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Chapter 95 - Along wants to chase after Wang Hui

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"Humph!" Wang Hui still did not answer Along, but pouted her lips and used her chopsticks to poke at the food in the bowl.

"Aiyo, I really know that I was wrong. Didn't they say that if you can correct your mistakes, you are a good child?" Can you forgive me this once? I'll take you on a trip some other day. " Along looked at Wang Hui pitifully and said.

Hearing Along's words, Yan Tian almost choked, Along was already in his twenties, how could he admit his wrongs and be a good child? This Along looked like a scumbag!


Not surprising, Wang Hui was also amused by Along's words, but immediately retracted her smile, and revealed an expression of being wronged.

"Eh, Little Sister Hui'er, look at you laughing just now. Haha, if you laugh, that means you don't hate me anymore, haha!" Seeing Wang Hui being amused by him just now made Along feel relieved, he was really afraid that Wang Hui would hate him forever.

"Tsk, who forgave you? "I was just joking around." Wang Hui rolled his eyes at Along as he spoke.

"Ah?" "Big sister, what's wrong with the way I eat?" Upon hearing the mention of him, Sun Nan hazily raised his head.

"It's fine, it's fine. You should eat quickly!"

From Wang Hui's performance a moment ago, Yan Tian could tell that she no longer hated Along. After all, what had happened already, no matter how much she hated him, it would be useless.

While eating, Wang Hui placed a piece of meat into Yan Tian's bowl, and said wited face, "Big Brother Yan, eat more!"

"En, not bad, your cooking skills are even better than mine!" After tasting it, Yan Tian praised it with satisfaction.

Yan Tian thought that his dishes were already good enough, but after tasting the dishes Wang Hui cooked, he knew that there waeaven above the mortal world, compared to Wang Hui, he was truly ashamed of himself.

"Hehe, it's good as long as Big Brother Yan doesn't feel bad!"

"No, how could it be bad? Taking Along's words, eating the food you cook iype of enjoyment, haha! " Yan Tian laughed and said.

"It's not that exaggerated!" lowered his head in embarrassment after hearing Yan Tian's words, but he was also elated from being praised by Yan Tian.

"Oh right, I still have one last dish to make. You all are almost done eating, I'll go make it!" Suddenly, Wang Hui remembered that he still had one more dish that he hadn't cooked yet, so he jogged into the kitchen.

"Brother Tian, hehe!" Seeing Wang Hui run away, the Along looked at him and laughed vulgarly.

"No, Along, why are you looking at me like that? "I'm afraid …"

Seeing Along looking at him with such an expression, Yan Tian suddenly felt a little nervous, thinking, "Could it be that Along has taken a fancy to me?"

The moment he thought of this, Yan Tian immediately pulled back his chair, and used one hand to cover his anus tightly, making him look like a young wife who was being bullied.

"Damn, Brother Tian, your posture …" My sexual orientation is normal! " Seeing that she was mistaken, Along was close to tears, she was a dignified seven foot man.

"Oh... "Oh, so it's like that. Then I'm relieved. Don't look so vulgar at any time. I was scared to death just now!" At this time, Yan Tian patted his chest in relief, and then continued to move his chair forward, picked up his chopsticks and started sweeping the food on the table.

"Then why were you looking at me just now? Speak!"

After eating two mouthfuls, Yan Tian remembered the wretched look the Along had. Yan Tian didn't even have to guess to know that the Along had something to tell him, and judging from that wretched smile, it was definitely not a good thing.

"Hehe, Brother Tian, how many girlfriends do you have now?" After hearing what Yan Tian said, Along looked at him and laughed.

"F * ck, how many girlfriends do you think your elder brother has to do with you?" Hearing that the Along had ideas about his own woman, Yan Tian fiercely kicked the Along.

Yan Tian really wanted to think that since he came in contact with so many girls every day, there really wasn't a single one of them who was his girlfriend. It seemed that he had to work hard, otherwise, it would be such a failure as a man.

