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Chapter 1592: Inner Valley

Chapter 1592: Inner Valley

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Using his energy vision, Yi Yun continued driving the spatial shuttle towards the inner valley with Shan Ling on board.

In fact, Yi Yun believed that the outer valley actually had many places worth exploring, but Godly Monarch Dreamlight's appearance made Yi Yun think twice. He tried his best to stay a good distance away from Dreamlight.

The journey from the God Confusion Valley's outer valley to the inner valley was fraught with danger. The typical Divine Lord would hardly be able to reach the inner valley, much less use a flying artifact to speed into it.

A group of warriors were arduously making their way forward under the lead of a few Elders. They had set off a day earlier than the Taixia Ancient Mining contingent, but due to the unexpected changes in the God Confusion Valley, a portion of the maps became unreliable. Therefore, they had only barely reached where they were after all this time.

They had already lost quite a number of people on the way. Even one of the Elders had perished due to the storm. This only demoralized the rest.

"Keep it up. The inner valley is straight ahead. Although we can't be considered as arriving early, we arrived earlier than factions such as the Taixia Ancient Mining which received the news late. There won't be people chasing up to us for the time being. There will be more opportunities in the inner valley. The earlier we enter, the greater chance of us having the initiative," said an Elder who was walking right in front while conjuring a protective Yuan Qi barrier.

"Yes!" answered the disciples behind him in unison. All their eyes lit up. They just needed to persist a little longer for the inner valley was just up ahead.

"However, the closer we are to the inner valley, the more careful we have to be. Make sure to stick close to me. If you take a wrong step, you might very well end up in a land of no return," said the Elder.

At that moment, an intense Yuan Qi fluctuation suddenly approached them at rapid speeds from afar.

A few Elders turned their heads simultaneously as the disciples also looked up and over.

They saw a white air stream tear through the fog above them as it streaked across, before vanishing in the direction of the inner valley's entrance…

A disciple could not help but ask, "Wasn't that… a spatial shuttle?"

"Was it a spatial shuttle? It should be some Godly Monarch's flying artifact, right?" said another disciple hesitantly.

"It's quite impossible. I saw it very clearly. It's a spatial shuttle of the lowest grade."

The disciples looked in the direction of the inner valley's entrance.

Someone had actually managed to drive a spatial shuttle of the lowest grade into the inner valley…

This was such a heavy blow to their precarious process of forging forward.

Yi Yun had scanned the area beneath him from the spatial shuttle. On his journey, he encountered two batches of people. However, the first batch of people had found themselves trapped in a gigantic vortex that had suddenly appeared. They instantly vanished.

As for the second batch of people, their luck and strength seemed quite good.

From the looks of it, he had been mistaken. Quite a number of teams that entered the valley did not have Godly Monarchs leading them. After all, Godly Monarchs were few in number.

Even though some factions did not have Godly Monarchs, they still wished to make an expedition to the God Confusion Valley. After all, even if they were unable to obtain the best opportunities, just the benefits the periphery offered could very well provide them with bountiful harvests.

"We have already entered the inner valley," said Shan Ling, her tone carrying a tinge of pleasant surprise.

She was surprised to find herself safely arriving inside the inner valley by following Yi Yun.

The moment they entered the inner valley, the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi inside became completely different than that of the outer valley.

There was extremely rich Yuan Qi within that nourished a countless forest of ancient and massive vegetation.

This vegetation blanketed the land and hills. The inner valley resembled a illusionary ancient forest that was intermixed with a mountain valley at a glance.

The towering trees reached a million feet in height. Their crowns blotted out the sky and there was a green hue everywhere. It left one feeling a little lost.

Yi Yun acutely sensed that under the green hue, there were more dangers that would only strike greater fear into people than anything of the outer valley.

"The inner and outer valley seem like two different worlds. It's truly quite an amazing topography," said Yi Yun.

He did not sense any barriers or array formations when he entered the inner valley; yet for some reason, the valleys were in such a stark contrast, like ice and fire.

