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Chapter 48: The Supporting Characters That Finally Learned How to Love (2)

What Zhang Heng wrote on the pink post it was— “Child, you’re definitely not gay. It’s just that you’ve never fallen in love, so you’re confused. Child, be bold and chase after the girl that you truly love. Grasp your own happiness!”

“...” Gu Zhun was exasperated. He was too lazy to reprimand Zhang Heng, who was occasionally mentally unstable. Actually, Zhang Heng’s plan was that as long as Ma ShangQian and Xu YaLe got together, so what if their family background statuses didn’t match? At that time, he would be the first one to stand behind Xu YaLe and back her up!

As long as Xu YaLe said goodbye to him, their families would not have to awkwardly acknowledge each other as in-laws. In fact, since they were young, the ones who were the happiest about this whole thing was Xu YaLe’s family. What Zhang Heng’s parents basically did was just smile and watch at the sidelines because they knew their son well. How could his heart be easily bought overl?

Just look at Zhang Heng’s parents and you would know.

However, if his parents weren’t on a business trip together, then they would be on vacation together. What about the crystallization of their love? When their child, a product of their love, was born, they dumped him at home. He was like a decoration in the house. Everything was good as long as he was pleasing to the eye.

Yes, that was the Zhang family’s unique education concept.

When Ma ShangQian came back, he sat on his chair, prepared to drink his coffee, and start work...

However, he found a pink heart-shaped post it on a grown man, no, a small boy’s desk. At the beginning of the letter, the writing was very cursive-like. It was written crookedly and imitated a girl’s handwriting. However, it changed during the latter part, where it was written in neat and tidy calligraphy.

First, let’s not bother about the unique differences in the font, the content was a little—

Was this advice from a love guru?

Ma ShangQian folded the sticky note, pulled open the drawer, and placed it inside.

“I…” Ma ShangQian reminisced about his past with Xu YaLe.

The first time he met Xu YaLe was at the corner next to the elevator. Xu YaLe had found him peeping at Gu Zhun.

The second time was when he had a chat with Xu YaLe in a cafe. Xu YaLe egged him to wear women’s clothing and pretend to go on a blind date with Gu Zhun, so that he could use the opportunity to get insight on Gu Zhun’s views.

The third time, Xu YaLe made use of him and gave the program designs to Wen company’s event planner. It framed Gu Zhun and caused his suspension.

The fourth time, Xu YaLe confessed to Zhang Heng. Ma ShangQian and Xu YaLe spent the night in the subway.

The fifth time, Xu YaLe encouraged him to confess. Afterwards, Xu YaLe lay in his embrace...

He did not mind doing mundane things such as boiling hot water, ordering delivery, and holding an umbrella...

Ma ShangQian was uncertain when it started, but he thought of Gu Zhun less than the time and frequency he spent with Xu YaLe… Why was that? When he was together with Xu YaLe, he would forget about Gu Zhun’s existence...

So he liked Xu YaLe? Then what about Xu YaLe?

She realized that her love for Zhang Heng was just platonic love whereby she could rely on him. It wasn’t romantic love. In that case, what did she think about me?

Only as a ‘servant’, or in a younger brother’s role?

But how would you know if you don’t ask?

At that time, when Ma ShangQian said ‘try’ under the overpass, maybe Xu YaLe thought his words were just consoling her. Now that he was serious, would she agree?

Ma ShangQian decided to give it a try. What if there was a chance? Even if he did not have a chance to be her boyfriend, he could be her best friend. He would stay by her side and protect her. For him, that would be the greatest pleasure.

That was all that he asked for...

Xu YaLe became distraught ever since Ma ShangQian embraced her at the roadside.

She did everything to avoid Ma ShangQian not only at work, but also in private. Because of that, Ma ShangQian had not seen Xu YaLe for almost two weeks.

It was already winter. No matter how vain the female colleagues were, they were wearing thickly padded winter coats. After all, they were working in a high rise building. Moreover, they were close to the cold north. The government did not subsidize heating, so as a result, everyone chose warmth instead of their appearances.

However, Xu YaLe was not an obedient person who would wear those type of clothes. The clothes that she wore took people’s breaths away. Of course, other than her good looks, her clothes were always trendy. Even during the coldest of days, she only wore a thin blouse and matched it with a faux fur coat… Not only that, she simply did not take into account that as a woman, she was more susceptible to the cold.

Therefore, based on the way she was acting, Ma ShangQian was a little worried about Xu YaLe. Although it was said that idiots can’t catch colds, Xu YaLe was not an idiot when she was working.

It was very strange of Xu YaLe to avoid Ma ShangQian. On the rare occasion when she and her girlfriends were finally able to meetup, her mood was also in a mess.

Throughout the year, Xu YaLe’s girlfriends usually stayed abroad. It was rare that they returned to their home country. Moreover, it just so happened that the four close friends had time to get together. It was hard for such a chance to come by. They had to spend their nights together.

However, Xu YaLe was not in the right state of mind during this gathering, which was held before the Spring Festival Holiday.

“Are you thirsty? Do you want a sports drink?” Girlfriend A had a mischievous smile. She was about to raise her hand and ask the waiter to get a sports drink.

When people ate hotpot during the winter, they would order herbal cooling tea. However, she wanted to order a sports drink. Don’t you think that it was strange?

Girlfriend B took over for Girlfriend A and said, “Xu YaLe are you thinking about Zhang Heng? You are so lovesick that you want him that badly?”

Actually, if this was the usual girl’s get together, Xu YaLe would be the most enthusiastic. She would bring her three girlfriends to the old city streets and reminisce. They would go to the new city area to shop and experience their home country’s latest technology… There were so many other things that their itinerary was filled.

