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Foodie Dream

I woke up to a very familiar smell making my mouth water. Mmmm... With my eyes still close and my nose leading the way, I got out of bed and walked down the stairs. The smell getting stronger with each step. Walking through a doorway, I opened my eyes to see a bountiful American spread on a long elegant dining room table, containing of eggs, bacon, sausage etc... But what caught my eye was the huge stack of pancakes, dripping in syrup. I'm a sucker for sweets. Looking around I noticed that it didn't look like Emilia's kitchen. If this was a dream, then I didn't want to wake up. Plates. Plates. I need plates I said searching on the table. Wait, this is a dream so... I used my hands to pick up a pancake. Sinking my teeth in the pancake, it felt like I was being transported to another place and I loved it. Yum. I was probably on my fifth pancake, when I heard the words, "I didn't know you'd still be such a foodie." Looking up, I could see Jace wearing a green apron with casual clothes and in his hand was a platter of muffins. With that heartstrings pulling smirk on his face, the room felt brighter and it became definite that this was my favorite dream.

As he got closer to me, I could feel a weird feeling in my stomach; they were butterflies. Trying to smash them away, I swallowed hard and said, "what are you trying to say?"

He chucked, revealing his perfect smile. While I was busy dazing, he put the platter on the table and proceeded to come near me. Before getting a chance to move, he wrapped his arms around me and pulled me in, embracing me.

"But, my hands are dirty," I said rejecting his hug.

It felt as if my breathing had stopped and I could feel my heartbeat get faster at the sound of his breathe next to my ear as he said, "it's fine, I just relax."

When he placed my arms around him, it didn't feel uncomfortable like with the boss – former boss. But, all in all, it wasn't a bad feeling and it made me feel safe.

"I just want to be close to you for the moment," I heard him say. Feeling my face getting warmer, I knew for sure that I was blushing.

Pulling back from me to peer into my face he asked, "are you okay? You're abnormally quiet."

"I'm fine... and what do you mean? I'm acting the same as always..,"I stopped talking, as he placed his face about an inch away from mine.

"Really, I think I'll still need to check," he said. Before I responded, he placed his forehead on mine and closed his eyes. Holding in a breathe, I wondered if he could hear how loud my heart was.

Opening his eyes, forehead now apart but still close to me, he said, placing a hand on my cheek, "you don't have a fever. I'm glad."

I was sure that he was still talking to me but, my mind went blank as my eyes were enticed by his lips. Lips that had touch mine. Snapping me of a trance was the sound of the doorbell. As he rushed to go answer the door, it became clear to me as I looked at the clock, that I was not dreaming.