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Chapter 1590: Devoured

Chapter 1590: Devoured

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"Elder, that's a Emerald Dragon Root. That's a Life Reminiscence Flower and a Nether Purple Radish! They are all priceless treasured herbs. We have so many people. We should rush into the herbal garden and kill Yi Yun and snatch away all his herbs."

A young Soul disciple looked on with covetous eyes. According to their rules, they were to get a share of the resources gained in the Xuanyuan Dune. Just getting even a few strands of the herbs available would improve their cultivation levels further.

Upon seeing Yi Yun leisurely plucking the herbs in what seemed like a paradise while they suffered the assaults of the storm's black rain, the disciples turned anxious.

"Elder, why are you still hesitating? Why don't we be the vanguard?" a few disciples suggested.

Elder Whitebrows nodded. According to his analysis, the thing before them was the Herbal Garden of Confusion. However, many dangerous regions in the God Confusion Valley did not remain unchanged over the years. Since Yi Yun had entered the Herbal Garden of Confusion, perhaps the laws governing it had changed.

It was possible that the terrifying storm might have torn apart an entrance into the Herbal Garden of Confusion!

These few Soul disciples immediately took out refined ores, and as they absorbed their energies, they began walking towards the herbal garden.

With their strengths, it was not a huge problem for them to independently withstand the storm for about an hour.

"Immediately retreat if you discover anything amiss!" said Elder Whitebrows.

"Got it," a Soul warrior replied without even turning his head.

From his point of view, Whitebrows was old. He lacked the drive and spirit of youth, which made him dislike danger regardless of the occasion. Such an attitude which preferred stability was alright when managing logistics in the rear, but one needed to take risks in mystic realms.

With this in mind, several Soul warriors turned a little rash. They did not bother conserving their refined ores as they absorbed the Yuan Qi in large quantities while proceeding forward quickly.

Of course, they had people in charge of monitoring the surroundings. Thankfully, the fog had thinned greatly, allowing them to release their perceptions much further.

The Herbal Garden of Confusion also appeared within their perceptions.

"I can sense it. It's not a mirage!"

"Yes. As vanguards, we will also gain the best rewards for being the first to render meritorious services in the event of a harvest."

A few disciples discussed as they turned more driven. Soon, they had traversed several hundred feet. Although they were willing to take risks, it did not mean that they were unafraid of death. The first several hundred feet were only a test of the waters. If problems really cropped up, they would not dare proceed further.

When they looked up at the Herbal Garden of Confusion, they felt that it seemed nearer, but at the same time, perhaps not.

This scene cooled down their hotheadedness.

Something was not right!

An older disciple already had the intention to retreat. "Junior Brothers, this herbal garden isn't that simple."

When he said that, he was considering asking them if they wanted to retreat. However, his heart sank when he saw the looks of his junior brothers.

They had a confounded look as they continued proceeding ahead. All they had in their eyes was the herbal garden as though they nothing else mattered. They did not even mend their soul-powered barriers as they cracked.

"Junior Brothers!?"

The older disciple extended his hand to pull them, but the moment he made contact, he felt a seemingly demonic force infiltrate his soul sea, causing him to nearly lose his reason.

"Oh no!"

He quickly retracted his hand and turned around, hoping to seek help. However, the moment he turned back, he felt as though he had plunged into an ice cavern. All he saw was endless storms behind him. Elder Whitebrows and company had vanished.

"Elder! Senior Brother Song!"

A Soul disciple shouted, but his voice which was injected with soul power did not go far in the storm as it dissipated rapidly.

"Ka Ka Ka!"

The weakest Soul disciple's barrier was the first to shatter completely. Black rain merciless pounded his body, causing his body to emit white smoke.

Chi! Chi! Chi!

The jarring sounds continued as the Soul disciple's body became like a mound of sugar being steeped by hot water. He slowly melted in the rain.

"They… vanished?"

The other Soul warriors were fully focused on the vanguard team, but the vanguard team had vanished into the shadows after walking for a period of time. It was as if they had been devoured.

"Elder!" The Soul warrior who had teleported into the valley with Yi Yun turned anxious. His name was Ten Nights. Someone from the vanguard team was his younger cousin.

Ten Nights did not believe that his cousin was Yi Yun's match, but he only planned on having his cousin probe the area to find the entrance to the Herbal Garden of Confusion.

But now…

"They are gone." Elder Whitebrows took a deep breath as he shook his head. "They are probably all dead. This is indeed the Herbal Garden of Confusion. Walking towards it will only lead you to a land of death. If we had all entered together, we might have been completely wiped out…"

Ten Nights was alarmed upon hearing the words 'completely wiped out.' How did Yi Yun enter this herbal garden which could devour people?

Previously, although he felt fear towards Yi Yun when Yi Yun snatched a spot in the teleportation array with his own strength, it was still an easily doable for Soul geniuses their age. However, Yi Yun's present feat was something that confounded him.

At that moment, Elder Whitebrows' heart stirred. He immediately revealed a pleasant look of surprise. "Lord Dreamlight is back!"

Everyone was immediately delighted hearing that. They turned their heads and indeed, they saw a white-robed man walking over in mid-air!

Despite the heavy downpour, the man's clothes continued fluttering in the wind without being stained by any of the black rain. The black rain automatically avoided his clothes when they landed on what seemed like an invisible law around him.

The man gently landed on the ground. He was extremely handsome, but it was not what one would traditionally consider masculine. Instead, it was a feminine beauty. It was hard to tell what his gender was at a glance. In the middle of his glabella was a faint mark that looked like ivory. It added to his ethereal feeling.

Godly Monarch Divinelight was one of the Grand Elders of the Soul faction, Heavenly Dream Path.

"Greetings, Grand Elder!"

Whitebrows, Ten Nights and company bowed in unison.

The man swept his gaze. "Aren't there more?"

"It was my fault." Elder Whitebrows apologized immediately. "When we reached this spot, we saw that herbal garden. Although I determined it to be the legendary Herbal Garden of Confusion, we saw someone plucking the herbs inside to our surprise. Hoping to bet on our luck, I allowed a few to go in and…"

"It was Nine Nights and company who insisted on going," Ten Nights helped Elder Whitebrows explain in a timely manner. This matter was indeed not Whitebrows' fault.

"Oh? Is that so?" To a person at the level of Godly Monarch Dreamlight, losing a few disciples meant nothing. However, he was somewhat surprised to learn that someone was plucking herbs in the Herbal Garden of Confusion. He squinted his eyes and looked towards the Herbal Garden of Confusion. Indeed, he saw a youthful-looking man plucking herbs like his life depended on it.

This person…

"His name is Yi Yun. He's suspected to be a junior of the Taixia Ancient Mining. He might also be an old monster that is hiding his actual age," explained Ten Nights.

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