However, this time, it was rare that the itinerary was planned by her three girlfriends who stayed abroad. They had to make do with the itinerary this time, but it did not fully captivate everyone’s interests.

However, as long as the four close friends got together, chatted idly and teased each other, that was the greatest delight.

But Xu YaLe wasn’t happy right now—

“I am not thinking about Zhang Heng…”

“What? You fell for someone else? Didn’t you love Zhang Heng ever since sixth grade?”

“Yes, that’s right… But recently, I realized that my love for Zhang Heng wasn’t that kind of love.”

Girlfriend C expressed that she did not understand. Her husband was her desk mate in elementary school. During sixth grade, her husband was still a short boy that would exaggerate things. Although he liked to pull and play with her braids, he would always buy her spicy snack sticks and bring her to various places to play...

Xu YaLe showed a stop gesture— “Stop! Stop remembering that lovey-dovey memory of yours!”

Previously, she had just ‘fallen out of love’. Now she had to look at other people showing off their romance. That was so cruel!

“Well, who did you give your heart to?”

“Err… To one of the small staff members in the company…”

“—?! Excuse me?!”

Afterwards, under the continuous barrage of questions from her girlfriends, Xu YaLe spilled the things that happened to her recently.

After that, a hotpot was slowly consumed by them...

Unknowingly, the four of them ate a lot of skewers and beef… They shocked the staff so badly that they almost rushed up and asked the girls if they had the money to pay for it.

It wasn’t just Xu YaLe’s close friends who noticed the subtle changes in Xu YaLe. Of course, you couldn’t use the word subtle to describe it… After all, it was already quite obvious. Even the Xu and the Zhang family felt the changes.

In the past, Xu YaLe would be very active when she got home. She would kiss her grandfather here and there, comment on her mom’s newly bought skirt, and give her father a back massage. However, during the past two weeks, the Xu family clearly felt that Xu YaLe had changed a lot.

She changed and appeared to be more ladylike— Although Xu YaLe’s father would bring his daughter to meet clients, she had a dignified demeanor even though she looked shy— Of course, all these things were done to leave a good impression in Zhang Heng’s heart.

But now, when Xu YaLe returned home after work, she feebly replied— “I am back.” Afterwards, she did not remove her shoes and would casually throw them. Instead, she walked up to the second floor in those shoes and went to her room.

Xu YaLe’s mom secretly opened Xu YaLe’s room door and peeped inside. Unexpectedly, she saw Xu YaLe flip through and look at the old photo album from when she was young. One of her hands was used to prop up her cheek, and she sighed as she flipped through the album.

Her mother took a look at her clothes. Xu YaLe’s pajamas were usually pure silk, but now it was actually a white T-shirt, and her lower half were the uniform pants from senior high school… She wasn’t sure where this kid had dug it out from.

Xu YaLe’s mother secretly withdrew from the room and came to the study room to look for Xu YaLe’s dad. She discussed it with Xu YaLe’s dad and asked, “ What happened to our daughter?”

“Did she quarrel with Zhang Heng again?”

Xu YaLe’s mother patted Xu YaLe’s father’s shoulder— “How could this be a quarrel?! Originally, we were the ones that pestered the Zhang family to be in-laws. We were very delighted about it. Over these ten years, although the Zhang family took care of our Xu family’s business, they never expressed any opinion over this matter…”

Xu YaLe’s father sighed and said: “So… YaLe might have talked to Zhang Heng and it was made clear. In fact, they don’t even like each other. They were only together for the sake of profit.”

“If that were so, wouldn’t that be a sin?!” Xu YaLe’s mother paced around in the study room. After she pondered over everything, she decided that she would still have to make a call to Zhang Heng’s mom—

After the call went through, Xu YaLe’s mother talked first without waiting for Zhang Heng’s mother to speak— “Hello, is this our in-laws? I am Xu YaLe’s mother. It’s been a while since I last saw you. How’s your health?”

“I…” Zhang Heng’s mother was a young lady from a prestigious family. Her ancestors were scholars. She was not familiar with business. She was only familiar with things like art and literature, so even the way she spoke was also very composed.

After that, Xu YaLe’s mother spoke and asked a barrage of questions— “I wanted to ask, do you know if something happened between Zhang Heng and YaLe? Does YaLe still frequently go over and have a meal at your house? YaLe changed a lot recently, we are really worried about her!”

Zhang Heng’s mother was not at home most of the year. She finally had the chance to rest at home when she received a call from Xu YaLe’s mother.

She could only reply: “I don’t know anything about what’s going on between the kids. I’ll help you ask Zhang Heng. If there is anything, I will inform you at once.”

“Alright… bye.”

“Okay, goodbye.”

Two middle-aged women ended a 20-minute phone call. It was such a short phone call for a complicated situation!

Zhang Heng’s mother stood up and walked beside Zhang Heng, who was currently watching the news channel. She sat on the sofa and lightly asked: “Zhang Heng, did something happen between you and YaLe recently? I don’t see her coming over for a meal at our house.”

Maybe she was too embarrassed to freeload— In fact, she was too focused thinking about her own feelings. She did not have time to bother with Zhang Heng. Moreover, she was also a child with a one track mind. At that time, she did not think about how the two families would agree to star in this marriage farce because of her hot-headedness.

“I don’t know—” Zhang Heng thought that in his heart, but he replied with a well-mannered answer.

Zhang Heng’s mother casually took the remote control and switched it to a channel that had a rerun of The Legend of Mi Yue. She puzzledly thought about it—: “So what was it? — I am really curious, hehe—”

In her heart, the last sentences were what his mother really wanted to know!