Kill Dragon

Author: Shi Luo Ye

Latest Chapter: Chapter 829 – Expanding the Military

Status: Ongoing   Update Time: 2018/08/21 08:37

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Read Kill Dragon Novel Online for Free. Kill Dragon (斩龙 Zhan Long) is a popular Chinese language Fantasy genre web novel, written by the author Shi Luo Ye (失落叶).
Li Xiao Yao left S.W.A.T to become an ordinary security guard. While working, he happened to enter the VIP room and found Lin Wang Er still in the middle of changing. As revenge, she took him on a ride and kicked him out of the car.
After hours of walking, Li Xiao Yao finally managed to get back home just to be kicked out of the house. He then got an offer from his previous supervisor to become the bodyguard of the Tian Xi group CEO’s daughter both in game and in reality. But unknown to Li Xiao Yao the girl was actually…

Chapter 829 - Expanding the Military
Chapter 828
Chapter 827 - A Predictable Ending
Chapter 826 - Dragon Calamity Pt. 2
Chapter 825 - Dragon Calamity
Chapter 824 - A Sham Ending
Chapter 649: Simple Violence
Chapter 648: Martyr For the Ages
Chapter 647: Absolute Tyrant Under Heaven
Chapter 646: Intimate Experience
Chapter 645: Retrieving Some Face
Chapter 644: A Duel Between Experts
Chapter 643: Brilliant Fire Emperor
Chapter 642: Hand of Hell
Chapter 641: The Startling Skill Break
Chapter 639: Chi You Horsemen
Chapter 640: Combat of Chi You
Chapter 638: Killing the BOSS with Zero Damage
Chapter 637: Enchanted Painting
Chapter 636: Reincarnation Slash
Chapter 635: Pig Gets the Good Food
Chapter 634: Strength of Li You
Chapter 633: Successful Skill Break
Chapter 632: No Entrance
Chapter 631: Pangu Abyss
Chapter 630: Autonomous Team
Chapter 629: Qualified Girlfriend
Chapter 628: The Brilliance of the Pulse Break Style
Chapter 627: The Taste of Defeat
Chapter 626: Nation Supressing Sword
Chapter 625: Hilbert
Chapter 624: Dragon Crystal
Chapter 623: Magic Dragon“s Nest
Chapter 622: Yuan Rong Combat Boots
Chapter 621: Beautiful Lady Dragon
Chapter 620: Fire Qilin Halberd
Chapter 619: Earth Dragon Canyon
Chapter 618: Journey to Tian Ling City
Chapter 617: Living in the Martial World
Chapter 616: Hero’s Meet
Chapter 615: Qin Wen
Chapter 614: Rising Dragon Shot
Chapter 613: No Retreat
Chapter 612: A Life Long Friend
Chapter 611: I Am a General of Shu
Chapter 610: Thousand League Moonlight
Chapter 609: Hidden Dragon Armor
Chapter 608: Ming Jun
Chapter 607: Hero’s Wings
Chapter 606: Hercules
Chapter 605: A Dick Headed Bird
Chapter 604: Leaving a Window Open For You
Chapter 603: A Period of Living Together
Chapter 602: [Grip of the Sealed God]
Chapter 601: The Power of a Superior God
Chapter 600: Superior God
Chapter 599: A Single Wish
Chapter 598: Body of a Virgin
Chapter 597: Blade of Hell
Chapter 596: Kill the Gods and Destroy the Demons
Chapter 595: [The Lament of the Gods]
Chapter 594: A Chase by an Absolute Force
Chapter 593: If You Love Me then Please Give Me Money
Chapter 592: Lanais
Chapter 591: The Stormy Abyss
Chapter 490: The Red Dragon Queen

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