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Chapter 54 Ten Thousand Galloping Horses

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Surrounded by rays of sunglow, the huge tripod emitted tremendous essence air dashing into the sky.

The divine power was growing intensively in the tripod which seemed to be breathing lively and absorbing energy on the earth. It was a primordial treasure inside of which Su Yan was suffering and he was almost crushed into powders by a large amount of divine essence from heaven and earth.

The first period was the roughest and the most dangerous in the tripod but Su Yan bit the bullet and overcame it at last thanks to his strong willpower and spirit!

“Start refining by Incipient Scripture!”

With a howl in his heart, Su Yan’s body burst out the chanting of the Incipient Scripture while he endured the agony. Trembling dramatically, Su Yan internalized amounts of divine essence from the tripod into his body when Incipient Scripture started to work.

At this point, Su Yan’s body made a crack sound as his battered body absorbed the divine essence.

He was soaked in the divine essence which hit him like waves, however, fervor and coldness tortured his body in turns. The two kinds of energy intertwined and collided, and then integration of Yin and Yang nurtured an awful destructive power!

Quite nervously, Yi Yuan was gazing at Su Yan. Sixth-grade liquid for foundation establishment could barely be endured. Even someone owned it, it was hard to get through such a highly intensive refinement!

Yi Yuan was clear that the second dreadful juncture was around the corner. The body-refining would be done smoothly as long as Su Yan could get over the first few challenges!


Mountains and woods within thousands of square kilometers were rocking violently at this moment and some mountains nearly collapsed.

Thousands of beats raided towards the huge tripod from all directions. The trodden land burst apart layer by layer. More and more deep chasms were extending into the distance. Some lakes cracked and the water flowed into these chasms.

This scene was so intimidating that it could compared to the devastating Great Flood. These beasts, like furious rainstorm, were getting closer to the huge tripod!

“Evil creatures!”

Yi Yuan abruptly opened his eyes and a cold light flashed across his pupils. Like an infuriated dragon waking from dormancy, he was now emitting an extremely formidable momentum.

The frantic beasts encircling the tripod felt the dreadful threat, shivering, almost paralyzed on the spot. There was nothing but fear in their eyes. There was nothing but the instinct of turning tails and running.


Yi Yuan’s power was growing rapidly. He tweaked his spine like a boa constrictor. In the meanwhile, his qi and blood were ascending to the sky in a splitting speed that no one had ever seen.

If anyone saw this scene, he would think Yi Yuan was a god.

Yi Yuan’s power was overwhelming——an incorporeal dragon snaked its way out of his spine, blazing and rushing towards the sky with an earth-shaking impact that made every inch of air within thousands of square kilometers boiling.


The dragon was circling the huge tripod like lightning strikes, and the surrounding air effused horror like flash flood inundating this region!

Earth layers were cracked open! Strata were turned upside down!

Numerous old trees got exploded into scattering debris. Mountains rumbled and were disintegrated by the energy storm with crevices sprawling wide!

The scene was epic. Yi Yuan sat still, his qi flying up into the sky with massive energy that wiped out thousands of beasts. With air twirling, blood splashing, corpses piling and a pungent smell saturating the place, the firmament was tinted crimson!

His tousled hair danced in the wind and the energy waves were rippling out of his torso. It looked magnificent.

The six beast kings were now terrified. Their troops were severely damaged and only a few beast lords survived.

Within nearly 80 kilometers squares, everything was scarred and battered. Super power of this martial lord overawed all living creatures nearby.


At this moment, the fire in the huge tripod was burning even more intensely and the efficacy of countless drugs was totally released. The sky was illuminated as if a grand firework hit it.

Staring at this excruciatingly shocking image greedily, the beast kings growled. Their eyes turned red since they craved for the massive energy and the released efficacy which if they grabbed, they would lord it over the living creatures within a land of hundreds of thousands of square kilometers, or even upgrade to monster kings!


In the end, the six beast kings couldn’t resist the temptation of upgrade. Like six different warriors, they dashed towards Yi Yuan with their energy restoring and spirits rejuvenating.


Yi Yuan stood up like a god, slowly and solemnly. The world was shaken again by his qi and his imposing bearing, and even the scattering stars jolted!

“Go to hell!”

He howled and punched forward penetratingly and formidably as if an immemorial star from the universe intruded, and then the starry sky boiled.

The punch was fierce and fast, marvelous and magnificent!

