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Chapter 44 Spirit Corpse Got its Way

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The sound of collision was many times stronger than before. Slight waves were triggered at the point where One Finger Devourer crashed but then faded out quickly.

Shiao Chen’s face suddenly became extremely grim, and he took out two elixirs and swallowed.

“Now that I can’t break the shield to leave, I might just wait here.” Determination flashed by in his eyes. Then he closed his eyes to refine the medicinal effect of the elixirs. Intention of killing could be detected from him from now and then.

“It’s coming!” In the bloody jade plate, the mysterious girl opened her eyes all of a sudden, which shimmered with cold-bloodiness.

At this moment, roars suddenly rang through the entire hall, and a green-faced spirit zombie with tusks and a height of about seven meters appeared out of nowhere. Its spirit pressure of middle-stage Gold-Core period swept over in an overbearing manner.

“Roar! Kill…Kill…Kill…Invaders must die!” With constant growls shooting out of its mouth, the spirit zombie dashed right into the restriction and disappeared.

It was a vital moment for the plump Taoist to break the restriction. Rounds of spells were carried out and vigilance sprawled in his eyes. As the last spell shot out and the restriction before him faded out, boundless feeling of crisis arose in his heart.

“Hurry up!” Without a second thought, the plump Taoist instantly drew back. In his vigorous shouting, he waved to set up three layers of spirit shields in front of him.

A dry, skinny, dark-nailed hand, as long as a meter suddenly broke through from deep within the restriction and targeted right at the chest of the plump Taoist.



The two outer layers of spirit shield resisted for a mere second and then cracked. Horror lingered on the plump Taoist’s face. But for his quick reaction, his guts must have been pulled out now. He swallowed two pills of elixirs to restore his spiritual power and again set up several layers of spirit shield. He tapped his forehead to summon up the bowl-shaped Buddhist spirit tool, which sent out a layer of faint Buddhist light that enveloped him.


In the roaring, the figure of the spirit zombie slowly emerged, turning the face of the slightly plump Taoist into desperate embarrassment, “Corpse Rider!”

This plump Taoist, the old woman and Corpse Rider were notorious among the independent cultivators. They had cooperated in murders and exploring secret lands for treasures, so they were familiar with each other. However, what terrified him was the spirit pressure emanating from Corpse Rider equated to that of a cultivator at middle-stage Gold-Core period.

“Why does this old zombie’s cultivation rise to a new level after he is possessed by some monster?” The plump Taoist grumbled to himself. At the moment, he suffered a serious injury, which though was suppressed temporarily, his cultivation could only be given play to the primary-stage Gold-Core period.


Growling, the Corpse Rider gave out smoldering corpse frog and in ceaseless crackling sounds, his body got even bigger to nearly ten meters, his tusks lengthened by several inches, and his nails turned darker. One sight of it would daunt anyone. In addition, the spirit pressure emanating from inside its body even reached the late-stage of Gold-Core period in merely a second.

“He cracked his Gold-Core and burned his soul!” The plump Taoist shouted out of shock and quickly flew backward with dense terror teeming in his eyes.

“I have to leave here or I may die.” Layers of thin sweat swelled over his forehead, and the plump Taoist continuously threw several spells backward, hoping that they could resist the looming of the Corpse Rider.

After the broken of the Gold-Core and the incineration of the Soul, the Corpse Rider had obtained a cultivation as powerful as that of a late-stage Gold-Core cultivator. Roaring to the sky, it rushed right to the plump Taoist.




The Corpse Rider never dodged to avoid the blowing spells coming toward him, but instead forced ahead by his mere flesh. Rounds of spells landed on its body, making noises resembling that of stones rubbing onto iron, but he was not a bit hurt.

“Run! Run! Run!” The plump Taoist’s scalp tingled out of fear and desperately ran backward, only regretting he didn’t have more feet to escape.

The old woman looked at the empty magnificent hall in front of her, poker-faced. Along the journey she had broken many restrictions and gained much experience. Screening with her divine sense, she suddenly opened her eyes and carried out a few spells in a row, triggering dramatic turbulence of waves in the restrictions.

However, all of a sudden, the old woman frowned, feeling something ominous. As the cultivation increased, the cultivator could receive forebodings for his/her future weal and woe. She was instinctively about to step back but a whirl suddenly appeared and swallowed her.

The plump Taoist was pale-faced with traces of blood at the corners of his mouth and overwhelmed scare in his eyes. At the moment, chased down by the Corpse Rider and badly wounded, he felt signs that his suppressed wound was about to relapse.

“Damn it. Suppose my injury broke out, even if I could survive, my cultivation is sure to drop by a level.” The plump Taoist threw several talismans back and once again bought some time to distance himself from Corpse Rider. During this short period, but for these high-grade talismans in his storage bag, he couldn’t have held on for so long.

However, at this exact moment, turbulence took place on the road just ahead, the formerly disappeared old woman just reappeared out of thin air.

“Please give me a hand, my friend, otherwise both of us will die here.” Regarding her as his last chance of survival, the plump Taoist showed joy in his eyes, never feeling ashamed for his giving up on the old woman. In an instant, he sped up and flew to her.

