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Chapter 46 The Rising of Snakes and Dragons

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“What is going on? What’s all this noise about?”

Elder Liang and a group of mentors had come to the Dragon-hidden Mountain. Today was the last day of the assessment reporting for newcomers. Some disciples might fall off the chair of core students.

Elder Liang was a little worried. He was the one who assigned a Body-cultivating Pill to Su Yan. If Su Yan did not do great in Huaxia College and couldn’t even break through the fourth floor of the Training Pagoda, punitive measure would be taken to both of them.

As they approached the bulletin of Dragon-hidden List, they noticed plenty of disciples gathering together discussing heatedly about something. With good hearing, the dark-complexioned Fan Hong caught some remarks about the martial contest between Su Yan and Jing Yangyu. He inquired curiously, “How did it go?”

Some teacher shook their heads. Jing Yangyu had been in the Realm of Destiny Spring for a month and he had his brother looking after him. However, Su Yan had nothing. This was not a fair game. Su Yan had been in great risk to challenge Jing Yangyu.

Chang Lengyu stammered out the outcome — Jing Yangyu met his waterloo.

The teachers were shocked, “How could it be?”

Dumbstruck for a while, Fan Hong flapped his thigh with full strength and obvious regrets on his face, “Su Yan won! He must have entered the Realm of Destiny Spring! Goddamn it! If only I have lowered my profile to invite him again and told him about Yi Yuan’s problem!”

Wu Rong forced a wry smile. Like Fan Hong, he also had the intention to take Su Yan as his disciple. But who would know that Su Yan just chose Yi Yuan!

Now they knew what Su Yan was capable of. Even with Yi Yuan as his teacher, he could still overwhelmingly defeat Jing Yangyu.

“Su Yan really surprises me, hahaha!” Elder Liang laughed proudly. Su Yan was the best student selected and endorsed by him to get into the school, which meant that Su Yan’s achievement in college was closely related with his promotion. Therefore, it stood to reason that Elder Liang felt so delighted about Su Yan’s victory.

“Newsflash! Su Yan defeated Jing Yangyu again! Su Yan is now in the Training Pagoda again!”

“Su Yan definitely has entered the realm of Destiny Spring. He gets so powerful even with Yi Yuan the loser as his mentor! He’s really got something!”

The whole Huaxia College was stirred with news spreading like wildfire, some of which even flooded to Huaxia City and caught the attention of various forces. For Su Yan and Teng Yingjie, there was a promising future waiting for them. Once they stepped into the Realm of Destiny Spring, they would surely make rapid advances in cultivation in several years. Then in no time those forces would beg to have them as a member.

“What? Su Yan defeated Jing Yangyu!”

Elder Lei felt like he was slapped in the face. He just derided Su Yan as a waste of resources. This unexpected twist made him furious. How could he strut about in college with such a humiliation? The worse was that he knew the news was not fake. He growled in anger, “What a Su Yan! How well you have been playing dumb! You may easily win that weak lad Jing Yangyu, but you won’t stand a chance with my Teng’er. Teng’er will run you over, even dragons will kneel down before him!”

The teacher who delivered the news stood aside, frowning at the fact that Elder Lei apparently favored Teng Yingjie too much. With such a strong preference, Elder Lei couldn’t see, not to mention to get ahold of the bigger picture. How could he, a deputy dean who stood in high places, have such a narrow mind?

“We need to pay more attention to Su Yan and keep track of how far he can get in Training Pagoda. Prepare him a great gift if he gets to the fifth floor.”

“Xia Yang, you should get more contact with Su Yan. Once he breaks through the fifth floor, we will offer him a gift as great as the one that Teng Yingjie had.”

“Our Base No.9 is honored since Su Yan has defeated Jing Yangyu again. I heard that Su Yan entered Training Pagoda. I am gonna see how many floors he can ascend to!” Su Yan caused quite a sensation in college. Everyone was talking about him. However, indicated from his crooked face, Tao Tianhua was not in his best mood. He was confused why the potent ancient toxicant in the Body-cultivating Pill didn’t work.

“Is the toxicant…”

“Is it not toxic at all? Maybe it is actually a treasure?" Tao Tianhua was bewildered and sullen.

“My bro finally made it! I know it!”

“Ha Ha Ha…” laughed Xia Yang, “. Teng Yingjie got to the sixth floor, and my bro at least can manage to the fifth floor. It seems that I’ll be promoted again!”

“Su Yan made it!”

“With Su Yan’s aptitude and savvy, breaking through the fifth floor is not a problem and getting through the sixth floor is very hopeful.”

Although Yi Yuan was all by himself, he cared for Su Yan. As for Jing Yangyu, he couldn’t care less. Challenging Training Pagoda was very important in Huaxia College. Otherwise the college wouldn’t set examination score and ranking score respectively. Su Yan had defeated Jing Yangyu and attracted quite a lot attention for challenging Training Pagoda.

Training Pagoda was right at the foot of the Dragon-hidden Mountain!

The archaic pagoda had 12 floors. Word on the street was that the pagoda was unearthed from an ancient ruin and it was being used in ancient times for powerful cultivators to train their disciples. Getting into Training Pagoda, Su Yan felt an air of antiquity rushing right towards him. He felt the pagoda covering an area of thousands of square meters, and he didn't know what materials the solid ground was made from.

