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Chapter 42: Queen vs Passerby Again (2)

Ma ShangQian knew that Xu YaLe changed a lot for Zhang Heng. It was hard to change a person, especially for someone to make the decision to change themself.

“But what’s the use of it? Zhang Heng doesn’t even like me.” Xu YaLe lowered her head and her shoulders shook. It seemed as though she was trying to refrain from crying.

Ma ShangQian rarely had the chance to lend Xu YaLe his shoulders to cry on without restraint. Usually, even though Xu YaLe was cute and delicate in front of Zhang Heng, Ma ShangQian never saw her shed a tear for anything.

A queen doesn’t need tears.

Ma ShangQian suggested carefully: “I feel that you should explain it clearly to President Zhang. Perhaps, he might change his mind after he hears your confession?”

“Confession?” Xu YaLe listened to Ma ShangQian’s advice. She couldn’t stop reminiscing about the times she spent with Zhang Heng previously. They were fiance and fiancee in name, but it was only an empty title.

Maybe a confession could make Zhang Heng change his mind?

“Thank you!” Xu YaLe suddenly had an epiphany. She gave Ma ShangQian a tight hug. Ma ShangQian felt very awkward with this sudden hug. He did not know what to do...

This was too...

The queen never belonged to a passerby like me!

Xu YaLe did not say anything. She immediately wore the high heels that she had taken off and thrown to the side and rushed back to the company.

Ma ShangQian looked at Xu YaLe’s back as she rushed out. He couldn’t help himself from feeling a little depressed— She was rushing to the person she liked.

Ma ShangQian sighed, patted the dust off his butt, and headed back to the office. It was almost time to end work now. He went back to pack his things and go home.

At the company, Xu YaLe fiercely pressed the button of the lift. However, she felt that the lift was too slow, so she pushed the crowd waiting for the lift behind her and ran up the stairs.

Zhang Heng’s office was more than twenty stories high. It was already hard to run up in flats, but to run up in high heels was simply courting death.

However, Xu YaLe happened to have a death wish. For the first eight stories, she forcibly rushed up with her high heels at the speed of a hundred metres dash. She couldn’t wait to see Zhang Heng. She wanted to tell Zhang Heng.

With that ruckus just now, it was certain that Zhang Heng wasn’t clear about her feelings. He definitely felt that she was just playing.

When she ran to the fifteenth story, Xu YaLe’s legs were swollen like a bun. With no other choice, she threw the high heels that she had recently bought. The high heels rolled down, whereas Xu YaLe continued to take big strides and sprint up the stairs with her bare feet.

She completely ignored how the company staff would regard her...

She didn’t bother about anything else. She only wanted Zhang Heng to understand her feelings...

“Zhang Heng!” Xu YaLe pushed opened Zhang Heng’s office door. Zhang Heng and Gu Zhun were still standing inside.

Gu Zhun saw Xu YaLe’s expression. He roughly knew what she wanted to say, so he left the office automatically, leaving Xu YaLe and Zhang Heng alone in the office.

Xu YaLe looked at Zhang Heng. Her lips trembled and her shoulders shook—

“I like you! I like you more than anyone!”

Zhang Heng looked at Xu Ya Le silently.

Xu YaLe questioned: “Why are you not speaking?”

“I am organizing my words.”

Xu YaLe’s trembling worsened. Once again, the tears disappointingly welled up from the corner of her eyes: “Organizing words to reject me?”

“No, words to wake you up.”

Why do you need to wake me up?

I like you, I love you! You were the first person that was willing to come close to me regardless of my identity! Why don’t you understand?

“Do you really understand me?” Zhang Heng asked.

Xu YaLe felt slightly guilty when she was being questioned. Although she sent spies to keep tabs on Zhang Heng’s daily habits, she roughly knew the things that Zhang Heng liked to eat, the things he liked to wear, and other superficial things.

“I… I understand!”

“No, you don’t understand me. You only know the colour I like, what I like to eat, or the animals that I like, that’s all… Moreover, it must have been a long time since you’ve updated your records right? Those were just my junior high school data right?

That’s right, everything Zhang Heng said was right. After Xu YaLe found out about all of Zhang Heng’s basic habits, she did not send someone to keep tabs again. That was because in her heart, she felt that ten years later, after they grew up, they would definitely be husband and wife. There wasn’t a need to know too many things. There needed to be a sense of mystery left for marriage.


Zhang Heng changed a lot during those seven years that Xu YaLe didn’t know about.

It included how he originally liked short-haired cats, but now he liked silly and adorable Shiba Inu; In the past, he liked white curtains, but now he liked cozy light blue curtains. Last time he liked to eat chicken, now he liked to eat duck...

The most crucial thing was— the only thing that Xu YaLe had not found out was the only thing that had not changed.

Zhang Heng liked men. He liked Gu Zhun.

“I liked men from the start, even seven years ago. Did you know?” Zhang Heng continued speaking.

“I…” Xu YaLe was speechless, she couldn’t think of anything to say.

