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Chapter 112 - Mysterious Drugs

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However, just as Yan Tian was looking at the scenery, the flight attendant walked over. Furthermore, she looked a little embarrassed, thinking that this woman might have taken a fancy to him.

"Um... Thank you for just now. " The flight attendant looked at Yan Tian and Luo Shaolin very bashfully.

"F * * k, it's fine, he should be hitting someone like that." Yan Tian shrugged and said.

"En, no need to be so polite miss, this is what we should do." Luo Shao Ling had a refined look on his face, and it was unknown if he was pretending or just like that.

In the end, the flight attendant thanked the both of them and ran off. After all, it was work time, she couldn't just stand there and chat with Yan Tian.

"Hey, bro, I like your actions just now." Yan Tian looked at Luo Shaolin and nodded in admiration.

"What's wrong with me? Compared to you directly rushing forward to beat someone up, this is truly a small matter." Luo Shaolin shook his head with a smile.

Yan Tian thought that this made sense, he reckoned that there were not many people who could solve this crude question like him, but this was also the most powerful method, and in this world, it was only fist that could solve the problem.

"Oh, by the way, what happened to the wound on your face? "What, got beaten?" Luo Shaolin had seen the injuries on Yan Tian's face from the beginning, but he had never asked.

"Ugh …" Beating up? How is that possible? I accidentally fell yesterday, and it ended up like this. What bad luck. "

The moment he mentioned the injuries on her face, Yan Tian immediately became angry. Yan Tian had already made up his mind, it would be best if he didn't seize this opportunity, if it was himself he would definitely teach that Lan Yu a lesson. Seriously, being played by her like this made him live like a monkey in a zoo for the past two days, turning his head back on the road by as much as 70%.

"Pfft …" What? "He fell down?"

Luo Shaolin looked at Yan Tian with a smile that was not a smile. His Luo Family had been a doctor for generations, and could be said to have seen all kinds of injuries and diseases. This Yan Tian was obviously beaten up, even a fool could see that, what about a doctor like him?

"That's right, I accidentally fell. You must be joking!" Yan Tian naturally would not foolishly tell the truth, he could only continue to lie shamelessly.

"Alright, if you say it's a fall, then it's a fall. It's just that your fall is a bit too …" "It's a little too cool." Although he knew that Yan Tian was lying, Luo Shao Ling still did not point it out, so he could only suppress his laughter.

After smiling, Luo Shaolin seemed to have thought of something. He quickly rummaged through his bag and took out a small bottle. "Oh, right, I feel like I have some fate with you. Here, this is for you."

"What is this?" Yan Tian curiously received the bottle in Luo Shao Ling's hand, but after looking at it for a long time, he still could not find anything special about it.

"Open this bottle and apply some medicine onto your face. See you in three minutes." Luo Shao Ling looked at Yan Tian and blinked his eyes.

"What the hell?" Three minutes of miracles on your face? " Yan Tian opened the bottle in disbelief.

Yan Tian could immediately tell what it was after he brought it close to his nose to smell it. This medicine was exactly the same as his master's miraculous medicine, it still had that familiar smell, but if he took a closer look, he could still smell the faint scent of mint from Luo Shaolin's medicine.

"Don't ask so many questions, just give iry. This is something that has a price but no market. If you feel like it's on your side, then I'll let you use it."

Since there was this medicine, Yan Tian would naturally not be polite. He was very clear about the effects of this medicine, for example, if you were to be injured, applying a little this medicine would immediately help you recover from your injuries, and would only leave a little scar. If used a few more times, he would not even be able to see a scar.

Besides healing wounds, it could also be used as a skin care product. If it was used as a skin care product, it could be used as other skin care products dozens of times. Of course, if it was used as a skin care product, it would be a waste.

While Yan Tian was applying the medicine, many people in the surroundings also looked over, but they were all scolding him for being such a sissy. This was too beautiful.

After three minutes, Yan Tian ran into the bathroom to wash. As expected, he did not let Yan Tian down, the injuries on his face had already healed, and since Yan Tian's face was only swollen red, there were no scars left or not.

Looking at the handsome him in the mirror, Yan Tian nodded his head in satisfaction, put on a pose and walked out.

When Yan Tian came out, the other passengers did not feel that it was strange, but there were still a few who sized him up, but they all thought that this person had gotten into the same situation as the person just now, and did not think about Yan Tian at all.

"How is it? Not bad, right? " When Yan Tian sat back down, Luo Shao Ling asked with a smile.

"Not bad, this is good stuff. This is good for removing makeup, haha."

Yan Tian had purposely said that the treatment was done up, because there were a few people who were looking at Yan Tian in disbelief. Previously, they had all thought that he was just wearing a shirt, but now that Yan Tian had sat on the chair and even said something, they couldn't help but be curious.

