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Chapter 112 Tailender of Camp 39

The Condensate Pill contained great spiritual power. Ning Meng had reminded Lin Xun during dinner that with the cultivation of the sixth level of Martial Realm, Lin might have a feeling of distending pain when he refined the pill for the first time and needed to endure and refine it little by little.

This was easy to understand. It was harmful for people in cultivation to consume so precious pills, because people with low-level cultivation couldn’t absorb such great spiritual power of these pills. Even if they consumed one, the power of this pill would escape from the body and be wasted.

Lin Xun didn't care much about this, but in refining the pill, he still paid a lot of attention.

But what made Lin Xin amazed was that only after one quarter, he had absorbed the Condensate Pill completely, and he didn’t feel satiety, let alone distending pain.

And this discovery also made Lin Xun come to the conclusion that it didn’t mean Ning Meng's warning was wrong, and it was just because his body now had become abnormal with the four spiritual vortexes!

Lin Xun even had a strong feeling that even if he consumed ten Condensate Pills at a time, he might be able to absorb them completely.

"I used to own the spiritual vein 'Devouring Abyss'. Although it was taken away long ago, now four spiritual vortexes appeared in the four acupoints of my cardiac vessel. Perhaps, the four spiritual vortexes make me own a special talent that nobody else can have..."

Lin Xun was feeling the changes in his body and lost in thought.

Hearing the secrets about the “talent property” from Ning Meng, Lin Xun began to observe his body for the first time.

It had indeed changed, without any sequelae of previous trauma. The four spiritual vortexes had made himself completely different from other practitioners in cultivation.

Was this also a unique kind of talent property?

Lin had no idea, but what he really knew was that the four spiritual vortexes in four acupoints of his cardiac vessel were harmful to his cultivation; besides, he had got the power that ordinary practitioners couldn’t have!

At least for now, in terms of quality of spiritual energy, nobody could be comparable to Lin Xun, neither did Ning Meng.

Lin Xun had a few close fights with Ning Meng in the daytime, and he could feel himself clearly. Although his spiritual energy and experience were far less than Ning Meng’s, in terms of the quality of spiritual energy, Lin completely suppressed Ning. If not, Lin Xun would not be able to show such extraordinary tenacity in the fights with Ning Meng.

The higher the spiritual energy quality was, the greater the power would be, which was a common view of practitioners.

During the fights, Ning Meng was shocked by Lin’s tenacity. Ning said that he began to suppress the realm four years ago, and tempered his spiritual energy quality step by step. He thought that the quality of spiritual energy he possessed today was good enough. But now he should not match Lin Xun in this aspect, which made Ning Meng puzzled.

Ning Meng fawned on Lin Xun and wondered how Lin could do that, but Lin Xun had been beaten black and blue at that time and was unwilling to respond to Ning’s question.

However, this also proved that just because of the four spiritual vortexes in his body, Lin Xun had indeed become completely different from the other practitioners.

Although his cultivation was far lower than that of other trainees, Lin Xun believed that as long as he cultivated hard, the gap would be narrowed gradually until... he eventually surpassed them!

After finishing the cultivation of his spiritual energy, Lin Xun repeated the practice of Meditating Magic. It seemed that only the power of perception became much stronger currently, but he knew that strong spirit would bring immeasurable benefits for his future cultivation.

Therefore, Lin Xun would never interrupt the cultivation of Meditating Magic for the cultivation in other fields.

It was already about one o’clock in the morning when Lin Xun finished meditating, and he sighed in his heart, “The time is still not enough!”

The training in the daytime was very cruel and compact, and the trainees had a very hard time, feeling like that they were in the hell for every minute, without one second to relax.

There was also not much time left for Lin Xun at night. It took a certain amount of time for every kind of cultivation, such as spiritual energy and spirit.

This meant that if Lin Xun wanted to cultivate spiritual tattoo, or practice martial arts and seek truth of the Martial Tao, he had to give up the time of sleep!

Fortunately, by his current cultivation, and the great strength of the spirit and the body, he could keep awake for three to five days, but for Lin, the day was a little bit harder than ever before.

After all, this was not a long-term solution. Rome was not built in a day. The best method of cultivation was striking the proper balance between practice and rest, understanding and consolidating what he had practiced.

Lin Xun also knew this truth, but he was currently too short of time. And in the fierce competition of Bloodthirsty Camp, he might be eliminated at any time.

In order to be able to hold on straight to the end, Lin Xun had to pull out all stops!

He did not practice the spiritual tattoo and martial arts tonight, but entered Heaven-accessing Place.

Every three days, Lin would have an opportunity to challenge Mille-waterfalls of Spiritual Tattoo Battlefield. With every challenge, Lin’s body was tempered and strengthened.

Up to now, Lin Xun had challenged Mille-waterfalls thirty-three times. Even though he failed every time, his physical strength had been improved again and again, which might be regarded as a kind of reward.


Lin Xun was violently thrown far away by the Mille-waterfalls again, on the seal level that he was very familiar. This was his thirty-fourth try of breaking through it, and he failed again!

