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Chapter 90 The Cyan Halo Cuts off the Music

"Nan Fengxiu? Ranked 15th?"

Who in the Demon Clan would introduce herself with her ranking?

No one would, except for the Demon King's personal disciples. That was because no one else had the right to. Feng Xingmo looked up and stared at the girl with blood-red hair, unfathomable cultivation, and tremendous ego. There was no mistaking it!

"Nan Fengxiu? Fengxiu? Feng?" Feng Xingmo muttered under his breath. His forehead was drenched with sweat. "Is she the Phoenix of the Imperial Clan?"

It went without saying that the Demon King's personal disciples didn't belong to any tribe. Naturally, they had the right to command any Demon Race warrior as well as mock Feng Xingmo for being useless and take away his position as a leader. Even if he was born a wolf and a genius, he was incapable of breaking this rule. It was impossible even if he was the Wolf King.

For a long time, he didn't know what to say.


"Retreat to the rear and don't let me see your face again. From now onward, all Demon Race warriors will listen to my command," Nan Fengxiu said solemnly. She also waved her hand impatiently. It was well within her rights to kill Feng Xingmo since he disrespected her but now wasn't the time. Besides, she wasn't fond of shedding unnecessary blood. She found it dirty.

There was an extremely strict hierarchy within the Demon Race. Seeing as Nan Fengxiu was the Demon King's personal disciple, she was naturally their leader now. No one protested and neither did anyone dare to.

Out of the blue, a giant shield as tall as a human appeared in front of her. Curiously, no one saw how she conjured it. She grabbed the shield single-handedly and threw it in front of the Demon Race legion.

With the shield absorbing most of the music, its attack weakened significantly.

However, Nan Fengxiu's appearance in the Demon Race worsened the impact of the music on the Orthodox cultivators. The pressure on cultivators from smaller sects was even greater.

"Originally, there is no Bodhi tree. Neither is there the stand of the bright mirror. Originally, everything is empty. Where could the dust alight? It is the demon that creates confusion among humans. Those who create chaos will eventually be subdued." Bringing up the rear of the Cultivation World legion was a round-headed, big-eared, benign-faced monk. After uttering a Buddhist saying, he closed his eyes and slowly walked to the edge of the lake. He placed his hands together and a large clock nearly 10 meters tall abruptly materialized in front of everyone.

Using his fist like a hammer, the monk gently hit the large clock in the middle and sent a far-reaching sound reverberating like a hum.

"Chronometer of Dawn from the Sixth Buddhist Temple!"

"Who is that monk? That's the Chronometer of Dawn from the Sixth Buddhist Temple that he is using!"

Even the Mount Shu disciples were shocked.

Chen Qing carefully searched his memories while staring at the monk standing in front of the Chronometer of Dawn. Then, he walked up to his leader and whispered, "The one controlling the Chronometer of Dawn is the Curator of the Scriptures Atheneum from the Sixth Buddhist Temple. His Dharma name is Wu Ming and he's a monk in the Starburst realm."

"Wu Ming?" The youngster leading the Mount Shu disciples repeated the name expressionlessly. It seemed that he didn't expect to hear this Dharma name.

"The 'Wu' from the term 'moment of enlightenment' and 'Ming' from the word 'mirror'," Chen Qing explained in a quiet voice. "With the Chronometer of Dawn here, we won't have to fear the music coming from the heart of the lake anymore. After all, it has been ringing in the Sixth Buddhist Temple for more than a thousand years. The sacred sound has accumulated power over the years. It's not a problem for it to offset some insignificant mind-controlling music."

Next to Red Bean, Ye Que stared at the changes taking place on the mirror-like lake. He nodded and said, "Looks like these geniuses are all born to steal the Divine Tool! Look, all of them are armed with priceless treasures!"

"We will see if they can even break the musical instruments inside the pavilion. It's no use to block the attack of the music and do nothing else." Red Bean looked like she was ready to directly head for the pavilion in the middle of the lake with her oil-paper umbrella.

