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Chapter 13 Guo Guo's Strange Powers

Ye Tianxie felt that it would be foolish to keep harping on the subject of a lollipop with a child that did not even know what it was. As such, whenever Guo Guo brought up the topic of lollipops, he would wisely remain silent. Even so, the tiny one was smart - she looked harmless and simple-minded, but no matter how Ye Tianxie tried to pry, she would tell him who she exactly was, how she came to exist in the Time of Fate, or why she would call him 'Master'. She would either refuse to tell him or claim that she did not really know the answers to any of those questions.

Noob Village.

Ye Tianxie stood at the entrance to the village and gazed at the huge crowds of people moving in and out of it. Noticing many people looking at him, he quietly threw a sideways glance at little Guo Guo, who was standing on his shoulder. He had turned up the attribute points of his Looks by 20%, and coupled with his already good looks, vague devilish charm, and an aura of danger, making it natural that he would get stares anywhere he went, but nobody seemed to notice Guo Guo.

"Could it be that everyone in the world of 'Fate' has a tiny being with them?" Ye Tianxie could not help but think. He immediately felt that it was a foolish thought and crushed it.

"They can't see you, Guo Guo?" Ye Tianxie probed.

"Oh oh! You're very smart, Master. How could I let so many people notice such a cute and obedient lolita like myself? Guo Guo's awesome - as long I'm not willing, they can't see or touch me. Currently, only you're able to do that, Master," she said proudly and cheerfully. Obviously, none of the other players could see or even hear her; no one looked at her direction when she spoke.

Ye Tianxie threw a strange glance at the tiny being on his shoulder. He did not know how many more secrets and surprises this creature, whose background he did not know, was still hiding.

"Then can you return back inside?" asked Ye Tianxie, pointing at the Time of Fate hanging in front of his chest. Before, Guo Guo had floated out of the device, and logically, she could go back in it if she could come out of it.

"I can, but it's extremely dark inside there and I don't want to go back in," Guo Guo replied as her lips moved sideways. She used her petite hands to run through her soft hair, her jet-black eyes observing the surrounding scenery and flow of people with a sharp, intelligent glint.

Ye Tianxie did not press the matter further and began walking toward Noob Village. He was used to traveling alone, but now he had a small, talkative sprite with him. "The companionship is somewhat pleasing, however..." he thought, the corner of his lips slightly twitching upward. He knew that in time, he would gradually come to know about Guo Guo's background and the secrets hidden within the Time of Fate; he coveted the answers but would not fret unnecessarily over them.

At this point, Ye Tianxie had been in the world of 'Fate' for less than an hour. During this time, his connection with the Time of Fate, a device that should not have appeared in this world, and which also served as its source of energy, had already given him a vague feeling that it was an extraordinary realm.

There were only a few houses strewn around the village, and even though it was still crowded with people, the situation was not as bad as when Ye Tianxie had just started playing the game. The elderly village chief stood at the center of his village, managing the throng of people who had come to receive their missions. Ye Tianxie walked up before him and asked politely, "How do you do, village chief? May I ask if there's anything I can help you with?"

No matter what one's position or temperament in the real world was, it was a rule of thumb to remain polite to NPCs in the gaming world. If not, the task one received from them would probably not of mutual benefit or may even be of ill intent. Every NPC had their own individual character and thoughts, which was no different from an ordinary person.

"Ting... due to your overwhelming charisma, the chief of village number 60001, Noob Village, has 20 more points of positive feeling toward you."

The voice prompt rang out close to Ye Tianxie's ears, causing him to bare his teeth. He had not wasted those 10 points on his baseline Charm, and coupled with the additional 10 points from the Eternal Time of Fate, his Charm had already exceeded the average level of the players by far.

The village chief, who had been irritated to a great extent by a huge number of players approaching him for tasks, brightened up upon seeing Ye Tianxie, and a smile began to form on his lips. "The source of energy of our world - the Eternal Time of Fate - has disappeared, and no one knows where it is now. Without it, the seal on the tower of Fate has disintegrated, and the eight Demon kings have all escaped. Their demonic aura has affected all our lands, and even the most gentle creatures have turned violent..."

The village chief's speech was the same as that of the strange old woman Ye Tianxie met earlier, and he listened patiently. Finally, he spoke about the exact problem, "Adventurer from a foreign world, you've given me a glimpse of hope that a hero will rise. The gentle chicks in our farms have also been infected by this terrible demonic aura. Would you be willing to help me exterminate 30 enraged chicks?"

"Ting... the chief of village number 60001, Noob Village, asks for your help to exterminate 30 enraged chicks. The mission is of normal difficulty, it doesn't have an expiry date and you'll stand to gain 80 experience points and five small bottles of recovery potions."

This was a basic task that even players of level zero standard could accomplish. There was nothing attractive about it in Ye Tianxie's eyes, and he did not accept the task but instead fixed his gaze on the village chief. "Chief, since you've seen a glimmer of hope in me that I could be the anointed hero, such a simple task would be demeaning to me." "Come to think of it, you've already given plenty of such tasks to people who came from the same place as me, Chief. I hope I can get a mission that none of them have the capability to accomplish."

If it were another player who had said these words, he or she would have received a look of disdain and a dressing down about being foolhardy and overconfident from the village chief, or perhaps even be driven out of the village, but facing Ye Tianxie who had 20 points of Charm... He was momentarily stunned by the youth's request before beginning to smile more warmly. "Fine. I've seen the pride of a hero in you. Combined with your aura and the vitality in your gaze, I believe that you'll turn into a true hero who can withstand the might of those demons that are plaguing our lands. Since that's the case, I'll grant your wish."

A sound rang beside Ye Tianxie's ear, signaling that the chick-killing mission had been canceled. The village chief's smile disappeared from his wizened face, replaced with an expression filled with melancholy and reminiscence. "Not far away, to the north of this village, lies the Valley of Ferocious Wolves. There are many wolves there who have been affected by a demonic aura and become violent and bloodthirsty as a result. They will frequently run out of the valley to terrorize the originally peaceful and quiet Noob Village. My son went into the valley alone to solve our wolf problem, but he never came back. He was about the same age as you that year..." The chief gave a long sigh before continuing, "Brave adventurer, can you go into the Valley of Ferocious Wolves and bring back 100 wolves' teeth? I want to use them to construct a tombstone for my son, to commemorate his brave yet short live."