Only he could wield Immemorial Star Boxing so gloriously. Only his spirit could intertwine with the Immemorial Star Boxing and bring out the greatest force of it.

The formidable power emitted. At the time when the power exploded, an obscure gigantic immemorial star exploded as well. When the star crashed down, the headmost giant ape was bombed into pieces, flying in the sky!


The other five beast kings were totally terrified. He must be the warlord of human-beings, the mightiest one!


Yi Yuan was like a demon whose murderous qi rushed to the sky. He gave every appearance of dominating the world. Standing here and performing Immemorial Star Boxing, he punctured the vast sky every fist. His unbeatable power killed a fierce bird across the air!

With his black hair fluttering in the wind, Yi Yuan stepped forward, launching one fierce punch after another. None of the beasts could withstand the power of his fist!

Only one rhinoceros in terror ran over 5 kilometers away at a fast speed. Yi Yuan was like a fierce dragon in the shape of human. Only the most formidable beast king could fight against him!

However, the running rhinoceros stopped slowly!

It turned its head with fear, seeing a man in bronze skin standing 5 kilometers away. When he pulled the bow in his hand, the whole world was shaking and the divine power ran through all heavens and hells!


The bowstring’s vibration resounded all around, crashed ancient trees and shocked all heavens and hells. Everything seemed to be going to smash!


The rhinoceros roared, however, it couldn’t escape. That arrow locked it!

The arrow was as fast as a flash of lightning, split the night, tore the darkness and pierced the rhinoceros’s body which cracked upon this blow.

Yi Yuan put his bow away, taking several steps to the bodies of the five beast kings in order to take their essence and blood as well as the bones in front of their hearts. Then, he came to the tripod.

Yi Yuan threw the essence and blood of the five beast kings into the tripod, together with the liquid refined by the bones in front of their hearts.

The essence and blood of the five beast kings were peerless and made the divine power in the tripod boil again.

“The manual Su Yan cultivated seemed to be powerful!”

Yi Yuan stared at Su Yan who was absorbing the power of the natural essence, exhibiting a little excitement, “The manual Su Yan cultivated seems to be mightier than mine. He must have another chance.”

The eruption of the tripod came to the notice of beasts within the area of thousands of square kilometers. Not only ordinary beast kings but also some top beast kings came here, indicating that this night was not peaceful at all.

The power Yi Yuan emitted was so horrible that it battered the area of all directions and tainted the territory of thousands of square kilometers with blood

The beast kings he killed were all thrown into the tripod.

Su Yan persisted for the whole night. On the second day, when the sun essence absorbed by the tripod sprinkled on Su Yan, his body released dazzling light, and his Qi and blood started to revive.


The pores excreted waste blood from his body and regenerated blood kept flowing, making his heart rumble like a thunder drum.

Thunder-like heartbeat was an anomaly. The directed divine essence, with the dragon-like long breath, entered Su Yan’s bones as his chest heaved. The scene was cruel and bloody.

Su Yan now was suffering great pains for the new bones nourished in his body extruded the old bones outside. This process was called rejecting old bones.

His entrails were broken and then reorganized, radiating exuberant vigor.

Even Su Yan’s old skin began to peel off.

Yi Yuan was very satisfied that Su Yan had gotten into a groove and completed his initial reinvention.

Until the night, when the tripod was absorbing essence of the sun and the moon. Su Yan’s body revived. Depending on essence of the sun and the moon and much divine essence, his body’s aura began to awaken.


Su Yan’s new body, with qi and blood rolling, conveyed the sound of ten thousand galloping horses!

The new body’s potential was stronger, and even more abnormal!

The power of the divine liquid in the tripod became weaker constantly.

Yi Yuan was shocked that Su Yan could still absorb the power after a day!

The six- grade liquid for foundation establishment was enough for three people. But Su Yan could absorbed it alone.

This time, Su Yan was crazy to absorb divine power for 24 hours.

Most of the divine liquid in the tripod was consumed.

At this moment, Su Yan took a deep breath. At the same time, the tripod was thundering. With this breath, Su was like a whale absorbing water and the liquid for foundation establishment in the tripod became less quickly.

At the time when the breath exploded, golden ripples dispersed in all directions, almost smashing the sky!


As Su Yan’s heart quivered, a strip of vital energy and blood rose as if a sun was burning.

“How is it possible?”

Yi Yuan was amazed. Because he found there were ten thousand horses galloping behind Su Yan. Did he possess ten thousand horsepower? Ten thousand horsepower could be called “power of a dragon”!