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Chapter 111 - Fine: 500 [Collection]

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"Why are you like this? How many times have I told you and you still want to play? "

A refined looking man on the side also couldn't watch any longer and quickly snatched the phone from the man to shut it down.

"Who the fuck are you? "You dare to interfere with laozi?" The man pointed at the man furiously.

"Do you know that if you leave your cell phone on the plane, it will cause electromagnetic interference? It's easy to get into trouble this way. It's fine for you to get into trouble, but don't implicate so many of us. "

"Of course I know. It hasn't taken off yet, has it? Can you control it? "

"Hmph, I'm in charge of this matter today, what's the matter?" Although this man looked gentle and refined, he was not someone who feared trouble. As he spoke, he prepared to roll up his sleeves and start a fight.

The two of them were preparing for a fight, while Yan Tian was watching on the side scratching his head with interest. It was pretty good to be able to watch a fierce battle between two people before he left.

"You are f * cking courting death." The man immediately lost his temper. He swung his fist and punched towards the man in front of him. He didn't even care that they were on a plane. He didn't seem to be afraid of the heavens or the earth.

As for the refined man, he did not panic at all. He gave a disdainful smile and did not place the man in his eyes at all. He very quickly grabbed onto the man's fist.

Seeing this, Yan Tian became even more interested. It could be seen that although this man looked refined on the surface, he waractitioner, and looked like he was pretty good. Now, there was a good show to see.

"Sir, please don't do it here." When the air stewardess saw the two of them fighting, she hurriedly pulled them apart.


With a crisp sound, the man directly slapped the flight attendant. Although Yan Tian saw him attack, he did not manage to stop him in time.

"Get out of my way, this is none of your business." The man said angrily to the air stewardess.

Seeing this, Yan Tian immediately became angry, and without even thinking about it, he punched towards the man. The people he hated the most were the ones who hit women, and in this kind of situation, what kind of ability was that to hit women?

"Ah... "You …"

The man evidently did not expect Yan Tian to suddenly give him sucunch, and looked at Yan Tian in disbelief, but before he could finish speaking, Yan Tian's other fist had arrived, the man beside him also beat him up. Seriously, he did not understand how to care for a lady.

However, after a few rounds, a few air police officers ran over and quickly separated the three of them.

Seeing that the empty police had arrived, Yan Tian stopped, he could not possibly beat up the air police. What about that refined man? After being pulled away by the air police, he gave the man a fierce kick as well.

"What are you doing? "They're actually fighting on the plane and each of them is going to be fined five hundred yuan." The air police looked at Yan Tian and the other two very seriously.

Hearing the word "fine", Yan Tian shook his head helplessly. Just now, when he came to the airport, he had asked Along fohousand, and now, he was going to be fined five hundred.

"Hmph, here you go, here'housand." The beaten man straightforwardly took out a stack of 100 yuan bills from his wallet. It was the typical image of a rich second-generation.

After tidying his clothes, he looked at Yan Tian and Yan Tian and asked: What are your names?

"Your father will never change his name, your father's name is Luo Shaolin."

The refined man sneered and announced his name. However, from the expressions of the surrounding people, it seemed that no one had heard of his name before.

"Humph, Luo Shaolin, I'll remember, what's your name?" The man looked at Yan Tian with a gloomy face.

Yan Tian knew that if he said his name, there would definitely be some trouble, but Yan Tian was not someone who was afraid of things, so he smiled and said: "My name is Yan Tian, Yan is Yan Tian's Yan, and the sky is Yan Tian's heaven."

"Good, good, good. Luo Shaolin, Yan Tian, I will remember this. We will see how you do it." The man nodded angrily.

"Hey, what's your name just for asking?" Luo Shao Ling sneered and asked.

Yan Tian was just about to ask what the man's name was, but when he heard Luo Shao Ling's question, he immediately perked up his ears and listened attentively.

"Alright, you guys listen up for me. My name is Yuan Yuanchen, hmph!"

After the man said this, he coldly snorted and jumped off the plane. That's right, he jumped off the plane. This Yuan Yuanchen had boughlane ticket and paid the fine, but now he didn't even want to sit on the plane anymore.

Perhaps it was because they had heard the name Yuan Yuanchen, but the passengers on the plane began to discuss in whispers …

"Yuan Yuanchen? Is it the Yuan Family's Yuan Yuanchen? "

"Yuan Family? "What Yuan Family?"

"Aiyo, it's the Feng’an's Second Family. This Yuan Yuechan's father is the Yuan Group's Chairman."

"Yo, he is the son of Yuan En, the chairman of the Yuan Group? "Oh no, these two children have offended some great figure."

"Isn't that so? They just beat up someone from the Yuan clan. This will not be peaceful any longer. Seriously, what two good children!"

… ….

Hearing the discussions of the crowd, Yan Tian laughed bitterly, this time, his punch had provoked another great clan. This time, Yan Tian had also heard from Liu Ruoxin that although the Yuan Family was not as huge as the Five Great Clans, it was still considered a great clan in Feng’an.

The Yuan family was second only to the Xue family, and was ranked second in the Feng’an family. Yan Tian remembered that the wife of the Feng’an Mayor Gao Weidong, Yuan Ming, was from this Yuan family.

"You two, each of you will be fined five hundred yuan for fighting on the plane." It didn't matter who the air police were. The plane was bound for Hong Kong, so the fine was still fine.

"Alright, alright, alright. I'll give it to you." Luo Shaolin didn't bother to argue with these policemen, he took out five hundred-dollar bills from his wallet and handed them to the policemen.

This was five hundred yuan, it was enough for Yan Tian to live for a long time. If he were to buy five hundred yuan worth of steamed buns, how long would it take for him to eat?

In fact, when it came to fines, Yan Tian had one way to not pay them all, which was to take out his Longhuang Team's notebook right now. However, when he thought of Lan Yu's terrifying skills, Yan Tian immediately gave up on that idea, because if Lan Yu knew that she had revealed her identity as a Longhuang Team in order to avoid the fines, he would definitely cut Yan Tian to death.

Helplessly, Yan Tian could only heartache as he took out five hundred yuan and gave it to the air police. At the same time, he secretly cursed at them in his heart, who knew, maybe they would even split the two thousand yuan penalty later.

After the air police left, Yan Tian and Luo Shao Ling sat down, and the plane started to glide. Not long after, they flew up high in the sky, and from the plane, they could see the scenery of the Feng’an.