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He Says - His Lucky Charm (2)

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Eldric nodded and took one last look at Lia’s sleeping figure, making sure that everything was in place. The curtain that Eldric asked as a temporary replacement of the broken balcony door fluttered as he left the room.

He headed to the neighboring room where Tim, Gaston, and Joaquin stayed. The remaining three from the other room joined them as well. The room they rented was big for two people and enough for three. But with seven of them crowding in the same space, there was barely room to move.

Eldric took a seat near the window. If there would be more attacks tonight, he would spot them right away. This was also a good place to keep an eye for any possible intruder to the room next door.

Then he glanced around the room to the men who were standing around him. These men were his most trusted allies and the best of the best. They had been around with each other for years and had saved each other’s skin time and again.

“How’s Lia?” Tim asked.

“She fell asleep after crying so much,” Eldric said. “Have you identified the assassins?”

“That must have been a shock to her. Anyway, I have good and bad news. Where do you want me to start?”

Eldric did not like the sound of the bad news and felt an oncoming headache. He folded his hands in his lap. “Start with the bad news.”

Tim nodded at Gaston who was casually leaning on the door. He picked up Tim’s signal and said, “One of the guys who attacked you, or at least the remaining guys, killed himself.” He waited for anyone to speak up. When no one did, he continued. “He had a small knife hidden in his body and he used it to stab his neck before we could tie him.”

Before Eldric could open his mouth, Joaquin held up his hand. “It was our fault. We didn’t check if he was really unconscious. Plus we were worried that the other guy swallowed a capsule with Daydream Sage. We needed to prevent that.”

Daydream Sage. Eldric heard from Jeremiah that it was what was mixed with the gin and the main cause of the hallucinations of those who drink it. “The good news?

“Rob, Owen, and Bern came back and confirmed the names of the officials given by the madam from the pleasure house,” Tim tried to suppress but utterly failed in hiding his smirk at the mention of the establishment.

Eldric ignored him, those kind of places were a trove of valuable information and juicy gossip. He sat back in his chair, thinking about these reports. Brilliant. Things were falling into place. He untangled his joined fingers as if imagining the day when he would also untangle the spider web called Unseen.

“Alright. Thank you, gentlemen. Get some rest as we won’t have anymore luxurious stop after this. We need to get to the capital as soon as possible. We don’t know what might have happened when we are gone.” After giving some more orders, he let the others rest while Gaston and Joaquin went downstairs to drink, leaving him and Tim in the room.