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Chapter 26 Soul-refining Manual

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“How excessive it is! A master in Destiny Spring Realm against Su Yan in Awakening Realm!”

The chief steward said immediately, “Here I am. No one dares to offend you! Su Yan, come with me, you can join the Underground Chamber of Commerce instead of Huaxia College.”

Teachers from other advanced colleges wanted to say something, but they dared not because of the awe of Tao Tianhua.

“Such an old bastard.”

A little bit of coldness flashed in Tao Tianhua’s eyes, then he excoriated, “Ignore him! Take Su Yan down. He should know the consequence of disrupting the meeting, everyone must obey the principles even he is gifted.”

Ji Qing frowned, and his expression slightly changed at the moment he was trying to speak.

“What’s going on? Who is bullying our Frozen College students?”

An old man dressed in Tang costume appeared eerily on the high platform suddenly, which froze Xiang Yang and made Elder Liang stand up at once. Elder Liang stared at Tang Yi with a bitter smile, "You old crock finally showed up."

“Tang Yi!”

Tao Tianhua looked sullen, he knew that Tang Yi was one of the key members around female asura. Huaxia College had invited Tang Yi to teach in their campus long time ago but with no reply.

He was difficult to deal with because he was one of the top overmatches among the whole Huaxia Alliance.

“If I don’t show up, you are not going to stop this unfair combat, are you?” Tang Yi said with a poker face. Clearly, he knew the gap between the two realms was so unmeasurable that it was hard to challenge.

“I also want to know how strong Su Yan could be. No offense but I don’t mean to bully the students of Frozen College.” Elder Liang said with a smile.

Tang Yi looked at Su Yan unexpectedly because he couldn’t believe that Su Yan would be so strong in just a few months. It reminded him that the Dean brought Su Yan back at a great cost three years ago.

The safety of Su Yan was the major reason why Tang Yi stayed in college all these years, because the Dean asked him to keep an eye on Su Yan and protect him from any harm.

"It isn’t bully. Don’t take it too serious! We are just checking on couple of things." Tao Tianhua said with his hands on his back, looking directly at Tang Yi.

Elder Liang frowned and thought to himself, “Does Tao Tianhua know nothing about the identity of Tang Yi? Although the strength between his grandfather and Tang Yi equals, the Female Asura is backing Tang Yi up. And Female Asura is a figure that no one dares to go against.”

“Come with me.”

Tang Yi did not even look at Tao Tianhua. Waving to Su Yan, he said, "Huaxia College is nothing, Underground Chamber of Commerce is also a good choice.”

"Ha-ha! Thank you, senior Tang!" The chief steward was in great excitement. "We will provide superior terms and resources to Su Yan which will never let you down!”

“You can’t do that!”

Elder Liang was anxious at once. Su Yan had five hundred horsepower absolutely. He was the core disciple that was unalterable. They couldn’t bear to let him fall into the hands of others.

Su Yan said nothing and followed Tang Yi. No matter what, Tang Yi would never hurt him, nor would the Dean of Frozen College. He assumed that Tang Yi knew something about what happened three years ago.


Tao Tianhua clenched his fists for being ignored!

"Tang Yi, I respect that you are an old man but you are being so unappreciative!"

Tao Tianhua was furious and shouted, "This examination is supervised by our Huaxia College. And Su Yan is a rebellious person who violated me. He could not be easily forgiven. If you take him away by force, you will be the enemy of Huaxia College!"

Tang Yi's feet became stiff. With his robe flying, a horrible killing atmosphere swept from all directions!

At this moment, a storm was swallowing the whole Frozen College, countless people shivering and feeling like falling in ice caves!

The power it released was so unfathomable that it seemed to shake the whole college.

Tao Tianhua also had a panic in his heart. Tang Yi, following the Female Asura, deserved the horrifying reputation!

"How dare you!”

Elder Liang was infuriated and shouted, "Tao Tianhua, you are so presumptuous! Who give you the right to judge what Tang Yi did? Do you know who he is? Do you know who fought against the beasts decades ago? Do you know who gave you the current peaceful environment?”

All the people were filled with deep esteem!

Although they weren’t there, they can’t forget the ancient history. Without those warriors such as Tang Yi fighting with their lives, they wouldn’t be able to live a steady life right now!

"Emmm…" Face turning extremely sullen, Tao Tianhua did not know what to say. It was so disrespectful to accuse senior Tang.

"Come on Tianhua, how could you disrespect your senior Tang Yi?"

Jing Yanghui came over promptly and said with a smile, "Master, please don’t take his words seriously, he’s just too angry. And Su Yan, you're overreacting. Tao Tianhua would never send someone to kill you no matter what. Let’s see, Su Yan, you just apologize to Tao Tianhua. Then that's it!"

"Why should I apologize to him?” Su Yan turned his head and looked at Jing Yanghui.

