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Chapter 7 Killing Angrily

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The dazzling gleam shone in Dao Lin’s eyes, which took others’ breath. Wang Ling took away his blue crystal and almost killed him. Dao Lin had never imagined that the retribution came so soon.

The Kung-Fu chill was all around!

Hearing the legend of ‘Morpheus’, Wang Qian sneered with her tender hands covering her red lips. “Oh, ‘Morpheus’, it’s very interesting!”

Wang Qian didn’t expect that this notorious good-for-nothing had disguised himself for so long. She really gained experience today. She sneered at Dao Lin, ” You rubbish. I won’t let you die so easily. You will die painfully for you offended me.”

Hearing this, Dao Lin glanced at her with the cold light bursting out from his eyes. The Kung-Fu chill in his heart increased.

“Morpheus, what treasure do you sell? Hand it over first.” Wang Li burned inside his heart. It was unexpected that this good-for-nothing had treasures. He was envious and felt that he would get it soon.

Wang Qian also burned inside. She knew Chen Fu so much that she was sure the treasure was unusual because it made Chen Fu change his countenance. Dao Lin must have a lot of money. Wang Qian regretted asking Wang Li to come over.

“You are just like your brother. You are sure that you can defeat me?” Dao Lin compressed his lips. He looked at three of them. Except for the guard behind, they were too weak.

Hearing this, Wang Li’s eyes darkened. This bold rubbish dared to speak like this. He emitted ironic humph,“You are seeking death. You really have an exaggerated opinion of your abilities!”

“Come on! Kill him. Kill this son of bitch!” Wang Qian pointed at Dao Lin and howled. The most unbearable thing for her was seeing a nobody show arrogance before her. She growled, “I want to see how long he will act.”

“I disdain to kill him with my hands. I’ll kill him with my large arrow.” Wang Li sneered. He raised up the silver bow, set a large silver arrow on the string and stretched the bow to the utmost. The string vibrated when the silver arrow shot out. He thought the arrow could shoot at Dao Lin‘s head.

The momentum froze Dao Lin’s body with great pressure. People who were weaker than him could barely move under the momentum. If someone’s archery was good enough, the wind from the arrow could kill people!

The large arrow broke through the sky, aiming at Dao Lin. It emitted a magic sound. It was whining and vibrating. It flew so fast that people felt startled.

Dao Lin’s body moved. He stamped his foot fiercely and the earth under his feet was cracked. His energy burst out from the body and his animal spirits boiled.

He was about to grab the large arrow which rushed to him so quickly. Wang Li looked at him in astonishment.

“Haha. What’s wrong with him? He dares to grab my arrow. He is seeking death!” Wang Li was not angry, instead he laughed. Because the impacting force of the large arrow would shatter his arm.

“Master, your arrow will break through his body. If he wants to grab it, he needs to have the power of at least 10,000 kilograms and it is hard to achieve…” The young man in black behind him nodded and said.

The young man in black was rendered speechless when he saw Dao Lin grab the large silver arrow. It was as if he had seen a ghost!

Holding the large silver arrow, Dao Lin landed the ground. He gave Wang Li a frosty stare and said, “The dead is you!”

“Whoosh—” He threw out the large silver arrow with all the potential energy inside his body. He was full of magic power and the energy gathered in his hands speedily.

The air was cracked and the large silver arrow flew over rapidly. Wang Li was frightened. He wanted to run but his legs were as heavy as being poured lead. He couldn’t move at all. He felt like being overwhelmed by a great mountain and he was frozen by the horrible momentum.

Under the shocking gaze of Wang Qian, the arrow broke through Wang Li between the eyebrows. His body followed the arrow and was crucified to the air with blood splattered around.

Wang Li looked stunned. He never thought till death that he would be killed by her, a waste.

Looking at the dead body which fell to the ground, Wang Qian was so scared that her face was as pale as a dead man. Dao Lin killed Wang Li who was Wang Ling’s younger brother. Now that he was dead, she could hardly absolve herself from the blame even if she had killed Dao Lin.

She shook with anger and yelled in the heart, “Dame it. You said he was good for nothing. You bastard!”

The young man in black clenched his fists. He howled with a ferocious look, “You are such an asshole. You must die. You killed Wang Li. There are endless deadly chases waiting for you.”

“Threaten me?” Dao Lin gave an ironic humph. The momentum burst out from his body and it was very ferocious. He was like a feral beast who was awakening.

“Damn it. Go to hell!” The young man roared. The momentum boiled and then burst out from his body. He clenched his fists and a fist print flew over.

