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Chapter 34 Mysterious Inheritance

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“Su Yan. This is a super ore!”

Xia Yang explained, “This ore is very rare. I don’t know who was so lucky to dig up such a treasure from the mine.”

“Mine?” Su Yan’s eyes lit up, then he thought that maybe he could dig out some treasures with Dragon Totem if he went to the mine.

People were discussing intensely on the auction. Super ores were rare. The size of this ore was not large but for weapon refiners, it was worthy to fight for it all out. After all, it could be used to make super weapons!

Super weapons were extremely precious and there were just a few in the whole Huaxia Alliance, all of which were taken by overmatches and the weapons could make people stronger.

“The starting price for this one is 50 million Huaxia coins!”

Su Yan gasped in shock. The starting price was a bit too high. He estimated that the price would increase several times. Although he had 200 million Huaxia coins, he might not be able to afford this ore.

"60 million Huaxia coins!” A rich weapon refiner shouted immediately, seemingly he was determined to get this ore for sure.

“70 million Huaxia Coins!” Someone followed quickly. This ore was too rare, and it could be used to refine super weapons.

As Xia Yang expected, the price of super ore continued to rise. The price was over 100 million Huaxia coins. There were fewer people who were increasing the price now, because weapon refining might fail, and it was impossible to make super weapons just depending on this ore alone.

“160 million Huaxia coins!”

Finally, Su Yan made an offer and it made Xia Yang shock to dumb. He didn’t know why Su Yan wanted this ore. Did Su Yan want to study weapon refining?

“170 million Huaxia coins!”

A new price appeared and Su Yan frowned. It was too difficult to buy this ore with only 200 million Huaxia coins. Without enough money he had to give up.

Su Yan took out his communicator immediately and contacted his friend - Fatty. Anyway, Su Yan wanted to make a bet on it. Also, he wanted to see how powerful the Dragon Totem was.

“Ha-Ha, Su Yan, the examination must be over now, right?”

Panting sounds came from the other side of the communicator, “The teacher is training me. I have no time to pay you a visit. When will you get in Huaxia College?”

Su Yan told him the purpose quickly. The Fatty said straightforwardly, “I thought you were going to borrow more than one billion Huaxia coins. It is only 100 million. Just give me your account number and I will transfer the money to you immediately.”

Su Yan smiled and sighed involuntarily about the importance of money because cultivation was closely bound with money. More importantly there were things that couldn’t be measured by Huaxia coins.

“200 million Huaxia coins!” Su Yan yelled confidently.

People at the auction were shocked because the price was already high enough. The price of super weapons was in the billions generally, and this ore was worth 200 million Huaxia coins at most.

“Hey man, don’t indulge in other course, weapon refining wastes too much time.” Xia Yang couldn’t help and persuaded, “You are in prime time of cultivation right now, don’t be distracted by other course.”

Su Yan smiled mysteriously when hearing that, “Don’t worry, I know what I’m doing.”

This ore was taken by Su Yan directly. He spent 220 million Huaxia coins for it.

Su Yan also had some worries. He still owed Lin Wanlan 300 million and plus the money that he just borrowed, the debt was more than 400 million.

"What if I owed so much money a hundred years ago?"

Su Yan trembled, soon he got the black ore. Su Yan paid more than 200 million Huaxia coins for the ore and was ready to leave. Even if the Dragon Totem could find more treasures, the items followed would cost more than 100 million coins, which Su Yan couldn’t afford.

“You asked the place to stay?” Xia Yang laughed, “You won’t regret asking me. The UCC has many places to stay, but the price is different. Some places will cost 1 million Huaxia coins per day.”

“What did you say?” Su Yan’s eyes turned wide with surprise. One million Huaxia coins per day? Although he still had 80 million Huaxia coins left, he couldn’t afford it.

“Easy, bro. The room definitely deserves one million Huaxia coins, because there is abundant natural essence in it. So the speed of cultivation is four or five times faster than ordinary cultivating rooms and three times faster than medium cultivating rooms. The price of a medium cultivating room is more than 300 thousand Huaxia coins a day. The normal ones are cheaper, just tens of thousands of Huaxia coins a day. It’s a piece of cake for you.”

Su Yan became speechless. It was very expensive for him. It must be a huge price to buy a house in Huaxia City.

“I’ll take a medium one.” Su Yan clenched his teeth and said.

After all, only masters in Destiny Spring Realm would rent the advanced cultivating room and took advantage of the rich natural essence in it to break through the levels. Su Yan didn’t need this kind of cultivating room yet.

Xia Yang led Su Yan away directly. The interior of the UCC was very large, and the rear courtyard was very quiet. There were many cultivating rooms, and each of them was about 30 square meters.

The moment Su Yan stepped into the cultivating room, he felt it was worthwhile finally.

The natural essence inside was very exuberant. A slight inhalation in the room was three or four times better than outside, which greatly saved cultivating time.

"It looks well!"

Su Yan seemed very joyful. With the power of Dragon Totem and Incipient Scripture, he would absorb the natural essence at an amazing speed, which was so worthwhile.

