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Chapter 26 – The Pitiable Zhang Qingshan

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After temporarily consoling Mo Ka and the others, Bai Xiaofei swaggered towards his own room, and a smile was slowly revealed on his face as he pushed the door open.

Even though the room was still filled with the unique mix of the odor of stinkweed and devil pepper, the room had already been cleaned to perfect order, and even the sheets were new.

On the other hand, there was no trace of Zhang Qingshan and the others at all while only one of his lackeys still waited bitterly.

“All of you have done well. Take this, you only have to apply a little bit on when you bathe.” Bai Xiaofei tossed over the porcelain bottle that was almost empty to the lackey as he spoke. This little bit was definitely insufficient for all eight of them, but this wasn’t a problem Bai Xiaofei had to consider.

The lackey received the porcelain bottle and glared fiercely at Bai Xiaofei.

“Our Boss Qingshan said that you better watch out tonight!” Needless to say, the lackey's ability to pass a message was rather professional, and he even passed on Zhang Qingshan’s expression to Bai Xiaofei very nicely.

But, he’d overlooked a single thing instead….

He was alone!

“Brother, do you know that there’s a type of substitution puppet in the world?” After he spoke something that the lackey didn’t quite understand, Bai Xiaofei turned sideways slowly to reveal Wu Chi and the others behind him.

“You’re that substitute, and you’re not a very brilliant one.” Wu Chi and the others had already surged over before Bai Xiaofei could finish speaking.

“Don’t be too ruthless, let him crawl back.”

In the next three minutes, cries that were tragic beyond compare sounded out incessantly from room 807….

“Spray the room, otherwise, even a pig can’t sleep here.” As he watched the lackey that had already become a condemned ‘substitute’ hobbling off, Bai Xiaofei tossed a small wooden cylinder, whereas, he himself went to catch some fresh air with Huskie.

These were one of the benefits of being the boss, one’s lackeys would willingly do some things that others weren’t willing to.

Mo Ka and the others were completely convinced of Bai Xiaofei’s status now. Not to mention those rare abilities of Bai Xiaofei’s, merely the strange little tools he possessed were enough to cause others to feel powerless and frustrated.

Unknowingly, Bai Xiaofei had already become the representation of the word ‘possibility’ in their hearts, and it was the type of ‘possibility’ where everything was possible!

After they sprayed the stuff Bai Xiaofei gave them, the strange smell that filled the room had dispersed completely in the time it took to take a smoke, and replacing it was a refreshing fragrance comparable to that of a female dormitory room.

But, before the four of them could enjoy their comfortable room properly, a large group of people had already rushed in like a great flood.

Exactly as Bai Xiaofei had guessed, the people that had come were Zhang Qingshan and the others.


The wooden room door was kicked apart into pieces, and if it wasn’t for Wu Chi standing up and blocking these pieces in time, everyone would probably have to suffer them.

“Dammit! Beat them up!” Zhang Qingshan roared right after he entered, and the group of people had already started controlling their puppets with the intention of making a move, yet in the next second, all of them were stunned collectively.

Because they saw Qin Lingyan!

Of course, as new students, they didn’t know Qin Lingyan’s sway in Starnet Academy, but uniform of the Sword of Assault that Qin Lingyan wore wasn’t there for show.

Moreover, the fact that a female student had appeared in a male dormitory room was even more deterring than Qin Lingyan’s identity as a first year student.

“Oh, isn’t this our old friend? I knew you would come, so I intentionally invited Big Sister Lingyan over. I was planning on introducing her to all of you, but it looks like you don’t desire this.” Bai Xiaofei’s unhurried voice resounded out, and the sounds of Zhang Qingshan and the others gulping down mouthfuls of saliva rose and fell within the room.

“Hmph! It’s only a woman! It isn’t only you who knows a first year….” Zhang Qingshan hadn’t finished speaking when a large palm had already slapped down onto the back of his head.

“You idiot! What’re you talking about!” The crowd moved apart to reveal a first year senior from the Shield of Defense that stood in an unshakable position within the group, and he was Zhang Qingshan’s own elder brother, Zhang Qinghai.

But, when facing Qin Lingyan, Zhang Qinghai utterly didn’t reveal the ‘domineering air’ that he ought to reveal as a first year student.