In fact, really did have a girlfriend, but that London girl, Diana, could be considered one. If it wasn't for her father stopping her, Yan Tian would have already gotten a beauty in her arms.

Then there was the Dream Butterfly. This woman was the only one who had a relationship with Yan Tian right now.

"Hehe, Brother Tian, you already have so many beauties by your side, can you … …" "Hehe!" Along said while looking at Yan Tian with an embarrassed expression.

"Hmm? What? Don't tell me you want Brother Tian to give you one? " Wang Feng looked at Along in shock, thinking to himself, "Did this Along get fatter just by drinking a little bit of alcohol?" At the same time, Yan Tian also raised his head and looked at Along with a smile.

When the Along saw that Yan Tian and Wang Feng were looking at him with strange expressions, he immediately said, "Aiya, no, what I mean is since Brother Tian has so many women accompanying him, can you not fight with me for Wang Hui?!"

"What?" You want to chase my sister? I tell you, no way! " Just as Along finished speaking, Wang Feng was already unhappy. After all this time, Along was actually plotting against his sister!

"Hey, I can chase whoever I want. What does that have to do with you? It's not like I want to chase after you, just give me a face, if you have your eyes on Wang Hui, then I'll give up. "

After conversing with Wang Feng for a while, Along still went to seek Yan Tian's opinion. If Yan Tian had no problems, Along would be able to chase after Wang Hui without worry, but if Yan Tian was interested in Wang Hui, Along would not dare to fight over him even if he was beaten to death.

"Cough cough, why are you asking me about this? I treat Wang Hui as my younger sister. " Yan Tian lightly coughed twice and said.

"Really? Hahaha! Then I'm relieved!" Hearing Yan Tian's words, the Along looked at Wang Feng complacently.

"Damn, I don't agree. How can my sister be witoodlum?" Wang Feng slapped the table and said unhappily.

"Hoodlum? So what if you'roodlum? Are you looking down on hoodlums now? You're a f * cking hoodlum too, but I'm doing better than you. "

Hearing Along's words, Wang Feng thought that it was right. He himself was jusoodlum, and the number of times he had entered the police station was countless times more than.

"Humph! Stinking brat, pour me a cup of wine!" After thinking for a while, Wang Feng crossed his legs and said to Along.

"What?" You call me a stinking brat? If you want to drink, go ahead. " Along rolled his eyes at Wang Feng in disdain.

"Sigh, I was planning to consider what someone just said. Forget it, I won't consider it anymore." Wang Feng shook his head in distress and prepared to pour himself a cup of wine.

Hearing Wang Feng's words, the Along was stunned. Wang Feng said he would consider what he had just said, didn't he himself say that he would pursue Wang Hui? That person is me. Now it seems that Wang Feng agreed?

When he thought about Along, he immediately became clear-headed. He picked up the wine bottle and respectfully poured a cup for Wang Feng: "Hahaha, Brother Feng, we can talk this way, isn't it just pouring wine? Which one of us is following which one of us!? "

"Hmph, you sure know how to flatter. Let me tell you, if you dare to treat my sister badly, I will kill you even if I have to risk my life." Wang Feng looked at Along seriously and warned.

What Wang Feng said was not a joke. Right now, his sister was his only sister, if Along dared to treat her sister badly, Wang Feng would really go all out to teach her a lesson.

"Heh heh, how could that be? Do you think I'm that kind of person? "I didn't do anything when I kidnapped her last time …"

Before Along could finish his sentence, Wang Feng smacked him on the back of the head, "You still dare to say that!"

"Ai ai ai ai, I won't say anymore, don't worry, I won't, heh heh!" Along held his head and giggled.

"Wang Feng, don't worry. If this Along brat dares to treat my sister badly, I will personally cut him off without you doing anything!" Yan Tian also said while gnawing on the chicken leg.

After hearing that Yan Tian had stood up to speak, Wang Feng relaxed his heart. With Brother Tian's guarantee, there would be no problem, he looked at Along coldly snorting and continued eating his food with his chopsticks.

"Don't worry, Brother Tian, I'm serious. I really like Wang Hui." Along said wited face.