"Wait." Ye Que grabbed Red Bean's arm. "Be patient. It seems that there's no need for you to make a move."

Even though he didn't use excessive force in grabbing her arm, a strange expression immediately flitted across her face. She wanted to shake his hand off and yet for an inexplicable reason, her heart stirred. Her arm itself stayed still, allowing Ye Que's hand to hold onto it.

On the contrary, Ye Que didn't notice her expression at all. He pointed at the Mount Shu disciples. "The Demon Race has its shield while the Sixth Buddhist Temple has its Chronometer of Dawn. Mount Shu, the leader of the Orthodox sects, wouldn't allow itself to be overshadowed. The thing people coming out of that mountain are most concerned about is their reputation."

"They would rather lose their life than their reputation."

What happened next seemed to be affirming Ye Que's words.

Out of the blue, a cyan halo rose from the edge of the mirror-like lake.

The cyan halo rose behind a youngster and flew into the sky. First, it absorbed all of the vapor above the lake and then, fell onto the pavilion in the middle of the lake.

The cyan halo engulfed countless bolts of lightning and turbulence flow that could rip apart space and instantly smashed the roof of the pavilion. In an instant, the 37 musical instruments inside flashed with a blinding light.

37 sound waves, observable by the naked eye, transformed into 37 bladed weapons of all kinds. The weapons immediately attacked the cyan halo.

A deafening roar resounded.

The lake water gushed out of the core of the mirror-like lake, flooding the bank. The heart of the lake became visible to everyone.

The roaring resounded again and again. The speed at which the lake water gushed out increased as well and the water enveloped everyone's vision in the blink of an eye. However, they could vaguely see that the resounding of each roar coincided with the cyan halo slashing a weapon evolved from the musical instruments. The cyan halo would then continue in its direction undeterred and slash the pavilion in the middle of the lake.

37 roars resounded in total.

The lake water vanished, leaving the entire lake dry. The small pavilion in the middle of the lake had completely disappeared from everyone's sight. The 37 musical instrument was nowhere to be seen, not even their fragments.

The breeze brought with it a misty rain.

Amid the gentle wind and fine rain, the cyan halo retreated and crashed behind the youngster leading the Mount Shu disciples.

It was only now that everyone saw that the cyan halo was actually a sword, a sword harboring the mythical bird Luan.

"Mount Shu's Cyan Luan!"

"It's the Cyan Luan Sword of Mount Shu! Is that youngster the Sect Leader of Mount Shu? Isn't their Sect Leader the only one who knows how to use the Cyan Luan Sword?"

It was impossible for a cultivator who made it to this stage to be a mere no-name. Putting aside cultivation, one would certainly have some experience. Besides, the Monarch's Sword, a Level 3 Top-grade weapon, was essentially a household name. No cultivator who majored in swordsmanship would be ignorant of the Cyan Luan Sword.

Li Jianqi, who stood at the helm of the Judicature, widened her eyes so much that her eyeballs threatened to fall out of their sockets. She was inches away from salivating. The girl had been unable to step away after seeing Ye Que's Spirit Sword in a battle. Now that she saw the Cyan Luan Sword, she was so excited that she nearly fainted.

The eyes of the red-haired Nan Fengxiu gleamed as well. She pointed at the Mount Shu disciples. "Who is he? Who among you knows?"

After seeing the Demon Race warriors around her lower their heads, looking as if they did not dare to speak, she stamped her foot. "Get that idiot from the Wind Tribe to come over."

Feng Xingmo, who had just reached the rear of the team, was forced to run over to her. "Your command, Lord?"

"What is that halo earlier? Who is the one who controlled the halo?"

Nan Fengxiu didn't frequent the Human World and thus, had little understanding of the affairs in the Cultivation World.

Naturally, Feng Xingmo had witnessed the battle earlier. He said unhesitantly, "Lord, that halo is the Cyan Luan Sword, a Monarch's Sword of Mount Shu. The swordsman is the Eldest Senior Brother of Mount Shu in the current generation. He was the top-scorer in last year's Starburst Examination. His name is Jiang Liuyun."