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Chapter 260 Long Yubai's Death

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Long Yubai's steel knife cut towards Qin Hao's head. Suddenly, a long sword appeared in the void and "Ding", the steel knife was stopped. Then, the sword just disappeared.

Seeing such a weird scene, not only Long Yubai but also the surrounding few people, were astonished. How could it be possible? Was it the ghost?

When they were so shocked, Long Yubai shouted. The sword appeared suddenly in his back. Shining with cold light, the sword cut a big wound on Long Yubai's back. With his strong power, he dodged it, or he would have been stabbed through.

"Little sister, is that you? It’s you, right?" Long Yubai opened his eyes wide, turning around with alertness. His sword was waved around as if it had been fighting with a ghost figure.

At that moment, he thought of one person, Shadow. Only she had such weird and excellent stealth skill in this world.

"Little sister, come out. I know it is you. Come out, out!" Long Yubai cut around and shouted with insanity.

"Little sister?" People were quite surprised and looked at him. Leng Feng asked with anger, "Long Yubai, what is going on? You mad?"

Long Yubai was shocked by Leng Feng's shout. He calmed down and answered, "Senior Leng, I have a little sister called Shadow. She has a special stealth skill, which cannot be detected and help her kill people without being found. I suspect that the two cuts were made by her. Everybody looks out."

"No one can handle it, huh?" Leng Feng hummed with contempt. He did not really believe that there was something he couldn’t handle. Therefore, with one move he was behind the Long Yubai with all his spirit sense sweeping the tiny moves surrounding.

Silence. There was all silence. There were only the wind sound and the rustle of grass and trees.

People all held their breath with their weapons in the hands and paid attention to the surroundings. They did not find anything, though. That made them even more scared. They could not help gathering together, back to back so that they would not worry about the attack from the back.


Suddenly, there was sound under one's foot. "Ah", with a miserable shout, the man with the sword was stabbed in his leg.

After he realized and stabbed to the void, the sword disappeared as if it had not ever appeared.

"Hum, trick." Leng Feng seemed to feel something. With a hum, his sharp hand stretched out in one direction suddenly.

"Ah!" A woman's scream. Leng Feng had a black veil in his hand, which still had a charming aroma of women's body.

He did not catch the woman but yet he got one veil. That showed his terribly strong power. Long Yubai had to admire Leng Feng's power. He was wondering which stage he was on.

"Go to hell!"

The sword with anger moved to Leng Feng's back and cut him with ferocity. At the same time, a woman yelled with anger.

Leng Feng just moved and then caught the sharp sword from the void with two fingers under other people's surprised looks.

"Such a trick would not suffice to deal with me! Go!" Leng Feng's tone turned cold. With internal strength being driven, the long sword was broken totally. Along the broken sword, his hand hit in the void. Another women's scream. A black figure flew up to the sky from the void. She fell on the grass after throwing out much blood in the sky.

"Little sister, it’s you."

With just one look, Long Yubai knew it was Shadow. He was surprised that Shadow should be here and saved Qin Hao to counter him instead. It seemed that Shadow was really raging and angry with him.

In fact, Long Yubai really cared about Shadow in his heart. Of course, such a word could only be trusted by himself. Other people, at least Shadow, would not buy it.

It would be hopelessly stupid for her to believe that a man, who had held her as a hostage for his life and had thrown her away to die, cared about her.

She was not stupid and thus angry. She followed to kill him till here.

"Little sister, are you ok?" Long Yubai cared Shadow in his heart. He shouted and was about to rush to the place where Shadow fell and was stopped by Leng Feng's yell.

"Stop. I’ll deal with the woman. You go kill the boy Qin Hao." After his yell, Leng Feng moved and appeared before Shadow.

The veil of Shadow was taken off. The charming figure and amazing face were exposed to Leng Feng, making his eyes contract. Fire of lust was in his eyes. The woman had arisen his desires as an animal's intuition.

He had played with quite a lot of women those days. But no one was like the woman with such a figure and face. And she was also a Martial Cultivator with strong strength. The enjoyment from her would be a hundred times more than those ordinary ones.

Shadow felt Leng Feng's look which was growing eviler and obscener. She was afraid and wanted to run. Unfortunately, as she had that thought, her mouth was clutched by a big hand reaching out like lightning.

"Emmm, what do you want to do? Fuck off!" Shadow yelled with anger and fear.

"Heh heh, open your mouth." Leng Feng wore a grim smile and opened her mouth with strength. His other hand shook towards her mouth.

"Wing!" A small, white worm flew from his sleeve and into Shadow's mouth.