“Break!” Dao Lin wildly roared and the animal spirits rolled over. With his garments fluttering, he gave a punch to break the young man’s martial art directly.

Dao Lin was like an eagle extending its wings, with his arms wide open. The divine power burst out and tore the sky in two. Dao Lin moved quickly towards the young man in black.

“His body was horrible.” The young man was shocked. He had never imagined a fourteen or fifteen-year-old adolescent like Dao Lin had the same power as his.

“Kill him. You must kill him!” Wang Qian roared with a rancorous look on her face. Only killing Dao Lin could she survive. Otherwise, Wang Ling wouldn’t cut her a break.

Bang, bang, bang!

The shadows of these two crossed. They moved so quickly that only incomplete shadows could be seen in the air. The air was under great pressure and was about to explode. They fought to create a vacuum zone.

Dao Lin fought faster and faster. Sometimes he acted like an ape, and sometimes like a viper. His genuine energy rolled faster and the animal spirits were exuberant. The scorching breath oppressed the young man.

The young man’s face darkened. Dao Lin’s breath was not only fierce but scorching as well, which made the young man tend to wither.

“Kid, I admit that you are kind of tough. But you are too young and naïve to kill me!” The young man’s face darkened suddenly. He sneered and seemed very sure that he could beat Dao Lin.

With that, his momentum burst out and shuddered. In the instant, he clenched his fist, which made a fluctuation able to split a hill.

“Stone-Crushed Fist Position!” The young man yelled and rushed to Dao Lin, trying to break his head.

“So boring. You pull out the big gun too early. I didn’t have enough fighting.” Dao Lin frowned. He didn’t expect that the man showed his hand so early. He just planned to do some practice.

Hearing Dao Lin’s words, the young man was so angry that he was about to spit blood. He yelled, “You are faced with imminent death now. You dare to insult me. You are looking for death. Break!”

His fist shot out like a great rock, which was so strong that it made the air explode. This kind of martial art was very powerful.

“Crack!” The young man ground his teeth and said. He stared at Dao Lin’s head with a pair of cold eyes. It seemed that he had already seen Dao Lin’s skull crushed.

Dao Lin clenched his fist suddenly, which made a fist print. The strong breath was everywhere in the air. He rushed over with his fist position.

“Bang—“ There’s a terrific sound. His fist position was like splitting bamboo without difficulty, meeting head-on with the young man’s fist.

Stressed by the great power, the young man’s arms broke. Dao Lin punched at his chest. He flew back and then lay on the ground with his mouth foaming and the chest cracking. His body got cold quickly.

“Ah—” Wang Qian screamed, her eyes fixing on the dead body of the young man. She plopped to the ground and supplicated innocently, “Please don’t kill me. I can give whatever you want.”

“Don’t be so creepy.” Dao Lin hummed ironically. He said indifferently, “You asked for it. If you want to kill me, you’d better prepare to be killed!”

Dao Lin was still apprehensive. From then on, he should be careful when selling things. If Wang Qian found a great killer, he would be in danger. Because anyone in the realm of Spirit Rhyming could beat him with just one punch. After a while, he took a deep breath and shouted, “Wang Lin, Wang Ya, just wait, I will not let you off.

Wang Ling was a master in the realm of Spirit Rhyming. Dao Lin knew that there was still a large power gap between him and Wang Ling. It was not the time to revenge.

Later, he found a sack and put the bodies into it. He looked around at the mountains. Then he punched into the air ferociously and the mountains around vibrated quickly.

He didn’t understand the Zheng Fa. What he could do was to use his brute force to break it. However, he spent more than one hour, just breaking one corner. Dao Lin made a fist and thought, “I must speed up to improve my capability. I’m so weak that I have to look ahead and behind when selling things.”

He threw the sack to the garbage room at random and then went back home. It was almost dark.

He took out the bamboo basket and took a look. Dao Lin wondered where his lame father got these treasures. Could it be possible that his lame father was able to find high-class mines?

“Whatever. I’ll ask him when he comes back. I think it would be in a few days.”

Dao Lin sat cross-legged. He took the fourth-level Foundation-Building Liquid. He smelled the scent as soon as he uncovered the bottle.

Dao Lin clenched his fists, took a deep breath and then drank it in one gulp.

The efficacy of the drug soon kicked in. He felt that he was full of energy and the animal spirit welled up rapidly.

His body burned like a fire stove. Dao Lin began to practice with great concentration.