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Chapter 247 Solemnly Speaking Nonsense

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Looking cold and distant, Lu Boyan had been standing there since Su Jianan was taken into the interrogation room. No one could read his mind or dare approach him as if he were surrounded by an invisible barrier.

It even took Captain Yan a moment before walking to his side and said, "Mr. Lu, The session will not end any time soon. Let's go sit and wait in my office."

Lu Boyan checked the time on his watch and declined. "The lawyer should be out soon."

Immediately after Lu Boyan's words, Lawyer Zhuo exited the interrogation room with his briefcase. He passed a look to Captain Yan motioning that he would like to speak with Lu Boyan in private.

"It's alright," said Lu Boyan, "he is on our side."

Tightening his brows, Captain Yan looked at Lawyer Zhuo. "Although Jianan's case has been handed to another team, we are still allowed to assist with the investigation during our private time. Lawyer Zhuo, I need to know exactly what happened to Jianan."

Since Lu Boyan had given his words, Lawyer Zhu gave Captain Yan detailed information on Su Jianan's case without further concerns.

Based on his professional intuition, Captain Yan immediately perceived that something was wrong.

"There are two suspicious points," said Captain Yan. "First, due to Su Yuanyuan and Jianan's longheld rigid relationship, it is unlikely that she will seek help from Jianan upon any encountering. But Su Yuanyuan could have taken advantage of Jianan's sympathetic and soft heart, and called Su Jianan over not for help, but rather for a purpose.

"Second, it's extremely suspicious that while Jianan fainted shortly after she had entered, Su Yuanyuan and the drug addicts who were in and out of the house were fine. I suspect that Su Yuanyuan's original intention was to hurt Jianan after calling her over, but instead, she lost her life in a self-defeating effort."

The Lawyer nodded in concurrence and added, "It's necessary that we locate those drug addicts. We might gain some information from them."

"Leave it to us to locate these people," said Captain Yan, "Lawyer Zhuo, try to get Jianan home for investigation. I'm afraid she's not used to a place like the detention center."

"About that..." Lawyer Zhuo felt troubled at the request. Since this was an influential murder case, it was basically impossible for Su Jianan to contact non-police and legal personnel, let alone go home.

At the same time, Lu Boyan suddenly walked away to look for the team leader for Su Jianan's case.

"Mr. Lu," said the team leader to Lu Boyan in a polite tone. "Rest assured, as Jianan's colleagues, every one of us believes in her. We will investigate the case thoroughly and prove her innocence."

"Thank you," said Lu Boyan, "but my wife has been hurt. If you are done with the interrogation, can she go to the hospital for an examination?"

"If she were to go to the hospital..." The team leader seemed to have reached a dilemma.

Though it was a good excuse to leave the police department, however, if the media found out about it, they probably would write that how Su Jianan was taking advantage of the internal department's leniency towards her.

Lu Boyan didn't want to put the team leader on the spot. "I don't mind going through the application procedure. Should I come back in half an hour?"

Struck by a headache, the team leader knew that it was a piece of cake for Lu Boyan to get a person out of the police station. Regardless of the half an hour given him to decide, ultimately, he would still have to release Su Jianan to go to the hospital.

Captain Yan walked over and patted the team leader on the shoulder. "The result will be the same no matter what, so grant it. I owe you this time. You are welcomed to come to me with any problems in the future. Just tell me if you want anyone from my team to assist you in Jianan's case!"

"I can have whomever I want?" The team leader chuckled, "Give me Xiaoying first!"

"..." Captain Yan sternly hesitated for a moment and replied, "Xiaoying is primarily responsible for collecting data on our team. But in fact, I am the person who is the best at collecting data! What information do you need?"

"..." The team leader was speechless.

Su Jianan already sensed something when she heard that she was arranged to go to the hospital for an examination. However, by the time she actually saw Lu Boyan in the car, she couldn't hold back her tears any longer and plunged into his arms like a baby ostrich seeking asylum despite the looks of the police officers who accompanied them.

Wrapping her in his arms, Lu Boyan gently kissed her head. "It will soon be alright, don't be afraid."

Su Jianan nodded firmly.

She trusted Lu Boyan and felt at ease as long as he was by her side.

The news that the wife of President Lu was involved in a murder case traveled faster than what everyone had imagined. After hearing the news from her friends, Tang Yulan anxiously called Lu Boyan and finally eased up upon Lu Boyan's reassurance that Su Jianan would be alright.

"Boyan," said Tang Yulan as she tried to suppress the trembling in her voice, "I only have one request: no matter what the truth is, don't let anything happen to Jianan."

Having already reached old age, Tang Yulan did not want to lose anyone around her.

Lu Boyan told Tang Yulan to rest assured, and explained Su Jianan's current situation before hanging up the phone. He then picked up the calls from Shen Yuechuan and Su Yicheng, all in regards to Su Jianan's case.

Listening on the side, Su Jianan suddenly did not feel as scared anymore.

She clearly knew that she did not hurt anyone. Now, in addition to Captain Yan and Jiang Shaokai, Lu Boyan and her brother were also helping her. Soon enough, she would be lifted from these fabricated accusations.

Therefore, why not spend these days as a vacation, cheer up, and soothe the concerns of those who worry about her?

Lu Boyan hung up the call from Shen Yuechuan after explaining some matters and noticed Su Jianan's eyes had gradually calmed down. Raising his hand, he lightly stroked her head and whispered a few words to her ear, to which she nodded with a smile.

