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Chapter 39 Bloodline of Golden Crow

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It was getting towards evening when Su Yan began to cultivate. He also just found Treasure Cave in the Contributing Point Handbook. Cultivating for a day in it required 500 Contributing Points. Therefore, there was no doubt that Treasure Cave was used to break through realms, which really excited Su Yan. However, cultivating in it was costly. The higher level you were, the more Contributing Points you would spend!

500 Contributing Points was the minimum cost. Cultivators in Destiny Spring Realm had to pay 1000 Contributing Points. For powerful cultivators like Jing Yanghui, they would have to pay exactly 5000 Contributing Points!

The moment Incipient Scripture circulated, Su Yan’s Qi channels were undulating, his body glowing and all his pores open.

Qi channels revived when Su Yan swallowed Natural Essence one mouthful after another, each of which was long and collected. Then Natural Essence floating out of Treasure Cave came into Su Yan’s body rapidly!

At this moment, due to the strong Natural Essence from Treasure Cave, Su Yan felt that he would soon be crushed by it, his whole body starting to tremble with excitement and greedily absorbing huge energy in Treasure Cave!

Cultivating Qi into Spirit!

Taking his body as a furnace, he seized the energy from the heaven and earth, and created the divine power that his body needed to get more powerful!

In way of Qi cultivating, huge divine power spread out his whole body and nourished his flesh and blood, bones and viscera!

The potential developed through awakening was like innumerable small spaces hidden in the human body.

Incipient Scripture recorded that human body contained hundreds of millions of potentials. When these potentials were explored completely, the cultivator would be second to none!

Su Yan’s potentials and his body integrated like a furnace. His breath became stronger under the nourishment of Natural Essence.

It was worth mentioning that the Divine Power in Treasure Cave was so strong!

However, much to his disappointment, the energy of Treasure Cave was too powerful and violent, which was impossible for Su Yan to take the Innate Essence out of it.

Luckily, the power he could accessible to was enough to satisfy his cultivation at present. One thing he looked forward to was his Awakening Peak which, he hoped, would surprise him.


As his chest heaved and rumbled, the source of qi and blood burned. Then his chest was glowing. With the nourishment of the Natural Essence, the source of qi and blood became more powerful.

The source of qi and blood equaled to the source of human life and the root of qi and blood.

It was astonishing how swiftly Su Yan swallowed the natural essence, and the Dragon Totem constantly plundered his gain. Su Yan was totally fine with it because the more Dragon Totem took it, the more swiftly he would absorb.

An extraordinary view appeared in the room. Streams of Natural Essence came to Su Yan from the Treasure Cave.

At the same time, Su Yan was cultivating his Spirit and he found that his speed of cultivation would be very swift during night as he could absorb more essence of moon with the help of Soul-refining Manual.

In the early morning glow, the entire Huaxia College was shrouded in clouds and mist, which, reflected by the sun, made Huaxia College look like a wonderland.


Many students got up early and stood at the peak of Dragon-hidden Mountain, staring at the cultivation area of golden students on the peak of Divine Dragon Mountain.

It seemed that a shadow with black long hair and in a golden gown awoke. He had every appearance of dominating the world.

All of a sudden, his eyes opened with golden lights bursting out. Golden lights shined on the entire Divine Dragon Mountain when his aura came out and the space behind him cracked.

Many immemorial auras broke out with flaming divine light. What was this? It was like a divine beast lurking in the universe came back to life. It had three feet and its body was like made of gold.

And just like a giant bird from time immemorial coming to life, it was as dazzling as a condensed sun.


It was a shadow of an Immemorial Golden Crow, but it looked alive, reviving autonomously, spurting rosy clouds of dawn, and even absorbing real fire from the sun!


Plenty of new students shrieked fanatically, “Amazing, he is worthy of our Huaxia College’s Big Brother!”

“Jiang Wuhen, Jiang Wuhen, Jiang Wuhen I love you!”

Many girls screamed, with admiration in their eyes. He was the strongest genius, the disciple of Zu Yan. It was said that he had awoken the bloodline of Immemorial Golden Crow!

Jiang Wuhen stood at the top of Divine Dragon Mountain, hands behind his back and gazing down like a Golden-crow God.

Su Yan stared at Jiang Wuhen, thinking it was incredible that he could actually absorb the real fire of the sun!

“The disciple of Yan Zu.”

Su Yan muttered and returned to his room with a heavy heart, then began to cultivate.

Deep inside Huaxia College, in the Primordial Palace unearthed from ancient relics sat a figure with legs crossed. It was Xia Ze.

He opened his eyes, staring at Jiang Wuhen. Even the disciple of Zu Yan was so powerful, how strong would Zu Yan be now?

Jiang Wuhen’s appearance was a big shock to those new haughty students.

Only Teng Yingjie thought that, with his perception of thunder, he could compare with peerless geniuses just like Jiang Wuhen.

Cultivating until noon, Su Yan shoved the door open. It was the time that stewards would serve meals.

“The meals of Huaxia College must be delicious.”

Su Yan came back to the house with the food hamper, which, when opened, emanated excellent aroma of food that was cooked from precious ingredients from beast lord.

Su Yan had eaten beast king meat, so he really didn't care about it. A big bowl of crystal-clear and blood-colored rice, which looked like wonderful blood jade, attracted his attention.

"Wow, it's blood jade rice. This kind of rice is hard to get outside, but Huaxia College supplies it every day."

"Legend has it that, were it a hundred years ago, this kind of rice could even help the aged in seventies or eighties to build up their body, strengthen their Qi and Blood and prolong their life. If one could eat it for a year, he would be more vigorous and dynamic just like in his prime years!"