With the Purple Crystal's vision, Yi Yun scanned a few extremely powerful energy blobs. One of them gave him an apprehensive feeling.

Yi Yun directed the spatial shuttle to carefully avoid those energy blobs as he continued venturing deeper into the inner valley.

"Oh? That is?" Yi Yun suddenly saw a blob of unique light through his Purple Crystal.

It was like a fire plume that was silently flickering underground.

When he saw the fire plume, Yi Yun felt that the blood in him suddenly seem to boil over.

This was something useful to him!

The spatial shuttle flashed over and moments later, Yi Yun had arrived above a huge lake in excitement.

"What is this place?" asked Yi Yun.

"I heard that the inner valley has a mobile lake named Li Water. It's likely this. However, this is likely just a portion of the Li Water. A large portion of the water body might be underground," said Shan Ling after some careful thought.

In fact, she had also only heard of it since Li Water would suddenly appear and disappear. Apart from encountering it by chance, it was very difficult to find.

"I see." Yi Yun could sense that the fire plume was under the lake's surface.

He stopped the spatial shuttle above the lake before lowering it onto the lake's surface.

"You wish to enter the water?" Shan Ling asked in astonishment. "I have no idea what dangers lurk within the water…"

"That's right." Yi Yun answered her simply with two words.

Shan Ling turned agape, but she did not say a word.

Had there been any lack of instances when Yi Yun courted death this entire journey?

Yi Yun struck down with his palm.


The lake surface stirred and parted instantly.

Yi Yun charged straight into the newly-created rift.

Shan Ling watched anxiously from the spatial shuttle. Now that they had entered the inner valley, she would similarly die tragically without Yi Yun.

Therefore, she also wished that Yi Yun could return alive.

About half a minute passed.

Suddenly, the water body began to quake intensely as a stir that seemed to shake the earth emitted out from underwater.

At that moment, Yi Yun's figure flew out rapidly from the rift like a fish leaping out of the water. He clasped a dazzling fire flint that was brilliantly white in color.

Yi Yun rushed into the spatial shuttle before commanding it to rapidly fly off.


The lake's surface rose as the water broke, revealing a pair of cold, ruthless eyes. The eyes were trained on the spatial shuttle which was flying higher before it let out a raging roar.

The lake stirred violently for quite a while before an indignant roar sounded from inside. Finally, everything returned to its original calm.

Shan Ling looked down and swallowed a mouthful of saliva.

Regardless of what was inside the lake, it was absolutely not something she could deal with.

She had no idea what it was that made Yi Yun take such a huge risk.

She looked at Yi Yun's hand. The item which resembled an ice crystal appeared extremely bright. It was so dazzling that it was difficult to look at it straight.

And within the ice crystal, it appeared as though there was a scale sealed within.

"Xenomorphic ore?" said Shan Ling in surprise.

Yi Yun looked at the xenomorphic ore in his hand in satisfaction. The ore was filled with terrifying energy, but that was only a small part of its value.

Its true value was the scale sealed within.

Just holding onto the xenomorphic ore made Yi Yun feel the Dragon Emperor blood in him boil.

If Yi Yun did not guess wrong…

But at that moment, Yi Yun's eyes suddenly narrowed as he looked at a distant spot.

"Someone is coming."

Soon, a few figures appeared into the distance as they rapidly headed for him.

The monster in the water had caused too great a stir, so it clearly attracted the notice of these people.

It was just that Yi Yun never expected these people to come so quickly.

As these people approached, Shan Ling let out an exclamation as her body trembled and she revealed a pleasant look of surprise.

Upon seeing Shan Ling's reaction and the man leading them, Yi Yun guessed at the man's identity. He had a head of golden hair and he looked handsome. He was tall and his face and body coruscated with scaled armor.

Shaomang Xuan!

The number one genius of the Shaomang family clan of the Desolate clan.

Shan Ling glanced at Yi Yun but she could not help but exclaim, "Young Master!"

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