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N★Pop The Story of S*A*V*E ♥ Sean is the boy-next-door with homely Scottish features, a cocky smile and fresh face. He is generally liked by other guys in his all-boys high school called Ascot Park. He's secretly obsessed with BTS, and is working hard to be as great as J-Hope. ♥ Veroy is a boy from a poorer area who has a slack-ass gambler mother and a hard working boilermaker dad out on construction sites. Thanks to his grandmother's inheritance he is able to attend Ascot Park High. He's dating Sean and secretly obsessed with hip-hop dancing. ♥ Eran is a quiet, good boy who studies hard to aim for the top 5% of the HSC. He's grateful for his close friends and does his best to be a dutiful friend in return. ♥ Adam was Ascot Park High's soccer ace, but he got get kicked off the team for scoring too many red cards in a season. Not that he cares. His love for soccer wasn't what it used to be after his brother's accident. Eran and Adam also have their secrets, which align to the others. ☆ The four boys are determined to face the impossible, step up on a professional stage and make a global music history. ☆ The journey of N-Pop and S.A.V.E. [NB: Story contains Boys Love, some sexual scenes and references.] Author: Veronica Purcell_google

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