Yan Tian also knew that he couldn't let the outside world know about this medicine, otherwise it would affect them too much. Helpless, Yan Tian could only say that it was a make-up removal, the injury just now was only a make-up treatment, and now that it was done, he changed his appearance, this would dispel the curiosity of the group of passengers.

"Haha, who asked you to be so weak?" I told you not to put on makeup, you had to do it. " Luo Shao Ling was also playing along with Yan Tian.

The surrounding people all shook their heads when they heard it, and at the same time, looked at Yan Tian in disdain. Were they planning to change planes in Hong Kong and go to Thailand?

Although it dispelled the curiosity of the others, it made Yan Tian miserable, to think that he would be treated as a sissy and considered a transvestite.

"Alright, alright, we won't melt in the future." Yan Tian glared at Luo Shaolin and said.

"Since your face has recovered, then give me the rest." Luo Shao Ling laughed and extended his hand towards Yan Tian.

"What?" "For you?"

"That's right, there's still half a bottle left. Bring it over." Luo Shao Ling looked at Yan Tian and raised his head.

Yan Tian was stunned, why did he still ask for more? He hadn't thought that this Luo Shaolin would be so stingy. If anyone who knew about this medicine knew that Yan Tian said that Luo Shaolin was stingy, they would probably chop Yan Tian to death. had already given you half a bottle, yet you still call him stingy?

"Sigh, here you go, you're so stingy, isn't it only half a bottle?" After thinking about it, Yan Tian then handed the remaining half bottle to Luo Shaolin. He thought to himself, this Luo Shao Ling is really stingy.

Racketeering Reminder (s) (s) (s) (s) (s) (s) (or (s) (s) (s) (s)) (or (s) (s) (or (s) (s) (s) (or (s) (s) (s)) (or (s) (s) (or (s) (s) (s) (or (s)) (or (s) (/(s) (s)

This novel had been written by Plum from June until now. It had been almost two months since it was written, and now it was finally time for it to go on the shelf. Plum's novel was very easy to remember, on the 28th of the Gregorian calendar, on the 7th day of the 7th lunar month, on the 7th day of the 7th lunar month!

On this day, I believe there are a lot of friends who are throwing dog food around with their female (male) friends. Of course, as a bachelor dog, Li Zi doesn't need to spend the Double Seventh Festival.

Plum did not go out on the day of the Double Seventh Festival. Why? In order to prevent embarrassment, in order to prevent being showcased, and also the time on the shelf, so I sit in the house code word and code word, so that you come in the evening to sprinkle plum a wave of dog food.

Actually speaking of getting into a fight, my heart was a little excited. At the beginning, when I wrote my novel, I didn't even think about publishing it, much less having a reader. I just had a playful attitude.

The last thing I tried was to publish it on the tenth of June. It was only twenty-something thousand words, less than thirty thousand words, and when it was posted I didn't care, I didn't even write it, I was going to stop there.

In the end, it seemed like it was separated by a few days. I went in to take a look and didn't know what it was until I saw it. Seeing this, Plum immediately contacted the signing team. After a summer's worth of hard work, I finally met the criteria for being on the shelf. Li Zi was also from the Student Party and was exactly seventeen this year.)

Of course, apart from a little excitement and a little regret, why?

This was because being on the shelf meant that the sales were officially starting. Sales naturally had to pay a fee. Right, if they were on the shelf, they would receive the money for the script. This was not a lie.

But some people might say, writing such a crappy book is giving you face, and you still want to charge a fee? He decided to abandon the book and stop reading it!

As for this point, Plum didn't want to charge a fee either, because once it was charged, the reader would be lost. Many people didn't want to spend their money on books.

But what if you think about it from a different angle? Of course, there were also a few players who paid a fee of five cents for each character. This had to do with the level of the members in the account.

Takhousand words and three cents for example. Plum writes three thousand words a day and a hundred thousand words a month. If you look at it, it's only three dollars. Three dollars can't even buy a meal, three dollars can only buy a bottle of water.

You can read Plum's hard work for a month for three dollars, but what about me? He had to write several thousand words every day, thousands of words every day, and at leasundred thousand words every month. How many people could write several thousand words a day right now? Sometimes, when she wrote something, she would stare at the screen with her eyes wide open. She didn't know what to write next, but it felt like she was writing something in Calvin … Tsk tsk tsk, it gives me a headache just thinking about it.

At the end of the day, I still hope that everyone can support me. Your support is the motivation for me to persevere!

He hoped that everyone would come and throw a wave of dog food at Plum. If they had any money, monthly tickets, or anything else within the recommended ticket, they would all come and throw at him. If they had anything, they would just throw it at him!

In the end, I wish everyonappy Double Seventh Festival! It seems a little late to say this, but the blessing doesn't change!)