Kill Dragon

Author: Shi Luo Ye

Latest Chapter: Chapter 829 – Expanding the Military

Status: Ongoing   Update Time: 2018/08/21 08:37

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Read Kill Dragon Novel Online for Free. Kill Dragon (斩龙 Zhan Long) is a popular Chinese language Fantasy genre web novel, written by the author Shi Luo Ye (失落叶).
Li Xiao Yao left S.W.A.T to become an ordinary security guard. While working, he happened to enter the VIP room and found Lin Wang Er still in the middle of changing. As revenge, she took him on a ride and kicked him out of the car.
After hours of walking, Li Xiao Yao finally managed to get back home just to be kicked out of the house. He then got an offer from his previous supervisor to become the bodyguard of the Tian Xi group CEO’s daughter both in game and in reality. But unknown to Li Xiao Yao the girl was actually…

Chapter 829 - Expanding the Military
Chapter 828
Chapter 827 - A Predictable Ending
Chapter 826 - Dragon Calamity Pt. 2
Chapter 825 - Dragon Calamity
Chapter 824 - A Sham Ending
Chapter 769: Steel Bones
Chapter 768: Unifying the World
Chapter 767: Long Xing and Xia Ye
Chapter 766: The World“s Armies
Chapter 765: Body and Armor
Chapter 764: Unwavering Spirit
Chapter 763: The Royal Army“s First
Chapter 762: Snow Dragon Knight
Chapter 761: Brilliant & Strong
Chapter 760: Selecting the Best
Chapter 759: Draining the Swamp
Chapter 758: The Cancer in the Army
Chapter 757: New Years
Chapter 756: Royal Army Commander
Chapter 755: Hero’s Helmet
Chapter 754: The Glory of Two Country Weapons
Chapter 753: Boiling Mountains
Chapter 752: Neptune“s Blade
Chapter 751: Unyielding Spirit
Chapter 750: Deer Cry Armor
Chapter 749: Gravity Tales
Chapter 748: Flame Hawk Archers
Chapter 747: Internship
Chapter 746: Media Company
Chapter 745: New Attack Style
Chapter 744: The Treasure Blade is Mine!
Chapter 743: Caught off Guard
Chapter 742: Millennial Dynasty
Chapter 741: Desert Chase
Chapter 740: Frost Forest
Chapter 739: Zhen Yue Blade
Chapter 738: Shield of the Prideful
Chapter 737: Losing A Treasure to Carelessness
Chapter 736: Defeat the Many with the Few
Chapter 735: Lion King Shield
Chapter 734: Holy Dragon Cauldron
Chapter 733: Stone Tigers
Chapter 732: Rubble Forest
Chapter 731 - The Hand of Waterloo
Chapter 730: Bad News
Chapter 729: Arriving at Moon City
Chapter 728: Twenty Horsemen from
Chapter 727: Compromise
Chapter 726: Provoking the Wrong Man
Chapter 725: Who“s the Scumbag!?
Chapter 724: Who will charge for the King
Chapter 723: So Scared!
Chapter 722: Abuse of Power
Chapter 721: Verdant Pear
Chapter 720: Good Walks, Evil Leaps
Chapter 719: Black Flame Set
Chapter 718: Blood Demon Forest
Chapter 717: I Won“t Miss You
Chapter 716: Top Bow Maker
Chapter 715: Drunken Spear“s Provocation
Chapter 714: The Crown Prince“s Rule
Chapter 713: General Appointment Stage
Chapter 712: Honor for the Country
Chapter 711: A Champion from Another Country
Chapter 710: Enemy from Afar

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