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Chapter 1591: Dreamlight

Chapter 1591: Dreamlight

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Yi Yun had sensed it when Godly Monarch Dreamlight focused his gaze on him. He raised his head and looked in Dreamlight's direction.

Through the dense storms, he saw an effeminate man.

Their gazes locked as Yi Yun's heart palpitated. This person had a very powerful psyche fluctuation, one that he could faintly sense even through the Herbal Garden of Confusion.

He had already guessed that the person was likely a Godly Monarch of the Soul race.

Yi Yun had also seen the Soul disciples attempt to enter previously, but he had not taken it to heart.

His possession of the Purple Crystal allowed him to easily enter the Herbal Garden of Confusion, but it was a task fraught with difficulties for mere Soul disciples.

Yet he never imagined that their Godly Monarch would arrive so soon.

"He's no old monster that's hiding his true age. He's likely not old at all," said Dreamlight in a slow, refined manner. "Interesting, very interesting."

He had never heard of the humans producing such a genius prior to this.

"This Herbal Garden of Confusion is sealed in a worldly array. It's not surprising that none of you can enter. But since this herbal garden has appeared, we naturally cannot permit a human junior to take all the spoils," said Dreamlight leisurely as he took a step forward.

His single step seemed to crack through the limitations of the laws and distance. He appeared a thousand feet forward, placing him within the vicinity of the Herbal Garden of Confusion. However, Dreamlight's every action seemed place him on sublime nodes that allowed him to slowly approach the Herbal Garden of Confusion.

Ten Nights and company watched this scene in excitement. He was no doubt Godly Monarch Dreamlight. Such an array formation appeared nominal in front of Dreamlight.

However, Dreamlight knew that things were not as simple as they seemed. The array formation did not appear powerful, but it underwent many abstruse changes. However, with his Soul Traversing Steps, the energy flows of the array formation had no means to hide from him. He could grasp a few of the patterns behind the abstruse changes.

Soon, he discovered a critical node. He extended his hand and swiped it like a gentle breeze.

Ka-cha. A light sound emitted as the array formation was forcibly torn open by Dreamlight.

At that moment, not only did Dreamlight sense the Herbal Garden of Confusion turn more corporeal, but Elder Whitebrows and company also sensed the same thing.

"It hasn't been fully opened…" Dreamlight shook his head. The array formation was not so simple.

Dreamlight took another few steps forward as the array formation's fluctuations grew in intensity. Whitebrows, Ten Nights and company clearly heard something shattering.

And at that moment, Yi Yun rapidly started extending his hand and sweeping things up without even taking a look. He had transferred large amounts of herbs on the ground into his interspatial ring.

"Let's go!"

Yi Yun grabbed Shan Ling and, before Dreamlight opened the Herbal Garden of Confusion, he had already appeared at the back of the garden.

He immediately took out his spatial shuttle and drove it frantically. With his Purple Crystal energy vision, Yi Yun's speed was beyond imagination.

Only when he determined that he was sufficiently far from the Herbal Garden of Confusion did he stop.

By the time Dreamlight entered the herbal garden, he had sensed Yi Yun's departure. However, it took him time to open up the herbal garden's array formation. He did not have the luxury of time to pursue Yi Yun out of it again. After a strange glint flashed in Dreamlight's slender eyes, he finally calmed down.

"Go on in. Take whatever herbs there are," said Dreamlight.

Ten Night and company swarmed in.

They did not see Yi Yun and only saw Dreamlight standing quietly to the side. None of them dared to ask.

On a second look, the garden which had been filled with countless treasured herbs had nearly been swept clean by Yi Yun. All that was left were immature herbs or ones that were not too precious. Thinking of their losses before obtaining this…

The Soul disciples beat their breasts and stamped their feet in deep anguish. If anything was to be blamed, it was that they were too weak. If they had the power to crack open the herbal garden's array formation, Yi Yun could have forgotten about taking away all the perks it held!

Meanwhile, Yi Yun had already flown a great distance away. The downpour continued inundating him as he absorbed the energies from refined ores while traveling with a Yuan Qi barrier conjured.

Shan Ling was already accustomed to Yi Yun's speed. She knew that at such high speeds, the blows the black rain struck on his barrier every second were a hundred times stronger than when he remained still. But even so, Yi Yun was able to handle it without flinching.

This person was truly terrifying. To think that she had belittled him back then. Thankfully, she knew of the God Confusion Valley's secrets and was of value to him, or she might not even know how she died.

"Senior Bai, can you identify these spirit herbs?" Yi Yun had reaped a bountiful harvest from the Herbal Garden of Confusion, but he unfortunately did not recognize many of them.

"I can only give you their names at best. I do not know the herbological details." Bai Yueyin shook her head. She was not an alchemist and she had only made one trip to the Chaos Heavens about a billion years ago. It was already quite impressive that she could recognize so many herbs.

"From the looks of it, I need to seek out an alchemical manual. Furthermore, it can't be an ordinary one. It needs to be a heritage left behind by an alchemist master. That will be a little difficult…"

Yi Yun was highly skilled in alchemy, but he had no means to use the herbs he just collected. This left him somewhat depressed.

If he had the knowledge, just a few days of seclusion would allow him to awaken Lin Xintong from her slumber.

"Ya! Ya!"

Yi Yun suddenly heard yelps coming from none other than the Nine Transformations Celestial Silkworm. The little fellow had turned excited when it caught the whiff of herbal fragrance. Previously, the Chaos Ores were of use to it, but that was incomparable to natural treasures.

The Nine Transformations Celestial Silkworm was also considered a Fey. It needed to devour natural herbs to nourish its lifeblood and body.

"Go ahead and eat. Your nose sure is sharp to smell these while sleeping."

Yi Yun threw a bunch of herbs into the God Advent Tower. With Shan Ling present, he did not plan on letting the Nine Transformations Celestial Silkworm come out.

The herbs Yi Yun chose to give to the Nine Transformations Celestial Silkworm were the ones he plucked the most of. He had no plans on using up any of the different strands, or it would truly be depressing to find he was lacking any of them when he got down to the alchemical refinement.

The Nine Transformations Celestial Silkworm began chomping down on the herbs for it knew that Yi Yun might extract some of its blood during a critical moment. It would really be losing out if it did not eat more to supplement itself at that moment.

Yi Yun smiled when he saw the Nine Transformations Celestial Silkworm's behavior and ignored it. Instead, he turned towards Shan Ling. "Do you know that androgynous person? You do, right?"

Upon hearing Yi Yun, Shan Ling jumped in fright. If not for the pressure Yi Yun placed on her, she even had the intention to cover his mouth.

"That's the Grand Elder of the Soul race's Heavenly Dream Path—Dreamlight! His perceptive powers are forbiddingly terrifying. Don't discount his perception's range just because we are in the God Confusion Valley. It's possible for him to hear us while you are somewhere else! If he chases up to us, we are dead."

Yi Yun chuckled and said, "He already has the intent to kill me. Do you think I will change his mind if I speak a few good words behind his back?"

Yi Yun had such a feeling back when his eyes met Dreamlight's.

Yi Yun was a human genius and was very possibly a great future threat. Furthermore, he had swept the Herbal Garden of Confusion clean. It would be odd if Dreamlight had no intention of killing him.

However, although Dreamlight looked extremely formidable, he appeared… injured.

Yi Yun recalled their encounter. Dreamlight's soul sea did not seem as impervious as he imagined. They had only entered the God Confusion Valley recently, so what was it that could injure a Godly Monarch?

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