The Silent City

Clint John Bayudan_857_fb | Romance | Ongoing

Can you still hear my voice here in The Silent City?

2.12M words | 2019-09-14 10:08

Reign of the Phoenix

Qing Fei Yan | Romance | Ongoing

Murong Zhining led a life of running constantly in a plight before she settled down in the Zhuang family as their (supposed) daughter-in-law. Until, one day, the Zhuang Estate… collapsed. Follow the girl as she unraveled the mystery of her identity through three seemingly unrelated objects leading to the treasure that entangled their fates. Between a king and a general, who would be the one to yield to the phoenix and offer her the world with two hands? Who would be the one to win her heart?

60.98M words | 2019-11-07 17:06

Between Virgo and Pisces

Everyday is Joon’s day!!! || #LittleGirl_twitter | Romance | Ongoing

In which you live in a world where soulmates exist.

14.78M words | 2019-09-14 09:56

Falling For You

TapRead@11026 | Romance | Ongoing

What would you do, when your Mr One Night Stand comes barging into your life and suddenly starts giving you orders? Oh did I forgot to mention, he is also your new boss now. Would you put on your favourite sneakers and run as fast as you can or you can just put on your sexy stilettos and give him the exact taste of what he has been missing since "that night".

1.00M words | 2020-05-13 22:44

I'm Not An Elf

phoenyx_1999 | Romance | Ongoing

Person: "Hey why are you so short?" You: "I'm not short... You're just tall." Raises balled fists into the air. Person: "Awe your hands are so tiny, it's cute." You: Hides hands. "They are normal sized." Tired of these situations? Yeah, so is 14 year old, Lexi. When this 4'11 girl gets accepted into one of the top highschools for the gifted, she didn't know that it would be filled with, in her words, "so many giant people." Find out what happens when she meets the five tallest people in the school.

0.70M words | 2019-09-14 09:49

Lost Treasure

Shen Tai Ya | Romance | Ongoing

At the crack of a dawn, a voice filled with despair could be heard crying this one sentence from a farmhouse in a nearby suburb north of Jinshi. The farmhouse was built in the traditional style and had a four-sided courtyard.

54.27M words | 2019-11-07 05:12

My Yuri Harem

RiShabh SetHi_935_fb | Romance | Ongoing

A couple want to have a baby. Only one problem stands in their way: The individuals are both ladies. But Before sun can rise above the lives of this happy couple, an ocean of past awaits them. And to have a new beginning, one must clean the slate that is a wrecked past. Go on a journey with Madonna and Kiyomi as they tread on a journey of lust, anger, love, and forgiveness. Will they prevail, or the depths of a wretched past consume both of them?

61.04M words | 2019-09-14 09:42

Killer Nights

Yi Sheng Liu Lang De Mao | Romance | Completed

Every city always has a few brightly-lit spots full of glitz and glamour. But just beyond the bright lights, one can always find one or two dimly-lit alleys where a few women loiter about, wearing lots of make-up and little else.

101.38M words | 2019-09-14 09:37

East and West

Sakiv Ram_900_fb | Romance | Ongoing

Their marriage was destined by their god parents, they accepted the marriage and challenged each other for them to prove themselves. An 8 years challenge on who goes farthest. End of the conquest and start their own conquest journey together. Lin XinXia and Xiao Mo .

0.85M words | 2019-09-14 09:35

Try and Catch Me

Emery Li_1800_google | Romance | Ongoing

When Lia transmigrated, she made a vow not to commit the same mistakes as the original Lia did in the novel. That is, to fall in love with the protagonist. What a perfect life would that be to have an easy and carefree life, away from boy problems. But her peaceful life shattered when she was dragged in the middle of schemes, conspiracies, and betrayal. The only person who could help her was the very person she vowed to stay away from, the protagonist! *Parental Guidance suggested as the MC curses sometimes. Updates: Mon-Fri Photo by 德綱 曾 on Unsplash

37.61M words | 2020-07-07 20:57

Broken Heart's

Broken Z_1740_google | Romance | Ongoing

Two women with disparate lives dying and wishing they could get another chance. They did get a chance to live again but in totally different worlds. Transmigrating and switching bodies taking over each other lives guiding each other to a happy ending. Will they both get a happy ending or the tragic ending that they both got in there previous lives. Who knows. Warning: If you are looking for a novel with perfect grammar, this story is not for you. Disclaimer: I don’t own the cover photo. Credits to the owner.

2.22M words | 2020-01-06 18:45

Bossy Man, I'm Not Afraid of You!!!

phoenyx_1999 | Romance | Ongoing

19 year old Mina, naive of the world, gets an apartment with her boyfriend, but after finding out that he cheated on her with her older sister, she realizes the people around her have all been wearing a mask, wanting to escape, she accidently falls into the hands of the two richest influential men in the city, each of which she owes something to.

6.73M words | 2020-06-05 12:56

Teleportations — I Wanna Be An Online Celebrity

Yan Zi Yan | Romance | Ongoing

As an Internet anchor in this new era, Tang Xia could bear the loneliness and beat the mistresses, marching on the way to “punish the heroines of the original novels” without hesitation. Unfortunately, God failed her courage, and she met a hero with a bug in her first time live broadcasting. It said that the plot should be romantic and touching, but why did the boss ask her to brush the toilets and call her a washboard? On the principles of humanitarianism, she could fight against supporting actresses and girls like Virgin Mary. “My tyrant boy, do you fall in love with me?” “You’re not a human of this world?” Her hidden secret was uncovered, while the fans tried their best to help her find ways to conquer the hero! The tyrant hero showed out all his masculinity! He time-traveled to all the worlds where Tang Xia accepted missions. “I don’t want to go to Philippine to plant bananas!” This is a story about Tang Xia’s miserable and mysterious anchor career life.