He was not in a hurry to cultivate and took out the black ore instead.

Su Yan stared at the ore. It looked normal but was very hard. He felt it was an unbreakable divine iron!

Su Yan scratched his head. Was this thing some kind of rare divine iron?

Dragon Totem was heating up continuously, as if indicating Su Yan how special the treasure was!

“No, it must be telling me something!”

Su Yan found that Dragon Totem seemed to guide him to the interior of the ore. Was there something inside?

Su Yan mused for a while. Suddenly, his eyes lit up and his forehead glittered. When the Soul-Refining Manual was operating, the power of his spirit emerged out of his body and rushed to the black ore.

“Oh! No!”

Su Yan’s face changed because there was a strong power from the black ore which swallowed his spirit. There was a drumming in his ears. His spirit was just like his third eye. Now, the third eye came to a mysterious and strange world!

This world was like an independent space, spreading endless esoteric airflow and flashing many bright lines which looked like either Tao chains or theodolites in the universe.

Su Yan’s spirit was observing these mysterious lines. Then, some of them changed. They spun automatically, spilling out symbols: some like dragons, some like Kylins, and some like Black Tortoise (One of the Four Symbols of the Chinese constellations, usually depicted as a turtle entwined together with a snake.).

The countless mysterious symbols broken out, creating splendor so bright that it seemed like the sky sank down. These were mysterious and terrible characters. Once they appeared, they could change the position of stars and overturn sky and earth.

Every strange character was like a kind of momentum that could reverse the universe!

Every symbol was like a battle formation that could reverse heavens and hells!

When these mysterious symbols were combined together, bursts of horrifying waves swept out continuously, as if billions of dragons roared and rushed to the sky.


Su Yan’s whole body was trembling, and his soul seemed to be torn apart by this aura. He screamed disastrously, because his spirit suffered terribly and the sea of his consciousness was almost demolished.

Su Yan felt his head was splitting, he clenched his fists tightly with his whole body trembling.

The residual power in his head almost split his soul. After an hour, he began to look better than before.

“I almost died!”

Su Yan widened his eyes. The black ore had horrible inheritance that he was not qualified to read currently.

After thinking carefully, he figured it out quickly that he failed because of his weak spirit. If with stronger spirit, he could definitely see through the inheritance hidden in the black ore.

“Are these mysterious symbols a particularly powerful magic?”

Su Yan muttered to himself. He had just seen a lot of mysterious symbols and the combination of them pervaded terrible aura which almost destroyed him.

“I’m damned lucky! Anyway, it is totally worth 200 million Huaxia coins!”

Su Yan grinned, his eyes filled with anticipation. Once his spirit was strong enough, he could read the inheritance in it.

“Money, I want to make more money!”

Su Yan’s heart ached because he didn’t know how many underappreciated or unrecognized treasures were waiting for Dragon Totem to discover. However, he was still in billions of debt.

Su Yan took off his jacket, stared closely at the dragon totem pattern, and chuckled, “Dragon Totem, go steal fearlessly. When you are powerful enough to cover your sense over the whole earth, I would be the richest man in the whole world then!”

Su Yan knew it was just an illusion. He closed his eyes and cultivated his spirit with Soul-refining Manual, His spirit had just suffered terribly and required several days to rest.

While cultivating Soul-refining Manual, he also found that he could strengthen his body with Incipient Scripture, which meant doing two things at the same time. That was the benefit of soul!

Meanwhile, Su Yan took out an Essence Stone. Although this Essence Stone from Jing Yanghui was not too big, it was enough for him to squander.


His body was radiant with gold, and the source of Qi and blood was rising and falling as his chest roared.

The pores all over his body were open, absorbing the vigorous natural essence in the cultivating room. Each time he breathed in, essence-fire of life was burning inside his body. His body’s aura began to enhance with the nourishment of natural essence.

Dragon Totem also greedily absorbed the power refined by Incipient Scripture…

“It seems that my body is in desperate need of the power from Essence Stone!”

He was collecting essence absorbed by Incipient Scripture from the Essence Stone. It was like his body broke layers of chains, the source of Qi and blood burned more turbulently, even his body strength was climbing!

What was this? It was the climb of power!

“Where is my limit?”

Su Yan felt that his physical potential didn’t reach the limit, even his blood was awakened, absorbing the power of Essence Stone.

“I must have inherited the strong power in my blood from my ancestors. They should be very mighty!”

As days went by, Su Yan’s spirit recovered and even became stronger. He dared not to pry the secrets of the black ore now.

The source of Qi and blood in Su Yan’s body was stronger, his flesh and bones were filled with powerful energy. Su Yan assumed that he should have more than eight hundred horsepower by now.

“Dong! Dong! Dong!”

Suddenly, there appeared golden ripples continuously. This was the sound of the bell ringing through the whole Huaxia City!

All the people of Huaxia City looked towards the source of the golden ripple. It was an ancient bell which magnified itself into a huge golden bell during wobbling.

This bell exhibited horrifying aura, its body was intervened with millions of mysterious lines.

When these lines all shined at the same time, the golden bell turned dazzling, illuminating the whole Huaxia City.