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Chapter 13 The Realm of Half Spirit Rhyming

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Translator: Dongqi Nangong

Proofreader: Prof. Zhu Yuan

Rays of sunlight poured into the window, shining on Dao Ling’s young face, and his face was covered with joy. He could feel the achievements he gained at night.

Feeling the energy inside had calmed down, he opened eyes, and found his father staring at him. He rolled his eyes and said, “What are you doing here? When did you get back, father?”

“When did you start to practice, you brat?” The lame snorted, “You were not able to practice before, weren’t you? How can you strengthen so much power now? Have you eaten anything good?”

“Well, I just learned a fancy martial art recently.” Dao Ling replied with smile, “You don’t have to mine for ores anymore, I believe it is a piece of cake for me to make money by my own power for us now.”

“Mine for ores?” The lame was speechless. He muttered in his mind, “You really don’t know a shit! I am mining for treasures!” But when he heard about Dao Ling’s new martial art, he felt that this boy must have got luck, so he stopped to ask more.

“By the way, father, where did you get those ores in our home? They are so valuable!” He became excited, because even a piece of the bloody-red marble could be so valuable, it was hard to calculate the value of the rest treasures in his home.

“There are many ores in the mine.” The lame replied proudly. This kind of ore was not easy to find, and each one he dug out could be refined into a powerful treasure.

“These stones should be hidden from others carefully. Otherwise there will be much trouble.” He took up the blanket, and glanced at a dozen of ores inside, looking solemnly.

He put those precious stones in his home because he might die in the mine accidentally.

“Sure.” Dao Ling nodded. The experience in the Treasure Collection for trading the bloody-red marble made him become more aware of the value of those ores. He would never sell them unless it was absolutely necessary.

“Well, father, I will go to Xingchen Academy to take part in the assessment soon. Would you like to go to Qingzhou City with me?” Dao Ling asked, because he really expected to sell one of those precious ores so that they could buy a big and comfortable house in there.

The lame cleaned his ears, and thought for a while. Then he said, “There is a psychic tower in Qingzhou City, and it seems to be in the center of it. When you get to the academy, you can go there to practice. If you could get into the ninth floor of the tower, then you can start to break through your power limit; if not, don’t do that first.”

“Psychic tower? What is that?” Dao Ling frowned.

“Well, it is a precious tower which has existed since ancient time, and it has ten floors.” The lame replied with a tone of nostalgia, and it seemed that he had been there before.

It was said that this tower was a supreme treasure, and belonged to no one. Nobody knew the origin of it, and those could pass into the seventh floor were surely prodigies.

As for those who could get into the ninth floor, they were really peacocks among others, and definitely would rise up in the future!

“But why should I get to the ninth floor? What’s on the tenth floor?” Dao Ling asked. The tower had existed since the ancient time and still stood there, so it should be an immortal treasure!

“You will know it once you get there. But it is impossible for you to get into the tenth floor, because no one has ever been there.” The lame shook his head; after all, stepping into the tenth level was only a legend.

Years passing, and there were so many prodigies in this world, but still no one could successfully get into the tenth floor, let alone Dao Ling.

This is a myth which could never be broke!

“I will take a look, then.” Dao Ling scratched his head, and thought that the lame would never lie to him, but now he needed to get into the academy first.

Then he left home and walked toward the academy, reckoning that the students must have been gathered there for the enrollment process, but he was confident with this assessment.

“Really have no idea how much power I possess now.” He clenched his fists, feeling the raging energy inside his body. He took a deep breath, “I must have strengthened my power again, but I don’t know how much power I possess now. Hope it can be one hundred kilograms!”

He was excited, after all, possessing the power of one hundred kilograms was an event which he could only read in books, and only sons and heirs of the Divine Beasts like the Golden Wing Roc, the Glutton and the White Tiger were able to possess such terrible power!

They were heirs of gods, and naturally inherited the horrible blood of gods. They were born to be the stronger, and had outstanding body foundation which enjoyed more advantages than human’s in the realm of Body Forging. It was extremely hard for humans in the realm of Body Forging to reach one hundred kilograms power.

“If I could get the blood of those Divine Beasts, I could have such power too. But it is not something I can get easily.” He smacked his lips. It was so hard to get the blood of Ferocious Beasts, not to mention the blood of Divine Beasts.