Su Yan was amazed for a while and then took a few mouthful of blood jade rice with chopsticks. As expected, by the time blood jade rice was fully digested, his body emitted a billowing heat wave. This was the energy contained in blood jade rice, which could make the body mightier!

"The cooks of Huaxia College are pretty good, but it’s a pity that blood jade rice is too few."

Su Yan wolfed down the food and patted his belly. One or two meals wouldn’t make any difference. But if he ate this kind of delicacy every day, the distinct change could be seen in just a few years.

However, the blood jade rice of Huaxia College would be drained one day. The other kind of rice, which was better than blood jade rice, had been excavated from ancient sites.

Unfortunately, this kind of rice, which needed rare soil and more Natural Essence to plant, could not be cultivated in current environment.

Su Yan continued to practice for three days on end.

He soaked up substantial Natural Essence, and his source of Qi and Blood continued getting stronger. The first step to practice Incipient Scripture was to form a Furnace of Heaven and Earth. Once it was successfully formed, the source of Qi and Blood was every bit as powerful and formidable as the burning furnace.

Take the flesh as the foundation, the Qi and Blood as fire!

Su Yan still had a lot of hard effort to make to cultivate Furnace of Heaven and Earth. For he hadn’t felt the potential limit so far, he was little confused now.

“Who’s there?” Su Yan asked. His face changed slightly, and he immediately ran to the living room, closing the chamber’s door.

At that moment, a tall and bronze-skinned man with dishevelled hair, who seemed to have undergone vicissitudes of life, pushed the door open and came in.

“Mr. Yi!” Su Yan greeted hastily.

A stern gaze from Yi Yuan made Suyan's hair stand on end, and he had a strong sense that Mr. Yi knew what he thought.

The powerful strength of Yi Yuan shocked Suyan because it was quite different from what he had heard.

“Oh no, Mr. Yi sensed the Treasure Cave!”

Looking away from Su Yan, Yi Yuan stared at the closed door of the living room.

“Sir, I am…” Suyan did not know how to explain the precious Treasure Cave or if Yi Yuan would report it to the College.

Directly opening the door of the living room, Yi Yuan noticed the Treasure Cave that was spewing out natural essence.

A little bit of surprise flashed in Yi Yuan’s eyes as he watched streams of energy, a mass of Innate Liquid and exuberant essence springing up from Treasure Cave.

Su Yan felt that his heart was in his mouth.

The great roars of dragon and tiger echoing in Su Yan’s ears erupted from Mr. Yi’s body. A terrible energy was released as Mr. Yi with outstretched his hand.

What was that?

An aura of dragon and tiger! His qi channel was as powerful as dragon and as fierce as tiger. The amazingly mighty body of Yi Yuan dumbfounded Su Yan. If this were known, it would astonish many people, for even some of the strong in Destiny Spring Realm could not have such a powerful body.

“It’s so horrifying!”

In Yi Yuan’s palm coiled a dragon shaped beam of light, which shot right toward the Treasure Cave. Deafening sound rumbled across the house when Yi Yuan split up the tides of energy in the Treasure Cave. Then, the beam gathered and turned into an illusory dragon claw.


Taking his palm back, Yi Yuan got a mass of precious Innate Liquid. Then a pearly jade bottle appeared on his other hand.

Seeing that, Su Yan got a sinking feeling and thought privately in heart, “Is Mr. Yi taking away all the Innate Liquid to feather his own nest?”

But at next moment he was stupefied when a cyan basin flew weirdly out of the jade bottle.

“What the hell is that!” Su Yan cried out of surprise. It was amazing that this tiny bottle could actually contain such large basin.

The Innate Liquid poured down to the basin made of precious wood. Filling the basin full, it looked like at least thousands of drops of Innate Liquid!

It was really an immense fortune. Yi Yuan took a glance at Su Yan and said emotionlessly, “Take some Innate Liquid daily but do not overdose!”

Su Yan was overjoyed. The teacher not only helped him to conceal the truth, and even drew the Innate Liquid out from Treasure Cave so that Su Yan could better absorb it. Su stared at the jade bottle and asked Mr. Yi what it was. How could the basin emerge from this little bottle? Was this the legendary storage treasure?

Yi Yuan didn't reply. Yi's breath changed again, getting heavier and more frightening than before. The next moment, there came bursts of tiger roars as his chest heaved.

With the arrival of the force, Yi Yuan gathered energy, emanating formidable might of beast kings that nearly burst the room. As the energy grew stronger, the palms of his hands emitted a devastating power that could tear apart everything in the world.

Cold sweat ran from Su Yan’s forehead. Facing such a formidable power from Yi Yuan, Su Yan felt his body was about to split into pieces. Yi Yuan was so powerful like an Immemorial Godly Tiger coming back to life with enormous might to breach the sky and crack the sea, which nearly crushed Su Yan’s mind.

“It’s the tiger form of Form-intention Boxing. I will demonstrate it for you once a day. If you can't master this skill in a month, you won’t be a student of mine.” Yi Yuan said it with a placid tone and went away in a hurry. leaving Su Yan in shock.

“He is awesome!” Su Yan thought again.

Yi Yuan was entirely different from what was rumored about him. In the past, he just didn’t care to teach students with poor talent. It was waste of his time. When Yi Yuan went out of the house, he wondered, “Is a month too short for Su Yan?”

After all, he exerted his utmost effort to create Form-intention Boxing, which took him five years to successfully make it. And in addition, tiger form was the hardest ranked only second to dragon form.