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Chapter 38: Tokyo Night (2)

Gu Zhun thought about Zhang Heng’s suggestion— two grown men hugging each other to dance ballroom style. Was it indecent or problematic? What if some Japanese media photographed it and it got posted on Twitter? It would definitely be used by those highly skilled Chinese citizens who used VPN to bypass the Great ‘Firewall’ of China to send and spread it on Weibo, WeChat friend circles, and other major social media…

Just thinking about it was scary.

However, Zhang Heng did not think so. He just wanted to used this opportunity to take advantage of Gu Zhun. Although he slightly took advantage of Gu Zhun previously at the suit shop, he didn’t have enough… Compared to seven years ago, although he often took advantage of Gu Zhun a number of times, it was all done secretly.

This time in public, even if he was unable to do much, at least he would be able to touch him. After all, Zhang Heng had missed Gu Zhun’s body every day and night during these seven years.

Gu Zhun was naturally unable to put away his sense of shame to be with a man in public. Moreover, this man was his big boss… To embrace him and dance ballroom style. Did Zhang Heng’s brain short circuit? Did he read too many comics?

Gu Zhun did say that he would not agree no matter what. However, he was unable to endure the way Zhang Heng kept looking at him with a pitiful expression, like a loyal dog that had been abandoned its owner.

All of the guests were dancing. Only Gu Zhun and Zhang Heng were standing in the ballroom. It was somewhat awkward whether they stood or sat. However, they could not leave early, because the real highlight came later. All of the entrepreneurs would go up on stage to read a speech about the benefits of their company and the projects that they wanted to cooperate on. Of course, those that did not have any recent cooperation projects nor wished to do so would not be required to go up. They were only here to forge connections.

Zhang Heng was going up on stage to represent their company for the speech.

Gu Zhun was unable to bear such a look from Zhang Heng’s eyes. He could only stealthily pull Zhang Heng’s clothes and prompted him to walk to the balcony outside the ballroom. The ballroom and the balcony were separated by a floor-to-ceiling window. It was covered by a large and red silk cloth. Those that were inside could not see anything outside, and likewise those on the outside could not see what was on the inside.

Gu Zhun made the first move and left. Zhang Heng followed behind. He went around those people who were dancing and frolicking. He followed Gu Zhun to the floor-to-ceiling window behind the balcony.

“What’s the matter? Dance here? It’s a little squeezy.” Zhang Heng looked at the area of the balcony and gauged whether it was possible to dance.

However, Gu Zhun still did not have the intention to dance. He pulled Zhang Heng here just to do something that would make him want to slam his head in shame and annoyance when he recalled it in the future. When Zhang Heng thought about it, he felt that Gu Zhun might have been nuts when he did it.

Gu Zhun tip toed, lifted his hands, reached for Zhang Heng’s nape, and brought Zhang Heng’s head towards him. He then closed his eyes and kissed Zhang Heng’s cheek.

The moment the kiss happened, Gu Zhun could not have known Zhang Heng’s current expression, nor his own expression because his eyes were closed. He could only hear the symphony in the ballroom stop and the climatic sounds from the piano announcing the end of the dance.

Zhang Heng’s eyes were opened much wider than usual. He stared intently at Gu Zhun. Although Gu Zhun gave a quick kiss and quickly left Zhang Heng’s cheek, Zhang Heng still looked at Gu Zhun. As he observed Gu Zhun, it seemed as though a day had passed.

He never expected that there would be a day when Gu Zhun would take the lead. Furthermore, this was the first time he took the initiative and it was already at such a high level.

At that moment, after the piano in the ballroom just ended, the whole crowd was silent before bursting out into thunderous applause. At the balcony, it was as though they were separated into two different worlds by the floor-to-ceiling window. There was only silence.

Gu Zhun brows were furrowed when he moved away from Zhang Heng’s cheek. He did not dare to open his eyes so quickly. To sum it up, it was because he was a little shy…

“You don’t have a fever, do you?” Zhang Heng didn’t expect that he would not get to dance with Gu Zhun, but instead, Gu Zhun would kiss him for the first time on his own…

Gu Zhun opened his eyes. At the same time, he turned around, facing his back to Zhang Heng, and swiftly said: “I was just trying to confirm whether I answered the multiple choice question correctly. That’s all…”

Zhang Heng could only smile helplessly and reply: “Alright, alright… My elite student Gu.” He then proceeded to take hold of Gu Zhun’s hands and walked back to the ballroom. He explained: “Following the program, it is my turn to go up on stage next and promote. If nobody applauds, remember to take the lead below the stage and applaud.”


When they returned to the ballroom, those men and women who were once dancing madly returned to their seats after leaving each other’s contact, and silently waited for the host to announce the next activity— For entrepreneurs to go up on stage for their speeches.

In accordance with the usual practice, the local companies would be the first to go up on stage. Of course, those Japanese entrepreneurs went on stage to give their speeches first. Naturally, all of them spoke in Japanese, coupled with a beautiful translator to translate sentence after sentence.

However, it was also due to this that the time for the speeches dragged on for a really long time. The guests at the bottom of the stage had been yawning consecutively several times. After all, some of these guest specially rush over from afar, and made the trip down from other areas of Japan.

Gu Zhun was also about to fall fast asleep. He almost rested his head on Zhang Heng’s shoulder. If Gu Zhun really rested his head on Zhang Heng’s shoulder, then Zhang Heng would certainly strive to perform well. He would certainly embrace Gu Zhun’s shoulder and unleash his killer move, a hug filled with warmth and gentleness. After that, when it was his turn to give a speech, he would keep quiet and not voice out, causing the host to think that Zhang corporation looked down on them and deliberately did not attend the event. After all, there was an official invitation letter…

Thus, Gu Zhun forcibly pinched his own thigh so as to not fall asleep.