In spite of failure, this time Lin Xun felt different because he could arrive at the half position of that mountain peak.

In other words, Mille-waterfalls had been half conquered!

Mille-waterfalls was the second test on Green-cloud Path in Heaven-accessing Place. There were one hundred and eight chances to try in total.

Lin Xun had already had half chance of success after his 34th try, which made him a little bit excited and see the hope of success.

Lin Xun saw through the secrets of Flowing-light Spiritual Tattoo after passing the first test on Green-cloud Path and he got the Meditating Magic as a reward.

So, what kind of rewards could he get if he conquered the Mille-waterfalls, reached the top of the mountain, and finally passed the second test on Green-cloud Path? Lin Xun was expecting that very much.

Days lapsed.

Life in the Bloodthirsty Camp was quite intense and full. Every second seemed extraordinarily precious.

Their daytime was full of all kinds of training courses, such as combat training, hand-to-hand combat training, willpower training, as well as anatomy, history, self-help, assassination, latency, escape and other theoretical courses.

In the evening, most of these trainees did not choose to sleep but seized the night time to cultivate and improve themselves constantly.

Every trainee in the Bloodthirsty Camp clearly knew that they might surpass their trainees in the training next day if they could make the best use of the night time.

The competition was so cruel. On the one hand, no one was reconciled to be eliminated; on the other hand, they wanted to accumulate more points, which was the most important reason.

Whether it was competitive training or theoretical course, the top three could get the higher points.

The accumulated points meant the real performance of a trainee. Also, they could exchange these accumulated points for relevant benefits, such as elixirs, martial arts and guidance from their drillmasters, in the Bloodthirsty Camp.

In a night after a week, Ning Meng suddenly said to Lin Xun during the dinner time, “The points you accumulated has been almost ranking at the bottom although you were not eliminated these days. Do you know what does this mean?”

Lin Xin nodded with a heavy heart.

In Camp 39, Lin Xun was the only one on the sixth level of Martial Realm. It was difficult for him to compete with other trainees during the daily training.

Especially for the hand-to-hand combat training, a point needed to be deducted upon each failure. Lin Xun lost more and won less every time. He not only couldn’t win points, but also lost many points that he accumulated.

As for the theoretical courses, Lin Xun’s performance could be only regarded as average, which didn’t mean that he didn’t work hard. Other trainees, who were imbued with what the elders in their families had seen and heard various theories since childhood, were knowledgeable, so their performance would not be bad naturally.

Since Lin Xun grew up in a mine prison, the knowledge that he could learn was extremally narrow. It was not easy for him to get the average score during the theoretical tests.

This was the shortage of knowledge reserve.

As a practitioner, he not only had to know how to fight, but also had to know how to save himself, escape, identify the danger, have an insight into the enemies, embattle, control the whole situation well and so on.

Lin Xun was always bottom of Camp 39 in points, which meant that the benefits he could enjoy would be the least. Maybe it was not the most important thing. The most important thing was that he would be eliminated at the end of this month if he was still the tailender of Camp 39.

“I got a bottle of Condensate Pills by exchanging my points. There are totally thirty pills. You can take it. There are only three weeks left in this month. I don’t want you to be eliminated in dejection.”

Suddenly, Ning Meng took out a white jade bottle and gave it to Lin Xun seriously.

Lin Xun was slightly surprised and took it after a while with a smile, “Are you worrying that I will make you lose face?”

Ning Meng replied ferociously, “Isn’t it obvious enough? Now everyone in Camp 39 has known that you are my buddy. How can I face them if you are eliminated in the end?”

Lin Xun shrugged and said, “Ok, I am planning to sacrifice myself and will try my best not to be eliminated, considering your fame.”

The only twenty-eight trainees left in the Camp 39 divided into different groups during this week. Even though Lin Xun didn’t care about that, he knew that clearly.

Qi Can, Shin Wenbin, Wen Mingxiu, Mou Lengshin and some others were in one group.

Shi Yu, Lee Qiu and the other four or five practitioners always hung around together. So, they could be regarded as a group as well.

Now only Ning Meng and Lin Xun were left. Ning Meng was originally a very popular trainee. But now many trainees subconsciously maintained a distance away from him after he saw Lin Xun as his buddy, although they didn’t say anything on the surface.

Everybody knew the reason. Since Lin Xun contracted enmity with Shin Wenbin who was in the group with Qi Can and Wen Mingxiu on the first day of training, they had already completely made a clean break with Lin Xun and saw Lin as their enemy.

As for Ning Meng who had a good relationship with Lin Xun, no one would direct against him. But no one was willing to make a friend with him as well under such circumstance.

These were all seen by Lin Xun. Of course, he knew that Ning Meng did so was helping him in disguised form. If Ning Meng was not here, Shin Wenbin would have dealt with him.

“There are only three weeks left. I must change the current situation!”

Lin Xun swore to himself with a determined mind. He could not tolerate being eliminated like this!