last thing they wanted to see happened?

What should they do?

At the thought of the branch’s sacred treasure had been taken back by human race because of their negligence, these barbarians were in a state of fear and uneasiness.

If the big shots decided to punish them, nobody could live!

“Quill Flamen, according to my investigation, the battle just ended, and the murderer should only be one person due to the traces left in the scene; if we get cracking to find the murder, maybe we can recover the treasure!”

A barbarian took a deep breath and said in a low voice.

“Get a move on!” Quill Flamen jabbed his bone cane onto the ground and roared.

Seven barbarians immediately launched action in different directions, searching around carefully.

“What a bunch of useless fools!” Quill Flamen scolded again.

In spite of his anger, he couldn't think of a better way. All he could do was just waiting and hoping they could find useful clues for helping them to recover the treasure as soon as possible.

Amrita Saint Pearl!

This was a sacred treasure of Water Barbarian Branch! It had been occupied by human beings for hundreds of years. They finally got it back. How could they lose it again?

Absolutely they couldn’t!


Holding a spear, a barbarian flew over a low hill behind the camp. A smell of blood poured into his nose suddenly when he was about to reach the top of the hill; with his eyes narrowing, he glanced at the direction where the smell came.

There was a heap of rocks, from which the smell came.

The barbarian’s eyes were full of ferocity and he cautiously came up with his spear, but to his surprise, there was only a bloody amputated hand behind the heap of rocks.


This was a trap!

The barbarian was alert to the danger, trying to leave, but a saber had pierced his heart at the moment when his back felt cold.

“Oh...” the barbarian’s eyes bulged and he wanted to call for help, but he could only make a weak sound, and finally collapsed and died.

Behind him, Lin Xun appeared like a ghost. He brandished his saber, and peeled off the “Totem Barbarian Tattoo” from the chest of this barbarian.

Lin Xun glanced at the distance, then jumped up and flew in another direction.

Quill Flamen was walking around the camp, restless inexplicably. He felt that something bad was about to happen.

But he did not dare to leave. He was a “Totem Flamen”. Although his position was high, he was not good at fighting.

He did not notice that a figure was quietly approaching the camp from the nearby canyon at this moment.


The whistle of an arrow broke the dead silence in the camp. Quill Flamen escaped Lin’s attack by his subconscious. A sharp arrow brushed past his scalp, penetrated into the ground and raised a cloud of dust and grit.

Quill Flamen fell on the ground. When he touched his head, his fingers were covered with blood, which sent a chill down her spine. If he had dodged a little slowly just now, he might…

“Here is the murderer!” he roared in horror, got to his feet, turned and ran in the direction opposite Lin Xun.

In the shadow of a nearby canyon, Lin Xun frowned and knew that the opportunity was missed. He put away his bow and turned away without hesitation.

Before long, the six barbarians who had just been scattered to search Lin returned, and when they saw Quill Flamen who was in a fluster, they all panicked.

“Go and catch him! That damn human fled that way!” Quill Flamen pointed to the direction, and his thin face was full of grudges.

“Shrizen, you three stay with Quill Flamen just in case of unexpected occurrences. We three go after that murder.”

A fierce-looking scarred man murmured his orders.

“Brother Lek, Moko hasn't come back yet,” one barbarian was worried.

“He should have been unable to come back.”

The barbarian Lek’s face, with a scar, was full of hatred, “This opponent is very cunning. He should be a strong young man from the Bloodthirsty Camp of Ziyao Empire. Nowadays in Demon-cloud Ridge, only these young people can do this. We must be careful!”

After that, three barbarians were left, and he left with the other two.

“No matter how much it costs, we must take back our sacred treasure!!” Quill Flamen roared behind them, and his scalp was still bleeding, which made him look horrible.