22.91M words | 2019-09-26 08:39

My Wife Is Dominant

Chao Ai Xiao Zheng Tai | Romance | Ongoing

Wang Weixi, a boy from a mountain village, had a cyber-date with Chen Kexin, a girl from a wealthy family. After a one-night stand, they tied the knot. He thought he married a pretty and lovely wife, so he did not expect that he had to do all the domestic chores. He was a good husband who never complained about anything, but she was a gorgeous, lazy wife. Would she change for him? Would he love her forever? As the bridegroom’s best friend, Yi Duanfang thought the newlyweds would get divorced, so did the bride’s sister Chen Keren. There would be a wonderful encounter between the effeminate man and the mature-looking girl. What would they do to destroy the newlyweds’ marriage? Would they succeed in carrying out their plot?

160.65M words | 2019-09-14 08:23

The Best Actor's Courtship: Miss Scriptwriter, Please Love Me!

Jing Ling Xiao Miao | Romance | Ongoing

Yun Muxi was a young scriptwriter in the 21st century who once time-traveled back into the olden days of China. There, she met and fell in love with the Emperor, Duanmu Gongyu. After a torturous heartbreak, the duo separated and never saw each other again. When Yun Muxi returned to the modern world, she ended up working with a rising actor, Gong Yu, who happened to be the same man she once loved with her whole heart. As soon as he set his eyes on her, the feelings of yesterday came back and he was determined to make her his again. As Gong Yu tried to woo Yun Muxi repeatedly, she realized that she found it hard to resist his charms. However, the duo was trapped in a series of events that made falling in love impossible. The modern-day Yun Muxi now has a daughter while the father of the child remained unknown. Gong Yu, on the other hand, had developed a history of heart attack. On top of that, their story unraveled with shocking truths at every turn. The star-crossed lovers were faced with steep challenges that constituted the endless list and many sacrifices had to be made. Would they eventually be given the chance to love freely?

74.88M words | 2019-09-25 02:38

100% Love from the Boss

Wu Mo Xi | Romance | Ongoing

Xia Xiaoluo never expected that a takeout delivery would change her life forever. The rainy night, that insane man and the thing he forced her to do, were the things Xia Xiaoluo earnestly prayed to forget about. However, Ling Tianyi, the man who violated her, would not let Xia Xiaoluo go that easily. Being the youngest and richest man in City A, Ling had the reason to believe it must be dramatically easy to occupy the little poor girl. To his surprise, however, he found it unexpectedly difficult to obtain Xia Xiaoluo’s love. Urged to get married by his parents, Ling Tianyi had a thought in mind. Will Ling Tianyi get his way? What a dramatic love story will they create? It’s time to find out.

74.26M words | 2019-10-05 16:00

Hunting for Love for 101 Times

De Jiao | Romance | Ongoing

Ye Sichen, a well-known singer with perfect appearance, is also a father of two kids. In the outside world, he is a charming star who cares about his fans and people in need. At his home, he is a lovely father and also a considerate master. A man with his fortune and statue, what bothers him so much? Xia Nuan, a woman who dreams to be a designer, has to accept the surrogacy invitation to save her mother’s life and pay her sister’s debt. Kind and sweet as she is, what obstacles are waiting for her in the unpredicted future? Will she be courageous enough to face all the challenges? Accidentally, he chooses her to be the nanny of his kids. What would happen between such a worldwide celebrity and an unknown surrogate woman? Is she really the kind of person that he once believed? Just read on and find out.

39.83M words | 2019-10-24 00:35

Sweet Chief Secretary

Qing Cheng Xiao | Romance | Ongoing

The elder master in Shen’s refused female secretary to maintain his image,thus the girl, who was beautiful and tough, lost her job. Later, she became the secretary of the young master, a playboy. As a secretary, she not only had to help the playboy deal with the enemy but also help him deal with women. At the same time, she also had to face suspicion and attacks. She fought her way to gain his trust and became his best assistant. However, things changed quietly.

142.50M words | 2019-10-13 05:32

Give Me Your Hands and Marry Me

Yao Yao Zhi Xin | Romance | Ongoing

A Miao’s first impression on the male protagonist: a psycho and pervert who always attempts to make physical contact with her through unrighteous means. Shen Xinglan’s first impression on the female protagonist: dunno. A Miao, a street burgler, ran into Shen Xinglan, a billionaire in S City. Who would’ve thought that they would start a beautiful, romantic love story with ups and downs? Shen Xinglan came back from a kill-training base on a distant island and started a successful career as a businessman. Along with numerous incredible helpers, can he manage to resist the plots and schemes against his enemies in his family? Does he have more secrets? What’s the untold stories of A Miao’s mysterious background? Join their journey!

108.92M words | 2019-10-02 02:19

An Exclusive love

Yao Yao Zhi Xin | Romance | Ongoing

What if your own father and his mistress were behind your mother’s death? What if you were about to be sold off to a scumbag? What would you do? In the nick of time, a tall, rich, and handsome guy descended from the sky and came to her rescue with a piece of contract. Xin Qing glowered at the man before her. At first, she had thought of him as her Prince Charming. In the end, he turned out to be an evil demon. “You’re not allowed to go. You can only marry me!” the man said viciously to the woman who was about to leave. Xin Qing sneered. “Isn’t the ancestral behest the only reason you’re keeping me around? I’m just your tool,” she said. “Who told you that?” said the man, his eyes filled with profound emotions. “You’re the mother of my child!”

334.98M words | 2019-10-11 07:50