"Ah..." Shadow wanted to rebel but failed. That worm went through her throat and disappeared after entering her body and went somewhere in her body.

"Heh heh." Leng Feng wore a grim smile and left her.

"Cough cough..." Once Shadow was released, she quickly got up, coughed hard, and even dug her throat with fingers, trying to pull it out.

"No more efforts. It is in vain." Leng Feng said with a grim smile.

"What was that?" Shadow glared at Leng Feng and asked angrily.

"Nothing, it would just make you more compliant. No worry. If you follow my lead, it won't hurt you. But if you don't, hum..." He had evil laughter.

"Ahhhh!" The miserable scream stopped Leng Feng's evil laughter. He turned back immediately to look in the direction where the scream came from.

There, the left two Spirit Stage masters of the Tian Han Sect had become bodies lying in blood. Long Yubai, the weakest, did not die yet but he was no better than dead.

He laid on the ground with blood, looking at Qin Hao with scared a look and the five people behind Qin Hao who were in black robes. Those five were holding cold bent blades and were letting out a deadly breath.

"The walking dead puppet?" Leng Feng had a serious look and he saw that the five men suddenly appearing behind Qin Hao were puppets.

The skill of cultivating puppets had been lost in the Martial Cultivator World for a long time. He did not even see it in the Semi-Ancient Martial World. But Qin Hao had cultivated five puppets.

Actually, Qin Hao did not know how to make puppets. These five puppets were picked up as bonus from the killing of Mu Guangming in Mu Family. They were stored in the Space Ring. They were used as a "surprise" for enemies. Its sudden usage worked well as expected. It killed two Spirit Stage masters and seriously hurt Long Yubai when they did not expect it.

Leng Feng was quite confused, where were these five puppets from? Seen from Qin Hao's look, he was not hurt seriously. So just now...?

At that moment, Leng Feng realized that he was cheated. With the anger soaring up, he turned into a vicious hurricane blowing to Qin Hao. Grass and dust flew everywhere when he passed.

"Senior Leng, save me!" Meanwhile, the hopeless Long Yubai yelled to him.

"Such trash, you are useless. Go to hell!" Leng Feng suddenly came and kicked on Long Yubai's chest.

"Crackle..." with a crispy sound, poor Long Yubai, once in the supreme status as the head of the Dragon Group, was kicked and his chest was totally broken before he could let out a miserable scream. He was stamped and squished on the ground. He was more than dead then.

Qin Hao saw the miserable death of Long Yubai, feeling quite shocked. He looked at Leng Feng coldly, said with contempt, "Is that your way of treating allies?"

"Allies? He didn’t deserve that. A dog in my eyes." Leng Feng's words were so cruel to Long Yubai.

Anyway, he was once the head of the Dragon Group, who was the authority and super power. He once dominated people's lives. Finally, he ended up as being treated like a dog.

"Qin Hao, I underestimated you again. You are so sly. However, I will not make the same mistake. You don't have a chance." Leng Feng had the fire of anger in his eyes. The fire grew viciously, and his killing spirit was yelling. The hurricane blew beside and the grass in the wild shook hardly.

Qin Hao wore an evil smile. He looked at him calmly, said with ease: "You have so many bullshits."

"You don't want to talk. Then I will send you to hell." A shout of anger shocked the wild. The vicious hand stamped towards Qin Hao with the momentum of rage.

"Cha!" Qin Hao let out a strange scream. The five puppets moved immediately. They rushed to the sky. Then the shadow of five blades shone with cold light and cut towards the target on the ground in the same order. The fierce deadly breath was like thick smoke with a sharp blade's light.

Qin Hao moved ten meters away with his Phantom Cloud Trace to dodge the blow from Leng Feng.

Leng Feng had thought to continue to launch blows to attack him, but the loud scream in the sky stopped him. He raised his head, looked at it and hummed with contempt, "Funny trick. Fuck off!"

He did not need a weapon and just used hands to attack.

"Bang! Bang! Bang!”

Five puppets, five seemingly vicious attacks were not a thing in the face of Leng Feng. No blade had even touched him, and they were hit away by his hands.

In the late period of the Spirit Stage, he was still a lofty mountain which these puppets could not climb over even if he had been immersed in lust and lost his energy these days.

These puppets were cultivated by merely Perfection Stage masters. They were at most in the Perfection Stage. Their usage in killing those two Spirit Stage masters was the outcome of taking advantage of their unconsciousness. At the moment, there was no such advantage. As Leng Feng said just now, Qin Hao had no chance.

Did Qin Hao really have no chance?

In Leng Feng's eyes, it was true.

However, Leng Feng did not know, Qin Hao had another trump, the strongest one.