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Chapter 49: The Supporting Characters That Finally Learned How to Love (3)

After Ma ShangQian thought it through, he decided to find a time to look for Xu YaLe and confess everything.

On the other hand, Xu YaLe avoided seeing Ma ShangQian for two weeks. She didn’t go to Zhang Heng’s family to freeload nor did she bother much about her own parents.

She finally figured out a very important thing—

She also decided to find a time to look for Ma ShangQian.

It was decided. It would be tomorrow after work.

It wasn’t easy for them to wait until after work, yet the rain was getting heavier. Ma Shang Qian originally intended to use this normal span of time to voice his thoughts. However, it was raining now. Didn’t it seem crazy to ask someone out for a drink now?

After all, no one liked the rainy and gloomy weather during the winter season. Not only was it cold, Xu YaLe would have to go on a date with a man that caused her distress… Ah, no, it was just to chat…

When Ma ShangQian was hesitating over whether to ask Xu YaLe out, he looked out of the window and saw the bus stop near the company— without a roof— There was only a lonely girl standing there.

The cold winter rain drenched her— wasn’t that Xu YaLe?

Ma ShangQian hurriedly took his bag and two umbrellas. He rushed down the company building and ran to the bus stop.

In his heart, Ma ShangQian really wanted to scold Xu YaLe— Can you not be so reckless! It is really tough for your little brother! You are really formidable, big sister!

Actually, Xu YaLe was also thinking and hesitating. While she was hesitating, she did not notice that she had forgotten to take an umbrella when she left the company. Hence, she foolishly stood at the bus stop and waited.

She did not go to her car as she was still deep in thought.

Ma ShangQian rushed over. He paid no attention when the umbrella in his hands fell onto the ground because the wind was too strong. He allowed the cold rain to drench him and his fringe was plastered to his forehead.

This time, he did not want to hesitate anymore.

If they continued to hesitate, it would be torture for them…

As such—

Ma ShangQian pulled Xu YaLe by the shoulders and forced her to face him—

Xu YaLe looked at Ma ShangQian. There was none of that previous confusion and awkwardness. She was just simply looking at him—

“I like you. I don’t know if you like me or not. I guess that you are also thinking about this—”


Ma ShangQian said a sentence: “We’ll find out when we kiss.” Afterwards, he bent down and lightly kissed Xu YaLe’s lips.

It wasn’t a deep kiss. It was a light kiss that skimmed the surface— It was faint and left no traces…

This was Ma ShangQian’s first kiss, and it was also Xu YaLe’s first kiss.

Maybe this was a good thing?

Maybe I like you?

Rainy days and chocolates were also compatible with kisses…

Ma ShangQian and Xu YaLe found a hotel nearby and booked a room. They took showers separately and warmed themselves up. As for their clothes, they could not wear the clothes that they wore previously. They could only wear the bathrobes provided by the hotel and throw their wet clothes into the dryer.

Luckily, this hotel provided heating in the room. Otherwise, if they did not freeze to death, then something else might have happened instead…

“Just now, how did it feel?” Xu YaLe asked.

Ma ShangQian lowered his head shyly and said: “About that… the rain was really cold. My lips were numb, so there wasn’t much feeling…”

“…” Xu YaLe really wanted to beat up Ma ShangQian. Her feelings were in vain.

However she did not beat him. Instead, she took the initiative to move closer and kissed Ma ShangQian.

“What about this time?”

“It’s warm…”

Xu YaLe sat rigidly next to Ma ShangQian. Xu YaLe’s underwear was soaked, so she wasn’t currently wearing anything inside. Because of that, she did not dare to make any big movements.

If that happened in the past, she would certainly make some provocative gestures to evoke Zhang Heng’s desires. In front of an innocent boy, her majesty, the queen, also became an innocent little girl.

“Do you like me?”

Ma ShangQian nodded and asked: “Well, what about you?”

“If I did not like you, I would not kiss you twice…”

Yes, she wasn’t crazy.