“Big Sister Qin, I’m truly sorry. My ignorant younger brother offended someone by your side. Don’t worry, I’ll surely teach him a good lesson once we get back!” As he bent down to an arch, Zhang Qinghai’s attitude could be said to already be good to a certain extent, yet Qin Lingyan didn’t have any intention to pay attention to him, and she merely raised the teacup before her and took a light sip.

“Alas, Senior Sister’s mood was pretty good earlier. Senior, why couldn’t you have waited until tomorrow? It was so rare for my place to be quiet for a while.” The words Bai Xiaofei spoke next caused Zhang Qinghai to see a ray of hope.

“Didn’t you hear what he said? Everyone get the f*ck out!” Zhang Qinghai turned his head to the side and roared, and besides Zhang Qingshan, all the other lackeys ran out of the room as if they were fleeing for their lives.

“Young Brother, how about….” Zhang Qinghai’s face carried a trace of modesty as he smiled while looking at Bai Xiaofei.

“I heard if the things belonging the academy are damaged, they have to be compensated for according to price, right? Mo Ka?” Bai Xiaofei paid no attention to Zhang Qinghai but put on airs and asked Mo Ka instead, whereas, Mo Ka was no idiot and continued right away. “Yes. Moreover, it seems to be rather expensive. We new students are surely unable to pay for it.”

As soon as Mo Ka finished speaking, Zhang Qinghai took out his jade token right away.

“Young Brother, these are 100 Starnet Stone. How about we let the matter of today pass just like this?”

“Senior, how could I have the nerve to do that!?” Bai Xiaofei stood up right away as he spoke, and he moved the jade token in his hand over to receive the 100 Starnet Stones.

“Err…. You’re… called?” After walking to arrive by Zhang Qingshan’s side, Bai Xiaofei stretched out his hand to pat Zhang Qingshan on the shoulder.

“Zhang Qingshan.” He lowered his head and gritted his teeth as he tried his best to calm his voice down slightly. I can be considered to have encountered lifetimes worth of misfortune today….

“Right, right, right. Fellow student Qingshan.” Bai Xiaofei spoke meaningfully as he smiled lightly and patted the shoulder of Zhang Qingshan who was half a head taller than him once again.

“Let’s get along properly in the future. There’s no need to trouble seniors. Right? It’s difficult for them as well. They have to study themselves, so how could they have the time to constantly take care of others? As a younger brother, you have to think carefully about your older brother.”

“Young Brother, you’re right. I’ll try my best not to come over frequently in the future, and I won’t cause any more trouble.” As he smiled extremely gently, Zhang Qinghai had practically arrived at the limit of amiable expressions he was capable of for today.

“It’s fine now. Senior, we’ll deal with the rest ourselves. I have to send Senior Sister back in a while, so it isn’t convenient for me to accompany you any longer.” Bai Xiaofei smiled slightly as he made it obvious that it was time to leave, and this was the thing Zhang Qinghai wanted to hear the most at this moment.

After he apologized once more, Zhang Qinghai led Zhang Qingshan to leave Bai Xiaofei’s room, and the expressions of these brothers changed right away at the instant they left the room.

“Big Brother, why should we be afraid of that woman? Could it be that she’s almighty?”

“What the f*ck do you know? Qin Lingyan’s ability to draw support amongst the first years is even greater than many second year students. I’m not even worthy of carrying her shoes. Even though it sounded bad, Zhang Qinghai didn’t have any intention of concealing it from his younger brother.

“Then we’re just letting it go like this?” Zhang Qingshan had an unwilling expression, and he was really incapable of swallowing his grievances.

“Hmph! How could I possibly just let it go? But, we can’t make a move before her!” Zhang Qinghai had a gloomy expression as a trace of vicious expression flashed past his eyes.

“Then… we’re…?”

“The reason Qin Lingyan has such a strong ability to draw support is because a few great bosses amongst the underclassmen are interested in her. But, they’ve always been restraining each other, causing them to have been unable to succeed. Tell me, what would happen if we find someone to spread the news about her appearance in the male dormitory?”

Zhang Qingshan’s face instantly bloomed with a smile as soon as Zhang Qinghai finished speaking, and it seemed as if the appearance of Bai Xiaofei being struck with misfortune had emerged before his eyes….