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"Dad mom's funeral was yesterday," Lucia stood their tears running down her face she looked at the man and the women then continued "I know mom was a vicious woman but--" she sobbed.

Elizabeth stood there like a ghost watching everything happen, she had lost control of Lucia's body, and now she was like a passer watching a show.

"At least she loved you, she loved you to death but is this how you repay her. It hasn't even been a day since her funeral and your bring your mistress home" Lucia pointed at the women then continued "I know you didn't love her but at least you could've respected her dad, why, WHY" she screamed.

"Tell me what mom hadn't done for you, do you think I'm stupid huh, don't take me for some dump daughter that will believe everything you say blindly, I know why she died, why," she looked at them like she wanted to rip their hearts out.

"Why?" the man murmured

"Why you ask" Lucia started at them stupefied.

"Why you ask" she murmured again, she held her tears back and went up to the man pointed at his heart "why you ask," she looked at him again, "Do you even fell anything there," she took her hands away.

"Did you ever considered me as your daughter, huh 'father' did you ever think what mum had done for? do you even know how you got here, and how your standing here, huh 'father' did you ever" she dragged him to the villa and pointed at the painting hanged in the hallway, "DO YOU EVEN KNOW HOW YOU GOT THAT" she screamed. "That was the things you loved the most in the world right, the last thing your family left for you right 'father'" She then continued "To him it was nothing but for you, it was the whole world, the last trace of your father, do you think that your enemy simply offered it to you for free did you ever think about what was going on behind the scene"

"Huh father did you ever, did you ever think how everything that you have now come to be, everything was easy for you since you took over grandpas position, do you even know how many snakes wanted to kill you, no you didn't right" she then dragged him to his study room, "Now dad do you know how you got all those awards huh, didn't you ever think about how easily you got them huh,"

"Mum was vicious, cruel, cold-hearted and a snake some may say but did you ever think why all she cared about was for you, she never even looked at me, even though I was her only daughter flesh and blood, all her life everything she did was for you," she then looked at the women "and you did you ever think about how you got out of that devil's hand huh, no both of you were blind and thought that she was the bitch that was coming between both of you but did you ever think about how the kidnappers didn't kill you, who was the one who saved you how did it happen, she was never a saint but-" she looked at the man again "she became a saint for you she saved the mistress, did you know why" the man couldn't look his daughter in the eye.

"She wanted you to be happy even after her death, did you ever think about how your road to success was so smooth, she was the price to your success 'dad'." she then took opened the glass mirror took out the trophies one by one and crashed to the floor like a madwoman. "you don't deserve these were never yours to begin with," after she was done with them she went up to him "I was her daughter but she never looked at me once why I always wondered, why, I begged for her attention but she didn't even give me any, why, she would smile to those orphans but she always stayed cold to me why I wondered if I was her daughter as well why didn't she gave any of the attention that she gave the orphans she would visit every weekend,"

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