Jing Yanghui turned stiff and embarrassed with a hollow laugh, "Tao Tianhua has a reputation around. How can you talk irresponsibly? He's a second-level chemist. Lin Wanlan's teacher also asked for a second-level prescription from Tao Tianhua before!"

Lin Wanlan had already told him about it. At that time, Su Yan was very angry about Tao Tianhua, because Tao Tianhua would not agree unless Lin Wanlan asked Jing Yanghui for the prescription.

“Is the Second Rank chemist that good?” Tang Yi looked at Jing Yanghui and said indifferently, “Tao Tianhua has a good reputation, so does Frozen College! I’ll see who dares to force our students to do things reluctantly? Who dares!”

His words shocked everyone!

Many students of Frozen College were very excited about it. Tang Yi didn’t care whether they were the two top students in Huaxia College.

Jing Yanghui’s expression got sullen. He and Tao Tianhua looked at each other, both getting furious.

“Let’s do it this way!”

Tao Tianhua said with a smirk, “It is unfair to fight with Xiang Yang. So I will give Su Yan a chance. Now let Jing Yanghui fight with Su Yan. What do you think of it?”

Seeing Tang Yi wanted to speak, Tao Tianhua looked down at Su Yan and said in a condescending tone, “I am asking you. You can't hide behind the elder like a child!”

“That I dare not accept.”

Su Yan shrugged his shoulders and said, “If anyone were hurt badly, then I will be blamed for being malicious.”

“Su Yan, you son of a bitch!”

Jing Yangyu flared with anger, and then laughed, “Su Yan! You mean I will lose and be maimed by you? Are you crazy? Don’t you know that my strength is stronger than you? How dare you say these words?”

“You mean no one needs to take responsibility for the other's death?” Su Yan replied indifferently.

“You come here! If I don’t kill you today, I will be your son!”

Jing Yangyu couldn’t stand it. Short-tempered as he usually was, no one dared to despise him like this.

“It looks like a deal has been made. What else do you want to say, Tang Yi?” Tao Tianhua asked.

"Well, of course. But have you asked for my permission?" At this moment, Tang Yi smiled unexpectedly.

"What else do you want?"

Tao Tianhua was boiling with rage. But for fact that the old guy had some prestige, he would have crippled him long ago.

Tang Yi moved his lips. And then some words exploded in Tao Tianhua’s mind.

Tao Tianhua’s face changed abruptly, the corners of his mouth wriggling too.

People around were astonished. What were they doing?

Only some teachers knew they were talking by divine spirit, which was an ability that only those with horrifying soul could possess!


An uncontrollable surprise appeared on Tao Tianhua’s face. He took out a book solemnly and gave it to Elder Liang.

Elder Liang’s expression changed drastically when he opened it.

Tang Yi also took out something and gave it to Elder Liang, whose heart beat uncontrollably faster. It was indeed a big bet!

“It is up to you. You can fight for your own destiny.”

Tang Yi clapped Su Yan on the shoulder and left a word that made Su Yan confused. Then Tang Yi left quietly.

“What were you talking about?” Jing Yanghui was curious.

Tao Tianhua whispered, “Unexpectedly the old guy has ten Essence Stones. He wants to bet with me. My wager is Soul-refining Manual!”

“What? Soul-refining Manual? It was Zu Yan who gave it to you!”

Jing Yanghui was confused, and incoherently said, "The value of ten Essence Stones are not comparable to that of the Soul-refining Manual. And if you lose, Zu Yan will not let you go when he knows it!"

“How could I lose?”

Tao Tianhua coldly said, "I’m 100% sure that Su Yan’s power cannot be strong, but your brother has been trained in secret over these years. What can Tang Yi teach Su Yan? He is just an old man."

“You are right. These old people are all pedantic!”

Jing Yanghui grunted and said, “Tang Yi takes himself too seriously. Tang Yi despises us by his military merits. He and those old people should know that they are going to become a pile of bones. But the future belongs to our Prime Faction!”

Tao Tianhua, Jing Yanghui and some other young top students secretly called themselves the Prime Faction. They all felt that those old people should retire, and they were the future.

“When I get ten Essence Stones, you better not take them. But you can give your brother two. As for the rest, I’m going to exchange some treasures from Zu Yan.” Tao Tianhua whispered, “I guess the ancient relic in Base No.9 is going to be opened up. So I’m going to get more treasures and you must help me.”

While they were talking, Su Yan and Jing Yangyu were arguing.

“You just know two students from Huaxia College. How dare you treat my brother and Tao Tianhua disrespectfully! And that old guy, he just made a little contribution to the human race. He has nothing to show off!”

Jing Yangyu arrogantly said, “And Lin Wanlan is my big brother’s woman. I forgot to warn you to get away from her last time. Let’s sort all things out. But don’t worry, I won’t kill you!”

"Son of a bitch, I will teach you a lesson today!"

The breath of Su Yan was completely different like an evil. His blood-stained clothes fluttered in the air and his pupils released the terrible and murderous glow!