Even if someone owned this kind of blood, they would never sell it. Because if the blood belonged to a horrible clan of one kind of Divine Beast, there would a bloody battle between different families to win it.

Thinking for a while, Dao Ling trembled out of fear. But then he calmed down, and shouted in his mind, “I should depend on myself! That is the only way to success!”

“I must not rely too much on the Heaven Devouring! I must find a way for myself!” His heart was beating heavily. He almost fell into the realm of devil just now, and his back broke into a cold sweat. Although the Heaven Devouring was so powerful, the best way for him was still to rely on his own potentialities.

“The martial art was only an auxiliary tool.” This thought made him feeling more confident.

“There he is, that jerk!”

At the entrance of the academy, a sharp sound suddenly blew. It was from Qian Lin, whose face was resentful, fists clenched, and body trembling in rage. His power had been abolished by Dao Ling, so he could never practice anymore.

In this world, if someone couldn’t practice his power, then he would be regarded less than shit, so Qian Lin hated Dao Ling bitterly

Hearing that, Dao Ling cast a cold glance on Qian Lin, and thought he would revenge for what had happened yesterday.

“Still look down on me?” Dao Ling’s cold eyes fell upon the three beside Qian Lin, and noticed a teenager with a scornful look among them. He felt this young man was unusual.

.“Qian Lin, is he the guy who abolished your power?” Qian Jing’s expression looked very disdainful.

“It’s him! If you cousins can revenge for me, all my savings over the years are yours!” Qian Lin gritted his teeth and yelled, and he would not hesitate to spend all his savings for destroying Dao Ling.

“Don’t worry, Qian Ling, we are family, and it is our responsibility to defend you and punish this jerk. It is not about money.”

“Dao Ling, today is your last day!” Qian Lin’s face twisted, and he shouted, “I will never let you die so easily, and I will torture you step by step! You can never get to the Xingchen Academy!”

“Just you guys?” Dao Ling scanned them, and replied with indifference.

“What the fuck are you talking about?” Qian Jing looked angry. He hated this tone, and felt that he couldn’t believe his ears.

“You bastard, come here and kneel! How dare you offend master Qian Jing? You must be seeking death!” The two brothers of Qian Lin became angry and scolded.

Hearing that, Dao Ling was aware that this unusual teenager was Qian Jing, a famous prodigy in Qianshan City, who was in the realm of Half Spirit Rhythm.

Usually speaking, it would cost common students half a year to break into the realm of Spirit Rhyming. But once you got into the realm of Half Spirit Rhyming, you could start to store energy for breaking through the realm of Spirit Rhyming, although it still needed a long time.

“I have no interest watching a jerk kneeing to me. You two directly punish him now.” Qian Jing said mercilessly.

“Yes, destroy him!” Qian Lin roared angrily.

“You jerk, you deserve it, and don’t blame us!” The two brothers sneered, and rushed toward Dao Ling to attack him.

“Scram!” Dao Ling’s expression was cold, and he suddenly made a roar. His hair was dancing wildly, clothes were cracking, and his skin was glazing with streaks of golden lights, which dazzled their eyes.

A vigorous blood power burst out of his body, repressing the air to buzz, like a ferocious beast waking up.

“Boom!” When the power burst out, it seemed like a strong flood, and hit the two brothers with a huge storm in a flash.

“Ah...” The two brothers trembled, started spitting blood, and their bones seemed to crack. They were blown out by this powerful storm and fell to the wall.

“What the hell?” Qian Jing was shocked, and his face clouded. He had never expected that this jerk was so powerful.

Dao Ling’s eyes ran down the two teenagers on the ground. They seemed like falling into fire, and their bodies seemed to be burning. They were screaming on the ground because their organs were in killing pain.

They were terrified, because this young boy in front of them was so terrible that he could crush them just with his vigor. Where did this monster come from!

“How is that possible!’ Qian Lin was almost scared to death, his legs were shaking too. He couldn’t believe that Dao Ling had been terribly powerful that he could blow them out just by his vigor.

A spatter of applause appeared, and Qian Jing strode over, looking down on Dao Ling. He said calmly, “Good job. You are qualified to be my opponent, but I wonder whether I can crush you to death with one single strike?”

His eyes were full of disdain. As a prodigy from Qian clan, he was about to become a figure of Xingchen Academy.

He thought in his mind that Dao Ling would be crushed to death by him with one finger, and it is impossible for him to rise up.