Upon her appearing, the already grim-looked old woman turned even grimmer at the sight of the Corpse Rider desperately chasing after the plump Taoist. Though nastily rolling her eyes at him, she knew at this moment there was no way for her to escape on her own. She had to choose between survival in cooperation and being killed in separation.

“Taoist Liu, my friend, let’s kill this monster together!”

The two rose to their feet steadily and waved spells in an instant.

The plump Taoist murmured spells, and the bowl-shaped Buddhist spirit tool over his head instantly burst out with Buddhist light, conjuring up a vivid miniature of Buddha floating behind him. In the brilliance of Buddhist light, Buddhist incantation hovered all over the space, demonstrating the solemnity and majesty of a real Buddhist.


On the reaching out of the Taoist’s finger, the mini-Buddha suddenly began to chant, “Om Ma Ne Pa Me Hong!”

As this Buddhist devil-dispelling mantras coming into air, the Buddhist light started to converge, forming the six characters of ancient Buddhist incantations that fell onto the Corpse Rider.

The old woman carefully took out a vivid skeleton miniature from the storage bag. After hesitating for a while, she bit on the tip of her tongue and spitted a mouthful of pure blood onto it. Absorbing the pure blood, as if alive with its own soul, the skeleton turned entirely bloody-red with a glimmer flashing across its eyes.

Seeing this, the old woman hurriedly threw the skeleton into the air which immediately emanated bloody light in midair and swelled to the size of an adult when it landed. The bloody-red in its eyes deepened like two leaping spirit flames.

The old woman pointed at the Corpse Rider and ordered, “Skeleton Guard, kill him!”

Hearing that, the skeleton guard made out a soundless growl and dashed straight toward its prey.

The Corpse Rider was originally a dead body of a cultivator which generated spirit and soul by chance, belonging to ghosts, so the upright brilliant Buddhist mantras for devil-dispelling suited best to bridle it. Moreover, the devil occupying the Corpse Rider’s body was also overawed by Buddhist incantation.

“Roar!” The Corpse Rider groaned and smoldering frog of corpse, overwhelmingly stinky, was given off from inside his body, which then formed a three-meter hideous ghost over his head that immediately opened its mouth to swallow the Buddhist mantras.

Having swallowed the Buddhist mantras, the ghost’s face twisted in twinge. Beams of Buddhist lights penetrated out from its body, causing even the Corpse Rider to growl in pain with the corpse frog rolling all over.

“Fuck!” The plump Taoist’s face changed immediately. He vomited a mouthful of blood, and his breath became faint at once. The Buddha miniature over his head was broken up like illusive bubbles and even the bowl-shaped Buddhist spirit tool whimpered, falling to the ground with cracks creeping all over it.

Having consumed the Buddhist mantras, the ghost’s figure seemed to become more solid. It opened its mouth, spitting out several sprays of pure corpse gas which rushed to entangle the skeleton guard.

The skeleton guard was made from certain unknow material and seemed to have primary intelligence of its own. Watching the corpse gas coming over, the skeleton guard roared and brandished the bone sword that immediately burst out bloody brilliance. In an instant, the pungent smell of blood filled the air.


The pure corpse gas was instantly smashed up by the bone sword. The Corpse Rider growled, and as the corpse gas gathered, more and more pure corpse gas set off to encompass the skeleton guard.

The old woman looked gloomy because the skeleton guard was a treasure obtained by chance in an adobe of an ancient cultivator. The powerful guard, sparkling in weird bloody radiance, was able to tarnish spirit tools and damage divine sense. With this treasure in hand, she had killed several Gold-Core cultivators, one of whom even reached middle-stage Gold-Core period. However, at this moment, she didn’t dare to take any risk because after all the Corpse Rider of current status had an overbearing cultivation of a late-stage Gold-Core cultivator!

A stream of pure corpse gas was smashed and scattered into air, gradually wrapping the skeleton guard inside of it and attaching itself to the bones.

“Damn! The corpse gas can cut off my divine sense!” The old woman’s face changed at once. She screeched and cast loads of spells trying to break up the corpse gas surrounding her skeleton guard.

The skeleton guard quickly wielded the sword in its hand, preparing to retreat at any time.

“Roar!” As the Corpse Rider screamed, corpse gas swelled out desperately to encompass around the skeleton guard, forming a gigantic corpse gas mass of over thirty meters in diameter. Sound of drastic turbulence constantly send out, which died off as time went by, but the old woman looked paler and more anguished every minute.

“Puff!” Vomiting a mouthful of fresh blood, the old woman’s face suddenly turned ghastly pale as if losing too much blood.

“The sear of my divine sense has been erased!” She took a look at the plump Taoist and found the same desperation in his eyes.

Groans came out from the Corpse Rider’s mouth and the smoldering corpse gas dashed into his body, revealing the skeleton guard. However, at this moment, corpse gas was rampant around it, and its eyes were sparkling with green brilliance like a spirit ghost.