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Black Dragon Sect

Elder Lin "Elder Fang, I didn't know you had an appointment in our Azure Dragon Sect." he said out loud.

Elder Fang " I heard that Azure Dragon Sect is accepting new batch of disciples, I was just checking how the new crop is? "

Elder Lin "It is quite promising crop. " he said smiling, even though both of them are greeting each other in friendly way, the atmosphere is too suffocating. They are ready to draw arms at any hint.

Elder Fang "Yes , I saw them Long Xia, Zhen Mo, Wang Ning, Xuan Long hmm quite talented bunch, pity they choose the wrong side."

Elder Lin "Elder Fang you don't know it yet, may be one of them will become reason for destruction of your Black Dragon Sect." he said smirking.

Elder Fang didn't get furious hearing this, he just gave a amused smile "You believe so, for it to happen they have to survive first. Desolate Battlefield will open in another year, you will not be hiding your disciples from it would you, who will know what will happen in the battle field."

Elder Lin "True who will know what will happen in the Desolate Battle Field, Your Ning Mo might breath his last there?"

Elder Fang was shocked hearing this and there was a slight shake in his legs "Ning Mo, your crop is good, but to compare them with Ning Mo, may be Long Xia can contend against him in term of talent, but she is still far cry in other terms, she may become his human cauldron in the battlefield. But I am quite surprised, you know about Ning Mo. "

Elder Lin "We know quite more than that, we even know about your plan to snatch the students before test. We already prepared counter measures, you people should be locked by our outer array right now, they might be trapped there forever if you don't help them."

Elder Fang "Hmm. As expected of Azure Dragon Sect, you guys are well prepared. But, my intentions may be different from sect." saying that he threw a small red stone in the air and immediately made a run towards outer array to protect his fellow sect cultivators.

Elder Lin wanted to chase after him but he was forced to stop by the the giant golem which came out from the red stone, which was moving towards the crowd of students.

Elder Lin "That Bastard",luckily there are many elder level figures watching over the process or else it would bring a disaster.

All the golden robe elders are at cultivation of Immortal Body Realm, this stone golem is one of the annoying creature. It is not very powerful but it is very hard to kill, it has very strong defense and its special ability makes it annoying to kill,

Every time a part of stone golem broke , the broken part forms a new golem with corresponding power,it will continue to happen until you kill all the possible golems or you have a strong water attribute cultivator weaken it completely and kill it.

Immediately all the water cultivating elders sprang into action but they dont have absolute edge over them and fight continue and there were over thousands of golems let loose.

Elder Lin tried his best to control the battle field but sudden appearance of stone golem sent a wide panic among the disciples. Deacons were soon required to take action.

Xuan Long "How annoying?" he said watching out how the battle was taking place. He was not that impressed with the outcome.

Mo Chen "Annoying? Brother Long, stone golem is hard creature to kill, if you cant suppress it at once it will drag the fight indefinitely. That is why stone golems are generally used to train disciples. It would be a lengthy battle."

Xuan Long "I know, but it really is annoying to fight it, I would die of boredom if i fight it."

Mo Chen chuckled hearing this,he got a little understanding about this man now. He will act indifferent and uncaring but is good at heart and communicates exactly opposite way.

Mo Chen "What would you do if you have to face a stone golem?"

Xuan Long "If I am a water attribute cultivator, I will try to make the ground so slippery that it can't take a step forward and trap it in its place."

Xuan Long "If I am earth attribute cultivator, I will trap them in a pit of some kind, golems are so dumb only thing they can do walk forward and attack , they don't even have proper eyes, they will only attack towards energy fluctuations."

Mo Chen was dumb struck hearing this, they are possible methods but bit tough to execute and need planning to execute, those methods are used to catch stone golems usually. No, normal person can do it here.

But next moment Mo Chen saw that elders did the same , they trapped the golems on the very spot. Now they are easy to deal.

Xuan Long "No one here is normal little Chen. We can't measure Azure Dragon Sect with outside world as scale."

Mo Chen looked at Xuan Long with a revered gaze, Xuan Long may not have actively participated in the battle, but there would have been no different if he had led the battle. He simply came with away to battle so casually. But, he don't know what he though came simply came from a state of mind that battle all his life, who has battle experience of multiple decades. He faced many more complex situation and overcame them, this stone golem is a kids play in front of him, he had used similar method before in a war, when a biological weapon was let loose by enemies and was spreading fast, he killed few of his own men using a missile, creating a barren field and stopped the spreading of a dangerous virus by cutting off the host for it to transfer from. He made such a decision in critical time saving over billions of lives. Method is same for both situation, block them in their own path.

But, even he didn't know that, in today battle it is his words that changed the outcome, that method may be well know among poachers and hunters, but not wide spread among the righteous combat type masters.

Elder Lin "Always keep an eye on that brat, I want his name in the list that will go to desolate battlefield."

Few of the golden robed elders agreed to it, others may not know, but they have their senses strengthened beyond mortal limits, how can they not hear they not be aware of what happened.

Elder Lin "What is his name again?"

One of the elders responded "His name is Xuan Long elder Lin, he said he came from Xi Province."

Elder Lin "Xi Province."

"There is no Xi Province in Azure Dragon Boundaries lying about his origins."

Everyone's face was stiff again.

One of the golden robed elder responded," What should we do, elder Lin?"

Elder Lin just smiled "He may not have lied, probably he is indeed from Xi Province."


"Xi province is not in Azure Dragon Boundary, it is Southern Wind Boundary. "

His words caused all the elders to look at elder Lin surprised, few of them know about the existance of Xi Province of Southern Wind Boundary.