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The King’s Game (5)

The events after their orders were a series of blurred images. But Aki remembered reluctantly standing up from Liam, swaying as he did so, and Liam taking his arm to help him sit on a nearby chair. Aki remembered -- he made sure he remembered by burning that moment in his memory as he stared at Liam’s eyes.

Liam did not remove his hand over Aki’s arm and Aki did not move away either. They both looked flushed and drunk on something that was not related to alcohol.

\tNobody paid them attention as the others do Mia’s ridiculous orders. There were peals of laughter and jeers, but Aki felt too woozy to register all that. That and he felt like being in an enclosed space, devoid of any sounds with just two people inside -- him and Liam.

\tBy the time the game ended, Aki had sobered up a bit while Liam was thoroughly wasted. Instead of Aki leaning for his support like the usual, it became the other way around. Yet they remained cocooned in their own world as their workmates were busy planning where to go afterward. Mia had to call him three times to catch his attention.

“Are you coming, Aki? We’re going to hit the bar,” Mia said.

“No,” Aki put one of Liam’s arms over his shoulders and hoisted him. “I need to bring this guy home.”

Mia nodded. “Take care.”

Jay helped Aki hail a taxi and push Liam inside. Aki sat beside his sleeping roommate, looking outside the window, watching his workmates go to their next stop. With their unsteady steps, it was hard to tell who was dragging who. He could not help but chuckle. At first, he had reservations about the party as he was not a fan of gatherings. But tonight had been fun. The King’s game was nerve-wracking though.

‘The King’s game…’

Aki bit his lip and glanced sideways, just in time to Liam’s head lolled and Aki supported it, putting the other’s head on his shoulder. He shifted so the other guy would feel comfortable.

Getting Liam to their apartment was work. Aki thought about doing some upper strength exercises in case things like this happened again as his muscles strained at the effort. When they got to the room, he lowered Liam slowly in the bed. Once Liam was settled, Aki sat on the side, resting his head on the headrest as he thought of what he should do next.

The next thing he knew, an arm was slung over his waist and he was lying on the bed. He blinked. ‘I fell asleep.’ He cursed under his breath and tried to move but the arm around him had surprising strength, pinning him on his spot. Aki half-heartedly tried to shake off Liam once more but the other did not weaken his hold. He gave up right away when he realized that it was futile. Besides, he did not have any energy to push himself off the bed and walked to his room.

But he should push his roommate away at the very least. He really should.

Aki smiled despite himself. He had been making bad decisions lately. Adding another one would be okay, right? He turned and stared at Liam’s sleeping face, a finger lightly traced the eyebrows, the nose, and down to his slightly opened lips. The same lips he was kissing with earlier. Or was that what people call making out?

‘Then that means we were making out in front of everyone earlier!’ He wailed inside. He hoped that no one would remember the next day. Everyone was pretty wasted at that point, no one would think about it, right? They should forget how he stumbled while they were at it.

He never would have thought that a kiss would turn him to mush.

Even if people teased them, they could just deny it. It was just a game. Except for a part of him did not want to deny it. Denying it meant that it never happened. But it did happen. He wanted it to happen.

Since when did he want that? He even wanted to kiss those lips now.

Aki groaned and shut his eyes. This was a bad idea. A very very bad idea after all.

But what about Liam? What would Aki do in the morning? What do people do after kissing someone?

His first kiss had been a fumbling mess of lips and teeth as a result of a dare. This was his first proper kiss and it left him at a loss.

‘What do I want…?’ His finger continued to trace Liam’s lips. Maybe kissing him was a bad idea. Now he knew the taste of what he could not have and it would torment him for who knows how long.

‘Then just one more?’ And he leaned again for a swift kiss.