"Who is it?” Su Yan saw a shadow in the pagoda. The shadow was tall and bronzed like it was made of some special metal!

“No signs of life!" Su Yan murmured. Then he walked forward staring at the bronzed man. Suddenly he realized that it was a puppet refined from materials. It was an implement.


Suddenly the puppet’s eyes glowed and stared at Su Yan, its body emitting bursts of strong power.

“Revive your strongest strength, examinee, or you would be regarded as cheating.” The puppet said.

Su Yan released his power from inside. He stood there with his pores covered by rosy light, his body surrounded by the powerful beams of Qi and blood, all of which made him like a deity.

The puppet said, “Your preliminary identification is Body Cultivator. The examination begins now.”

The moment the puppet finished its words, it burst out mighty power which was similar to Su Yan’s and rushed to Su Yan with its fierce fists brandishing.

“Come on!” Su Yan shouted.

The fighting spirit appeared in Su Yan’s eyes. The assessment was time-limited. So he must finish the fight within the given time or he would fail.

He operated Form-Intention Boxing as fast as the lightning, which transformed his body to a gigantic bear. The horrible power unleashed even split up the space. He rushed to the puppet like a humanoid cannonball with striking power.


The puppet shook all over and backed a few steps by the force of Form-Intention Boxing which nearly shattered it.

Simple and direct!

“You have passed the examination.” The puppet said directly.

The lifeless silence after the puppet ended its words made Su Yan marvel at its mystery.

Su Yan then stepped to the second floor.

To his surprise, two puppets that were as powerful as the one in the first floor attacked him!

“It is so easy to get past the first few floors. Mr. Yi has been teaching me Form-Intention Boxing for several days. He did this because he wanted me to challenge the Training Pagoda after which I could receive abundant rewards.”

Su Yan opened his eyes with his body radiating dazzling lights. He transformed himself into a cruel giant bear and crashed into the two puppets that were not a match for Su Yan.

“Su Yan has broken through two floors.”

“He passes so quickly. He must have abundant fighting experiences.”

Many people were around the Training Pagoda, discussing and judging. The steward in charge of the Training Pagoda could check Su Yan’s current status. Now, Su Yan was on the third floor.

“Three enemies are on the third floor. It will take some time to get past it.”

“The fourth floor is the most difficult to pass. Many people didn’t even understand why they failed on the fourth floor.”

“Yi Yuan may not master any martial arts to teach Su Yan and I’m afraid Su Yan may stop at the fourth floor.”

“Right. Su Yan has never gone to the Scripture Library. He is impossible to master any powerful martial arts. Although Su Yan masters Form-Intention Boxing, Yi Yuan can’t use it at all, not to mention to teach it!”

Hearing all those discussions, the Fatty sneered. Form-Intention Boxing? Damn it! Yi Yuan was the creator of Form-Intention Boxing and he even hid something better.

If all five moves of Form Intention Boxing spread out at the same time, Yi Yuan would be famous in Huaxia Alliance and become a famous martial master.

It didn’t take Su Yan much time to pass the third floor.

He was very interested in the way these puppets were actually refined.

“It’s unlikely that there are only these boring fights in the Training Pagoda. If so, there must be someone who can get to the top of the Training Pagoda.”

“Fatty said that savvy will be tested afterwards. Is there any inheritance hidden here?” When arriving at the fourth floor, Su Yan started to get serious about it.

It was a silver puppet whose eyes were full of ice-cold beams. It was like a person, a living creature indeed!

Many students in the college could pass the fourth floor because the test was about martial arts.


The silver puppet was shining. Its fist released billowy Qi and blood. There was a huge shadow of the fist as if it would swallow mountains and rivers.

How grand and magnificent the aura was! As if it would break the sky!

“How powerful the boxing is! Is this Mountain Cracking Boxing?”

Su Yan stared at the silver puppet, with his fist spewing out suffocating power!

Suddenly, he moved at an astonishing speed and brandished his fist, which made the whole world shake slightly at the moment. The strength spurt from the fist was very powerful!


If the smashing fist hit on human body, the person would definitely be disabled!

“Nice try!”

With Su Yan’s eyes opening wide, the aura of dragon and tiger revived as well. Horrible divine beams emerged from his entire body.

At this moment, every move and act of Su Yan exhibited mighty power. He stepped forward with his arms extended. Then, with dragon howling and tiger roaring, his hands released mighty power which could easily tear the vast sky!


Su Yan’s arms waved, tearing the sky and cracking the ground. The tiger form power poured out, hitting against the silver puppet!


Although Mountain Cracking Boxing was very powerful, Su Yan wasn’t hurt at all. Instead, the silver puppet was hit away by Su Yan’s aura.

“Congratulations! You pass the test!”

The silver puppet was back to its position, remaining motionless.

Su Yan marched to the fifth floor. When opening the gate of the fifth floor, he felt like that he had entered into a primordial world.

Su Yan saw a broad territory, as massive as the sky. Great power interweaved and towered to the sky.

He was in a daze. How could such a little pagoda contain an entire continent?

Then Su Yan’s ears were roaring. The power of terrains suddenly revived one after another, which seemed to run through the universe.

A great amount of power of terrains rose as if thousands of dragons were rising and roaring.

The rising dragons and snakes shocked all heavens and hells!