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Chapter 188 Strut in Borrowed Plumes

It was an imperial intermediate battleship, named Weiyang, about 450 meters long, covered with spiritual tattoo formations. It could accommodate 3,000 people and it was huge like a fortress in the air.

Weiyang Battleship was equipped with seventy-two spiritual cannons named “Melting Flame” which was powerful enough to kill an overmatch in Sea Spirit Realm in an instant!

Throughout the empire, only those of the upper class could mobilize such mid-level battleships.

“Damn it! I thought there is going to be a hard fight, but it turns out to just be the henchmen from the Imperial Guard,” Shue Jin seemed to recognize the background of Weiyang Battleship at a glance, and cursed them somewhat bitterly.

Lin Xun frowned at this scene. Imperial Guard? They were the elite force of the Forbidden City, and also the most loyal army of the Royal Family.

Why did they appear here? Why did the army intercept them?

Boom ~ ~

The old treasure ship landed on the ground under the control of Shue Jin.

At the same time, Weiyang Battleship from afar also slowly landed, from which walked out a middle-aged man in military uniform, shouting to them, “Who is Lin Xun? Come out quickly!”

His voice rumbled like thunder.

“I see. They are looking for you, little young man. No wonder they are so arrogant.” Shue Jin whistled and bantered.

In the cabin, Lin got astonished, “So they are here for me?”

“Since they are looking for you, you may go out and have a look,” the old man smiled gently.

Lin Xun nodded. He opened the cabin door and walked out alone.

“I’m Lin Xun. Who is looking for me?” Lin Xun looked at the middle-aged man who stood beside the Weiyang Battleship. He felt somewhat strange because he didn’t remember he had anything to do with the Imperial Guard.

“Haha, Lin Xun, we meet again!” suddenly, someone smirked. And then from the Weiyang Battleship came a well-dressed young man.

The teenager had long narrow cheeks and a pale complexion. It was Shin Wenbin! Not long after he entered the Bloodthirsty Camp, Shin Wenbin regarded Lin Xun as his enemy and provoked Lin Xun often.

But in the assessment of the first month, Shin Wenbin was easily defeated and eliminated.

If he hadn’t seen Shin Wenbin here again, Lin Xun would have forgotten this person.

“Long time no see, Childe Shin. It seems you’ve been waiting for me. Do you come to see me off?” said Lin Xun with an emotionless smile on his face.

Lin remembered that Shin Wenbin's father was the commander-in-chief of the Imperial Guard of the Forbidden City. But it didn’t occur to him that Shin Wenbin was authorized to use Weiyang Battleship, so he did not foresee Shin Wenbin’s appearance.

“Humph! Don't put on airs. You should know the grudge between us. I don't want to talk nonsense with you,” Shin Wenbin snorted and looked arrogantly at Lin Xun.

“So you're here to get revenge?” Lin Xun raised his eyebrows.

“Revenge? Haha, you always think much of yourself!”

Shin Wenbin laughed, “To deal with you, I don’t need to dispatch Weiyang Battleship at all. Don't overestimate yourself.”

Lin Xun also laughed, “Indeed, Weiyang Battleship is an important weapon of the empire. It seems too solemn for dealing with me alone. But if you don’t come with Weiyang Battleship, I am afraid you dare not stand in front of me alone today, right?”

Shin Wenbin's face turned gloomy then, and when he was ready to retort, a deep voice arose.

“Step back! Wenbin.”

This voice was full of unspeakable majesty that could reach the depths of one’s soul and made one palpitate.

When Lin Xun heard this voice, his smile suddenly vanished, and his dark eyes were filled with coldness.

He recognized this voice!

Soon a graceful man with high tuinga and big sleeves came out of Weiyang Battleship. His eyes were cold and daunting.

He was like a king who governed mountains and rivers, boasting a dominating air. With his arrival, the atmosphere was dead silent, and even the wind seemed to be afraid.

Shin Rutie!

He had entered the Bloodthirsty Camp alone and took Old Mo away with a tough attitude several months ago; even Shu Sanqi could not stop him!

At this time, Lin Xun realized that Shin Wenbin might not have the right to dispatch Weiyang Battleship, but Shin Rutie could absolutely.

And this scene reminded Lin Xun of one thing. It was said Shin Wenbin’s father was the commander-in-chief of the Imperial Guard in the Forbidden City. And maybe this Shin Rutie before him was that commander.

“The training in Bloodthirsty Camp is over, Lin Xun. Come with me now.”

Shin Rutie looked at Lin Xun with ironclad eyes, which made Lin Xun feel kind of indescribable force of terror and oppression.

Lin was surprised and outraged because Shin Rutie had not given up the idea of taking him away!

“That's your idea?” Lin Xun took a deep breath and asked.

“This is the will of the empire.”