Sitting in the front seat, the accompanying police officers frowned.

They were responsible for monitoring Su Jianan. It was against regulation to have Lu Boyan tag along; but since he was already waiting in the car, he was obviously acquiesced by their leader. Therefore, there was nothing they could say.

However, they couldn't just overlook the way Lu Boyan and Su Jianan whispered around.

"Um, Medical Examiner Su." The police officer cleared his throat. "We need to know what you said to each other and report to our leader if necessary. These are rules... you know them."

Su Jianan smiled as she snuggled into Lu's arms. "You guys don't have girlfriends yet, right? Some words... are better off not heard," said Su Jianan as she looked at Lu Boyan with melting sweetness. "Right, hubby?"

Though Lu Boyan didn't say anything, his smile was quite obvious. He lightly stroked Su Jianan's head, displaying an affection that was enough to devastate 10,000 single dogs.

The two young police officers quietly turned their heads and decided not to look back until they arrived at the hospital...

The closest hospital to the Municipal Bureau was the Eighth People's Hospital, yet the police car drove straight past its front entrance leaving the police officers baffled at the driver. "Which hospital are we going to?"

Their question was finally answered after half an hour.

But was this place really a hospital, not a private mansion?

Examining at the park-sized garden, the spacious sports field and the swimming pool free of any leaf and dust, the officers would not believe that it really was a hospital had they not seen the doctors in white coats going in and out of the buildings.

In fact, it was against the regulation for Su Jianan to come to this kind of private hospital. However, Lu Boyan gave a reason which cannot be refused: Su Jianan always came to this hospital whenever her body was ill; therefore, the doctors here were the only ones who knew her physical condition well.

"Mrs. Lu," said the doctor who was in charge of Su Jianan's examination last time, "you will be doing a few checks first, just like last time. Don't worry about it."

The last time Lu Boyan took her here for an examination was when Su Jianan hurt her head from the abduction.

The examination this time was conducted quickly. After the results came out, the doctor called Lu Boyan into the office. "Mrs. Lu only has a little bruise and will recover soon. There's not much to worry about."

As the doctor exited his office, his face switched to another expression and informed the accompanying police officers, "The patient is in severe conditions and needs to be hospitalized for observation!"

"What?" One police officer opened his eyes widely. "To be hospitalized... for observation? But... her condition didn't seem so severe."

The other police officer was more conspicuous. He elbowed his dull-witted colleague and smiled at the doctor. "We understand, we will report it to our leader."

Su Jianan was soon admitted to a medical ward, which was guarded by the two accompanying police officers outside. Though they knew that Su Jianan would not run away, they still stood upright and held their diligence towards their jobs.

Inside the ward.

Su Jianan has already changed into a light pink, striped hospital gown. She looked at Lu Boyan and asked, "Is this... really OK?"

Earlier, they had left the police department through the back door in order to successfully avoid the media. But if the shrewd media reporters found out that she was hospitalized, the public opinion could develop in ways unimaginable...

"OK or not, I have the final say."

Lu Boyan spoke in such a commanding tone that it felt like even the world was operating upon his orders.

His words soothed Su Jianan's concerns. She smiled and lay down on the bed, for she had to at least pretend to be in a "very serious" condition.

Lu Boyan looked at the clock hanging on the wall. It was at six o'clock. Then he asked Su Jianan, "Are you hungry?"

Su Jianan shook her head. She lacked an appetite, and therefore, could not sense the hunger.

Just as Lu Boyan was about to talk Su Jianan into eating something, he received a call from Su Yicheng, who was just outside the room with food he had brought for Jianan.

Su Jianan rushed out at once and saw Su Yicheng, who was kept outside by two police officers. His angry expression suggested that he was ready to start a fight at any time.

"Brother!" She halted Su Yicheng. "They are just doing their jobs by the rules. Let it be, don't make it difficult for them."

Su Yicheng coldly glanced at the two police officers and handed Su Jianan the thermal container. "Are you okay?"

Su Jianan lifted he lips and shook her head. "I'm not locked up. What could happen to me? It's just that I can't have any contact with family during this time. But don't worry, I am strong. I know very well that I am not a murderer."

Su Yicheng nodded and as he saw Lu Boyan walking out, he looked at him with an almost requesting look. "Take care of Jianan."

Lu Boyan received the thermal container from Su Jianan and replied, "OK."

One word, simple yet strong.

"Well..." Su Yicheng and Lu Boyan's auras were so strong that the police officer's voice came out weak. "Mr. Su, you, you should go now. It will be difficult for us to report if you stayed too long."

Su Yicheng originally had many words to say, but since Su Jianan seemed to be in good condition with Lu Boyan's accompanying, there was nothing he should worry about. He then turned and left.

The police officer exhaled in relief and looked at Lu Boyan. "Mr. Lu, according to the rules, you... you need to leave as well..."

Lu Boyan was unprecedentedly easy to talk to this time. "I didn't say I was going to stay."

Overjoyed, the police officers gazed at Lu Boyan almost eagerly. The gaze could be interpreted in a way of saying: then get going!

Instead, Lu Boyan grabbed Su Jianan's hand and took a step back into the room. The police officers' faces slightly changed as they heard him say, "There is a back door in the ward, I will be leaving from the back door."

Slam! Then he shut the door.

The police officers were crumbled. "There's a back door in the ward? Come on; at least elaborate a little on the excuse!"

It was obvious that Lu Boyan was solemnly speaking nonsense. Yet miraculously, there was no way to refute him...