Xu YaLe was driven to irrationality: “But you were so gentle in the past! When the other kids refused to play with me, only you would still play with me! Every time our families went on a trip, you would always take care of me because I had motion sickness! Don’t tell me that you don’t like me? Moreover, I really like you too! Isn’t it perfect when we are together?!”

This time, Zhang Heng finally got to the bottom of it. Xu YaLe was unable to differentiate between platonic love and romantic love.

“You only liked my identity as a brother, that’s all.” Zhang Heng’s eyes stared into her’s. He stared directly without any evasion. He felt that it wasn’t necessary. If he evaded it, it meant that there was still a chance for things to turn around, and there were things that were worth discussing.

However, when it came to matters of the heart, if things dragged on, it would just hurt both parties. It would simply be better if one party broke off this mistaken concept of predestined love.

Xu YaLe grabbed her hair with both hands. Her hair that originally had soft curls was now wrapped around her fingers. She yelled hysterically— “No! No! That’s impossible! You can’t!”

“You can’t…”

Zhang Heng took a step forward, grabbed Xu YaLe’s trembling shoulders, and leaned down so that he was at the same eye level as Xu YaLe. Zhang Heng saw his own reflection reflected in Xu YaLe’s eyes.

Xu YaLe’s shoulders trembled and two lines of tears rolled down from her eyes. She still cried in the end.

Zhang Heng used strength and properly grasped Xu YaLe so that her frame of mind would become stable.

“No, I must make sure that you’re awake. Your type of love isn’t a romantic love, it was just platonic love. You just lacked a sense of security and confidence. I was just someone that you could place your hopes in, but you can still meet a reliable man that would truly belong to you, YaLe.”

This was the first time Zhang Heng called Xu YaLe’s name.

Ever since they were young, from when they first met until they grew up, Zhang Heng had never called Xu YaLe’s name.

Xu YaLe’s shoulders stopped trembling. She became quiet and thought—

Was it true… My love for Zhang Heng was only platonic love?

Xu YaLe still refused to believe that she had never fallen in love. For her, Zhang Heng was her first love… Zhang Heng’s existence completely occupied her youth. She rejected a lot of confessions because she liked Zhang Heng.

Zhang Heng was her first love… and the memory of her youth.

All of her efforts were so that she would be worthy to be Zhang Heng’s bride...

Zhang Heng saw that Xu YaLe still doubted and hesitated. She still wasn’t sure. As such, Zhang Heng made a bold move.

One of his hands that he used to grab Xu YaLe’s shoulder began to drift down. It drifted to Xu YaLe’s waist, and his hand dived in and lifted the clothes.

A contact between skin and skin.

Xu YaLe’s back was stroked lightly by Zhang Heng’s fingers. Xu YaLe quickly pushed Zhang Heng away as though she got an electric shock.

“Don’t run. If you like me, don’t you want to do such things with me?” Zhang Heng leaned over and whispered into Xu YaLe’s ears.

The breath that fanned out when Zhang Heng spoke was very flirtatious…

Zhang Heng’s hand continued to move under her clothes. Zhang Heng planned and continued to explore with caution, but he refused to directly grab Xu YaLe’s chest.

Because this was just a test. Sure enough, Xu YaLe cried, pushed Zhang Heng away, and yelled: “You’re too much!”

“Look, you don’t like me at all.” Zhang Heng passed a tissue to Xu YaLe so that she could wipe her tears.

Xu YaLe took the tissue and looked at Zhang Heng in a daze.

Zhang Heng explained the small test just now: “Haven’t you been doing everything possible so that there was a chance to trap me into a marriage? So that what’s done cannot be undone? I gave you the chance just now, but you rejected it. What does that mean? Your body and your heart does not accept me. If a woman really loved a man, wouldn't all these be natural?”

Xu YaLe was unable to refute...

Indeed, she was really unable to accept intimate contact with Zhang Heng… but what about Gu Zhun?

“...” Xu YaLe lowered her head. It was a long time before she continued to say: “Perhaps, I really…”

Xu YaLe threw away the tissue in her hand. She used her sleeve to wipe her nose and shouted: “I’m sorry! Zhang Heng, I don’t like you!”

Then she pushed opened the door and ran out.

Zhang Heng looked at Xu YaLe’s back and said in his heart: “Such a silly younger sister… There would actually be a day where I got rejected…”

Gu Zhun stood outside the door and saw Xu YaLe run out crying. He seized the opportunity and entered the office. He sat on his own seat and continued to do his things.

Zhang Heng raised his eyebrows and said: “Don’t you care about my conversation with Xu YaLe?”

“... It’s either you agreed or you broke it off…”

Zhang Heng placed one hand in front of Gu Zhun’s table: “If I said I agreed, what would your reaction be?”

Gu Zhun was sensible. He simply stood up while wearing a solemn expression: “No, you wouldn’t. If you told me that you wanted to try with me, then you will.”

It was once again the wise tone of an old man...

Zhang Heng sighed. Indeed, it was like what Gu Zhun had said. Zhang Heng didn’t easily make promises, but once he made one, he would definitely keep it.