Shin Wenbin responded in an indifferent voice, “Master Mo has been waiting for you for a long time. He wants to meet you as soon as possible.”

Lin Xun sneered, “In my opinion, all this seems to have nothing to do with the will of the empire, nor the will of Old Mo. It’s just for your personal revenge!”

At this time, Lin must stick to this point and refused to be taken away; otherwise, according to Shu Sanqi, he might lose his freedom for his whole life!

“How dare you denigrate the will of the empire? It's a mortal sin!” Shin Wenbin rebuked loudly and looked scornfully at Lin Xun.

Shin Rutie, however, laughed and said in a condescending and indifferent voice, “Young man, A wise man submits to circumstances. You are smart. You should know that no one can save you today. Give up resistance and go with me.”

Lin Xun said coldly, “What if I don't agree?”

Shin Wenbin shouted angrily, “Father, it seems he wants to do it in the hard way. Don’t talk with him anymore. Just take him away."

Obviously, he could not wait to fix Lin Xun.

It seemed Shin Rutie was convinced. He walked towards Lin Xun directly. Every step he made was full of terrible pressure.

Lin Xun felt like being confined and could not move a bit!

“A wise man who made a mistake would suffer more pains, young man. Although you have broken through into Gang Spirit Realm, in my eyes, you are still as weak as an ant to me. No matter who comes today, he can never stop me from taking you away.”

When the last word came out of his mouth, Shin Rutie suddenly stopped and his eyes brightened. He raised his hand and grabbed the air lightly.


A grim palm print, as white as jade, condensed with a dazzling light, crushed the air and shook the void like a net from heaven. It aimed to cover the whole Lin Xun. There was no way to escape!

But Lin Xun seemed surprisingly calm at the moment. He just looked at Shin Rutie in the distance with a disdainful smile.

“Smart or not is something hard to say; for example, now, you have to ask for my permission if you want to take this little man away.”

Suddenly, a kind and gentle voice arose.

Almost at the same time, the pressure on Lin disappeared and he felt much relaxed. And the white palm print close at hand burst into rain of light and disappeared like untenable smoke.

Even the terrible oppression was ended and everything went back to normal.

When this voice fell, Shin Rutie's face turned grave and his body was trembling like having been attacked. He then took a few steps back out of his own control.

First step, second step, third step...

He didn’t stabilize his body until the tenth step; his face turned pale, blue veins stood out on his temples, and then he coughed up a mouthful of blood.

All this was just caused by a voice!

It was hard to imagine how strong the old man was. He was like a God who could do whatever he wanted!

Although Lin Xun knew that the old man would not just sit and watch, Lin was still quite shocked on seeing such an astounding scene.


Shin Wenbin screamed and rushed forward, but there was an invisible wall in front of him, which shocked his body back and made him tumble to the ground.

“Stay where you are!”

Shin Rutie cried, with unprecedented dignity in his eyes. There was a trace of unspeakable fear in his eyes.

He looked at the dilapidated treasure ship behind Lin Xun and took a deep breath, “My name is Shin Rutie, and I serve as the commander-in-chief in the Imperial Guard of the Forbidden City. May I ask who you are and why you stopped me from doing my duty?”

No one answered him.

It was a total disregard, as if Shin Rutie was not qualified to talk to him at all.

This really embarrassed Shin Rutie, and at the same time, he was also extremely terrified. He had showed his identity, but the other side still ignored him. There was only one condition. That was he was not worthy of the old man’s attention at all!

The frozen air and the sudden change of the situation made both Shin Rutie and his son tremble.

At that moment, Lin Xun suddenly stepped forward and came to Shin Wenbin. He slapped Shin Wenbin hard across the face, making both Shin’s nose and mouth bleed. Shin Wenbin screeched.

“How dare you!”

Shin Rutie's face turned livid, and he totally bristled with anger.

“Don’t you see? I am throwing weight around. If I don’t vent my anger now, do you think I’ll have another chance?”

Lin Xun laughed and said, then threw a kick on Shin Wenbin. The latter whined, screamed, and lay huddled up on the ground, twitching like having epilepsy.

“Dame you...”

Shin Rutie had never seen such a bold young man who dare beat his son in front of him? This was outrageous!

“Do you think I'm shameless? But compared with you two, what I did is nothing. After all, I have neither the right to dispatch a Weiyang Battleship, nor a powerful father to support me. I can only take this opportunity to act as a domineering, wild and angry man.”

Lin Xun laughed and kicked Shin Wenbin hard at the same time. With Shin Wenbin’s blood splashing, no one knew how many bones of him were broken. Lin kept kicking Shin until he passed out.

Shin Rutie was frightened and angry, and nearly got mad. If he hadn't been chained by the invisible air, he would have killed Lin Xun already.

He had really gone too far!