As such, Zhang Heng successfully went up on stage and delivered his speech. First, he got on stage and bowed to the beautiful female translator and the guests below. Afterwards, he walked in front of the female translator, whispered to her, and then walked to the podium.

The female beautiful translator was surprised by this handsome president from China— Because—

The moment Zhang Heng opened his mouth, he greeted everyone in fluent Japanese. The following ten minutes of the speech were conducted solely in Japanese. The guests listening to the speech below the stage were stunned. It was not purely because of Zhang Heng’s fluent Japanese pronunciation, it was because the content of Zhang Heng’s speech was very new and original. It was a viewpoint that was rarely seen in either China or Japan.

Gu Zhun’s Japanese language standard was inept and half baked. He was unable to understand what Zhang Heng wanted to say. Zhang Heng probably said something so awesome and incredible that it made the guests below applaud continuously. It caused the ten minute speech to be dragged on for half an hour. Fortunately, Zhang Heng was the last one to appear on stage for that speech, so it could be counted as the climax.

Other people clapped, so Gu Zhun also followed along and clapped. When it was about time for the dinner party to end, Zhang Heng stood up, pulled Gu Zhun away from his seat at the dinner party, and walked out of the ballroom. They arrived at the hotel’s underground car park and got the car.

Zhang Heng entered the car first, and rolled down the car window so that there was ventilation in the car before he beckoned Gu Zhun to come in and sit. He knew that Gu Zhun’s nose was slightly sensitive. He was not used to that type of acrid smell. When he rented this car, he could faintly smell it when he got into the car. The store owner had not lied to him, it was indeed a new car. Only cars that just left the factory for less than a few days would emit this type of smell.

Zhang Heng was always so warm. Of course, Gu Zhun also knew that what Zhang Heng just did for him was not an insignificant matter. He was unsure whether Zhang Heng did it on purpose. In any case, his heart was very warmed by having someone that cared so much about him.

Zhang Heng started the car and drove back to the hotel. By the time they returned to the hotel, it was already 12AM.

It was more than enough for an event that started at 5PM to last all the way until 12AM. However, the buffet provided by the hotel was pretty good. They could let it slide because it was worth it.

When they returned to the hotel, they saw the lady boss still seated at the front desk. Even though she was over seventy years old, the lady boss still insisted on working the late night shift at the front desk in order to provide accommodations and meals for tired and weary travellers.

Zhang Heng and Gu Zhun walked into the hotel entrance after they parked the car. They explained the situation to the lady boss and said goodnight.

The lady boss smiled kindly, took out a bottle of essence, and gave it to them. She explained that it could calm the mind, relieve exhaustion, and told them not to be polite. They could use it as much as they liked. If they liked it, they could consider buying it from the shop as a souvenir. Their hotel with a few hundred years of history inherited this secret recipe from their ancestors, and this specially made essen…tial oil was produced from it.

Gu Zhun and Zhang Heng gave their thanks and went upstairs.

Zhang Heng closed the door and looked at Gu Zhun without speaking a word. Gu Zhun felt a little strange towards Zhang Heng’s sudden silence.

“What’s the matter?” Gu Zhun asked.

Zhang Heng walked in front of Gu Zhun with his head lowered and lifted his head to look at Gu Zhun.

He looked at Gu Zhun straight in the eyes. It was as though there were signals that would pop out from Zhang Heng’s eyes for Gu Zhun to receive.

Zhang Heng suddenly hugged Gu Zhun. He used a lot of strength to hug him, and Gu Zhun did not really know how to react to it.

“What’s the matter with you?” Gu Zhun’s hand that was stretched behind Zhang Heng’s back was left hanging in mid air. He didn’t dare to touch Zhang Heng.

Zhang Heng finally said one sentence: “Thank you for spending time with me this week.”

“…” Gu Zhun actually wanted to say that there wasn’t any need to say thanks for such matters. There was nothing to thank, was there…?

The corner of Gu Zhun’s lips curved up and his brows gently lifted up. He revealed an indulgent smile and said: “Isn’t accompanying one’s superior on a business trip something a subordinate ought to do?”

“Yes… It’s a shame that’s the reason I used from the start to con you to Japan.” Zhang Heng gave a dejected smile.

Gu Zhun stretched out the hand behind Zhang Heng’s back and touched him. He said: “I’m willing.”

“…” There was no reply. Zhang Heng buried his head in the crook of Gu Zhun’s neck and smiled with satisfaction.

That’s right, there wasn’t a need for much words.

Zhang Heng rejoiced that he took the risk of bringing Gu Zhun to Tokyo, even when he knew Gu Zhun might get angry when he found out that Zhang Heng had lied and conned him into going to Japan. There was even immediate and rapid progress between him and Gu Zhun.

First, Gu Zhun promised to try it. After that, Gu Zhun took the initiative. Now, there was Gu Zhun’s honesty.

It was as though all of the conditions were right and all of it seemed to fall into place. All of it seemed as though it happened too quickly.

This week simply made Zhang Heng so happy that he wanted to fly to the sky and be shoulder to shoulder with the sun…

It was just that seven years ago, during their third year of high school, on the day of the graduation ceremony, he left without bidding goodbye. He sat on the plane that was bound to America and did not mentioned a word of it to Gu Zhun.

However, he inquired about it from his other classmates. Gu Zhun did not ask around for news about him. Zhang Heng felt disheartened—

It was over. Gu Zhun was definitely angry and did not want to bother with him.

But that actually wasn’t the case…